Software & Technology Awards 2023

2 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 About our Software & Technology Awards 2023 New World Report is pleased to announce the return of the Software and Technology Awards. Now in the fourth year, this annual awards programme showcases the hardworking companies in the Software and Technology sectors. Held exclusively on New World Report, the Software and Technology Awards 2023 highlights the very best companies in the North and South American regions. Shining a light on these companies is our main goal. We achieve this aim by promoting each successful company on our international platform. Thereby providing all our winners with the opportunity to display their accomplishments, whilst announcing themselves as an award-winning company. In a highly competitive industry, standing out amongst the competition is a vital goal for success, and we at New World Report are thrilled that we can help our winning companies achieve this goal. With individuals and businesses alike dependent on successful technological systems, the technology sector is vital. The necessity for remote working software is one example of the reliance other sectors have on this industry. This is, after all, an industry that adapts, overcomes, and succeeds. The software and technological innovations occurring right now – as displayed in new software hitting the market – are shaping the future. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Software & Technology Awards 2023 | 3 Contents 4. MyQ,America, LLC: Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023 6. SmartAction: Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer 2023 - USA 8. Kuhlekt: Best Working Capital Management SaaS Company 2023 9. CAYIN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.: Best Digital Signage Provider 2023 - East Asia 10. Modulate: Most Positive Gaming Technology Developer 2023 - USA 11. Luxedo: Best Visual Design Software Solutions Company 2023 - Blount County 12., LLC: Best DOT Safety Compliance Software Company 2023 - USA 13. Test Run: Best Exam Prep EduTech Company 2023

4 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 yQ Solution has been in business for 30 years, beginning when the father of current CEO Martin Januš was working in the Czech republic, running a company that distributed multifunctional copiers and printers. Young Martin was determined to help his father with his business, which he did by uniting with schoolfriends who shared his passion for programming to create a number of original presentations the company was able to use at conferences and events. A few years later these same innovative individuals noticed new challenges in the printing world they again wanted to solve through programming. They noticed an issue with the deployment of devices in customers’ environments. Software developed by manufacturers was often not particularly user friendly or intuitive. It also became apparent that it was often difficult to combine devices due to the software not working together. This is something that has only become increased as these days customers might choose to use devices from several different manufacturers for specific feature reasons, but become frustrated when the devices fail to work with one another. Viktor Nestrasil, the Vice President at MyQ, compares it to having to use an Apple phone for some tasks, and an Android phone for others. Both systems work fine on their own, but, as anyone who’s tried knows only too well, they will not marry up to share data. A further problem noticed was to do with document security. For example, a document might be sent to a shared printer automatically, and begin printing out before you’ve had chance to get there. This means it might have been stolen or accidentally misappropriated by a colleague mistaking it for their own document. Furthermore, people had very little control over the printer running costs, with questions about which department is printing the most, or how many pages did the company print in a single year often going unanswered. This led to the three young entrepreneurs developing their own multivendor solution to copy, print, and scan management. It wasn’t long before the software capabilities became so advanced that the development team had outgrown the original hardware distribution purpose of the company. It’s at this point the business split into two different entities, with the software developers becoming MyQ Solution. The company is now an independent global software developer with 6 subsidiaries around the world, all helping customers to achieve their goals. The products MyQ offers address the challenges already mentioned, just in slightly different ways. Firstly, MyQ provides tools that are easy to install on all devices, are userfriendly, and integrate with companies of any size. Its software is compatible with major brands such as Ricoh, Epson, Cannon, Sharp, Kyocera, HP, Toshiba, and many more. It abolishes the need to have to learn individual system software as everything will be operating in perfect synchronization using the MyQ proprietary software. The second solution is designed to address the security challenges touched on earlier. MyQ is adept at protecting data in all the normal ways you would imagine (GDPR compliant, end-to-end encryption, watermarks etc.). Furthermore, its authentication methods offer another level of security when it comes to protecting documents. Every document to be printed, scanned, or copied is only attended to after the user has authenticated the device using multiple options. This could involve a pin code and ID card swipe, or scanning a QR code for instance. All documents are appropriately protected by MyQ, which gives the option of two-factor authentication to promote even further levels of security and ensure no one else has access to a client’s documents. The third challenge accounted for involves the cost management factor. In this respect MyQ provides advanced reporting and accounting features that grant customers full control over what’s happening with all their devices. Not only does this help with device management, it can also assist with sustainability goals and companies’ environmental policies. MyQ encourages responsible printing behaviour, for example with its quotas feature allowing page limits or credits to charge per page. Aug23540 Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023 M MyQ Solution offers print and document management solutions that are cloud and serverbased. It can boost clients digital or traditional workplace capabilities with its secure print and scan services. It is perfectly aligned with the needs of today’s remote workforces who need reliable tools for distant and mobile document handling direct from wherever they might be working.

Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023 The MyQ mission is to “Respect people and help them focus on what they do best”. It does this through providing intuitive software that is easy to use and provides customer satisfaction. It aims to develop software that supports the needs and wants of its customer base, respecting their desires to, for example, scan to multiple cloud storage facilities, or print directly from their phones. MyQ tries to understand what people require, and make it happen for them. As a business the unique selling point of MyQ is its philosophy to develop the very best platform out there. This entails personalisation, multiple deployment options that include on-site, private, hybrid and public cloud, and the provision of local support to all partners. It understands the challenges of the MPS (Managed Print Services) industry, and addresses them in a flexible and timely fashion. The people who work at MyQ are dedicated to the work they do, and take great pleasure in acquiring knowledge and experience. This is exemplified by the two persons driving the change in the technology market for MyQ right now, VP (for Americas) Viktor Nestrasil and his colleague Robert Vardanian, the Business Development Director (for Americas). The story behind the first encounter these two colleagues and friends experienced is quite an interesting one, worthy of recounting. Viktor explains that they both attended the same high school in Prague, Czech Republic, but the first time they met each other, at 15 years old, things didn’t exactly start well. As he remembers it, he was sitting at the back of the class, minding his own business, when Robert decided to stand at the front of the classroom and shout at all the pupils, asking them why they were so quiet and not talking to each other? Following this commotion Viktor thought to himself “I’m never going to speak with that guy”. Then two weeks later they became best friends. This is a friendship that has lasted to this day, through school, sports and now work. Back in the day Robert used to be a soccer player, and Viktor played ice hockey. They wanted to focus on sports as long as possible, but saw the importance of pursuing their education. Unfortunately for Viktor, several surgeries put pay to his ice hockey career at the age of 22. This encouraged him to pack his bags and pursue a degree in Business and Management in the UK. He finally returned to Prague to begin work at MyQ, where he was fortunate enough to be reunited with his old friend Robert. He asked Robert to join him at the company, and now they both find themselves working in the US to try and achieve all the ambitious goals the company has set. That is how the two old friends both happen to find themselves working for the Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023, as named in the Software and Technology Awards. This phenomenal achievement is to be applauded as it underlines exactly what a difference MyQ Solution is making on the global stage for print and cloud document management. Bravo to it! Company: MyQ,America, LLC Web Address: https://www.myq-solution. com/en Contact Name: Viktor Nestrasil

6 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 ver the last 21 years, SmartAction has revolutionised the customer service landscape with the creation of human-like AI agents that can resolve customer needs quickly and easily. With its innovative solutions, the company makes it simple and easy for brands to deliver frictionless conversational AI experiences, empowering them to manage high volumes of customer inquiries in an efficient, effective, and successful manner. With fine-tuned virtual agents taking on the bulk of inquiries, live agents are relieved of significant pressure, enabling them to dedicate their time and energy to customers with more complex needs. This drives higher satisfaction rates amongst employees and empowers them to better serve the customers they deal with. Alongside this, by breaking away from the outdated and tedious “press zero” model, brands can deliver new standards of service excellence to their customers, fostering their loyalty. With SmartAction, brands benefit from the power of state-of-the-art technology, which accelerates the process of personalised virtual agent design and deployment. It also delivers multi-language and omnichannel conversations, backed with actionable insights. With its conversational design platform, the company cuts the delivery time of virtual agents by 85%, swiftly driving exponential ROI for its clients. In an increasingly competitive industry, SmartAction sets itself apart through its precise and pristine AI agents, deployed through interactive voice response technology using a proprietary intent-building approach that it has been refining since 2007. Furthermore, unlike many of its competitors, whose service ends with building the virtual agent, SmartAction offers ongoing support following the agent’s deployment. In fact, the company is known to stay with its customers throughout the entire lifespan of their accounts, helping them to optimise and improve their virtual agents on a daily basis. It also closely monitors uptime, sometimes identifying issues before the client’s own IT team. SmartAction serves companies within a multitude of industries, including healthcare, financial services, debt collection, travel and hospitality, automotive, insurance, BPOs, logistics and shipping, retail, and many more. Its clients, including AAA, DSW, Electrolux, and Choice Hotels, have consistently ranked it as the top Virtual Agent provider on Gartner Peer Insights. This demonstrates its position as the go-to solution for companies looking to enhance their customer support capabilities, increase brand loyalty, and achieve significant improvements in key customer metrics and contact centre ROI. The team at SmartAction have been able to drive these impressive rates of customer satisfaction thanks to their successful maintenance of five core values. Governing their every action and interaction with customers, these values are quality innovation, steadfast positivity, genuine grit, empathic concern, and tenacious accountability. Firstly, SmartAction’s team are relentless innovators, pushing the boundaries within the field of AI. By thinking outside of the box, they have developed revolutionary solutions that inspire progress and set new standards. Secondly, they work to create positive relationships, experiences, and outcomes for both clients and employees, striving to foster growth, success, and happiness for all. Thirdly, SmartAction embodies grit and courage, daring to explore cutting-edge technologies in order to better serve its clients. The team boldly experiments to create human-like designs for brands who want to enhance their customer experience. Fourthly, the company prides itself on its empathetic ability to understand the pain points that plague its employees, clients, and their clients’ customers, enabling them to develop relationships that go beyond transaction. Oct23206 Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer 2023 - USA O Established in 2002 as an AI research company, SmartAction has since evolved into one of the leading providers of AI-powered virtual agent solutions for contact centres over voice, chat, and SMS. Today, the company operates the virtual customer experience for more than 100 brands, including some of the world’s most iconic household names.

Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer 2023 - USA Lastly, SmartAction values accountability. Each of its employees embodies an outcome-driven mindset, commitment to completing their responsibilities on time, and dedication to openly communicating to ensure maximum satisfaction. The company’s unwavering devotion to the success of its clients runs deep within its culture. Despite its remarkable success over the last two decades, SmartAction has faced its fair share of challenges. In its illustrious 21-year history, the period spanning from 2019 to 2022 presented unique difficulties.Recognizing the need for a fresh direction, the boar d made the decision to usher in a new era in 2022. They embarked on the journey of assembling a new leadership team, with Kyle Johnson assuming the role of CEO at the forefront. Over the course of his accomplished career in telephony, contact centers, and technology, Kyle accumulated numerous years of experience in steering organizations towards growth and prosperity. At SmartAction, he orchestrated a remarkable transformation, igniting a sense of urgency and drive within the company’s product and engineering teams. His unwavering commitment to fostering innovation spurred them to craft cutting-edge conversational AI solutions that transcended conventional boundaries. Furthermore, Kyle made strategic investments in assembling a dynamic go-to-market team. This team has since laid the groundwork for inventive and successful campaigns and content, dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in SmartAction’s technology stack and AI capabilities. Today, SmartAction continues to leverage this momentum. The team strives to push the envelope and prove that they are experts, leaders, and caregivers who can build automation happiness for their clients’ customers. The company is currently on a growth trajectory, with a twoyear roadmap that outlines its plans to build additional services and lead the way in the industry. In December 2023, SmartAction is set to undergo a notable rebranding initiative to better reflect the new culture and direction. This move is designed to signify the company’s resurgence and its determination to embark on a new and exciting path. Following a period of challenges in recent years, SmartAction understands the critical importance of conveying its commitment to both current and past customers. The company has taken heed of valuable feedback and has implemented substantial improvements. With increased investments and a complete revamp of its leadership team and business model, SmartAction is now positioned to fulfill its promise of reshaping the future. For its innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to making its clients and their customers happy, SmartAction has been named Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer, USA, in the Software and Technology Awards 2023. Having turned a new leaf, the company looks towards a bright future, and we can’t wait to see how its plans will unfold. Contact Details Contact: Ashley Bard Company: SmartAction Web Address:

8 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 Aug23487 Best Working Capital Management SaaS Company 2023 Kuhlekt Pty Ltd was forged from the lack of a single solution that provided the required functionality for the industries that Ian Hindle worked within. To remedy a solution, he built one of his own. With no investors or capital backers, Ian had total control of the build and functionality of the business. Today, clients seek out the services from a variety of streams, and it is the mission of Kuhlekt to provide reliable, safe, and secure SaaS that delivers results through collections, disputes, and staff management. We catch up with Ian to learn more about the business and its successes within the field. uhlekt is a credit collections and dispute management system, delivered through a SaaS platform. Designed with a range of organisations in mind, it can easily meet the demands of businesses today. As a result of data uploaded regularly, the system works alongside a company’s IT team in order to establish the best practice and uphold any security requirements a business may have. Whether it be the collection of debt, resolution of disputes, or reporting for management or statutory reports, Kuhlekt drives activities, offering a one-stop shop solution. Using the regular data updates provided, Kuhlekt will prioritise the work requirements for each user, providing such useful resources as updating their dashboard, sending reminder emails about workflow, and displaying activities and legal notes on the page, or updating end-user client portals for user self service. These daily tasks are supported by the production and distribution of collection activities like actions, statements and dunning notices, which are then distributed through SMS, mail, or e-mail. From the beginning, Kuhlekt has aimed to appeal to a broad range of clients, with the ability to handle small accounts through to multi-regional corporations. The company believes in an old school service model as being the most favourable policy, and while specific development is offered if it can be written for the greater user group, if this is not the case, it is provided as an optional inclusion for each company. Clients seek the firm’s services from a variety of channels, including machinery hire, education placements, FMCG distribution, transport and shipping, and records storage. This ensures that a one-size-fits-all approach is not adopted by Kuhlekt like it is for many of its competitors, developments can be accommodated for specific clients to meet their corporate needs. Under the expert guidance of Ian’s 40 years in credit and general management, the company is aware of the needs at all levels of business and the requirements of a solution to deliver results in a direct and transparent manner. In a world that is increasingly moving to remote work, Kuhlekt delivers a solution of KPI datapoints which ensure daily updates on successes and failures. Furthermore, Kuhlekt delivers a single point solution in the fields of debtor, staff, and dispute management, priding themselves on the service provided, and as such always listens to client feedback. The team also remains up to date on the industry, regularly scanning in order to follow trends and assess outcomes, considering the benefit of these to the wider organisation and its clients. As the owner, Ian controls the content across every element of the business and its systems, so that the basis of initial delivery to the company is always considered to ensure the vision is not only met but exceeded. As the result of its status as a global provider from a technological position, Kuhlekt bases itself in the AWS infrastructure, which in addition to providing strength and security, offers the most up to date technology available in the form of a server robot. Thanks to the elastic nature of this infrastructure, customers are guaranteed to be provided with the best response time for their system. Due to the refined nature of Kuhlekt, once the product is delivered to a client and they have received all necessary training, the client becomes independent in using the service, and no further contact is needed. Ian always follows up with a call to check that clients are doing well and remain happy with the Kuhlekt system, which to date they are. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, the company possesses a road map of developments and backend improvements it will continue to see to, working through these and continually reviewing what needs to happen next to ensure continued success, based upon revelations from listening to the wider industry. The requirements of new clientele may delay developments, as the company knows its priority is its customers, and they always jump to help clients get up, running, and live with the system as soon as possible. Contact Details Contact: Ian Hindle Company: Kuhlekt Web Address: K

Software & Technology Awards 2023 | 9 technological advancements, truly sets it apart as a cutting edge provider that’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The capabilities that it offers are unmatched, defining it as the go-to for all digital signage needs. With a plethora of experience and a global reach, there isn’t anything that CAYIN Technology hasn’t seen before. As such, it’s adapted a certain flexibility that has consistently permitted it to provide wholly unique solutions time and time again. No client receives the same solution, and is instead presented with a collective that truly cares about their individuality. CAYIN Technology has made quite the name for itself – something that it’s incredibly proud of, and eager to share with the world. Now, more than ever, understanding the individual identities of a business has become a must within any industry. The influx of digital capabilities have presented a plethora of opportunities, but with it comes the unfortunate oversaturation of companies trying to compete for exposure. CAYIN Technology provides the means for clients to acquire eye-catching digital signage solutions, all whilst remaining true to themselves in the process. CAYIN Technology is an invaluable part of its industry, and will no doubt continue to lead businesses down the path towards greatness in the coming years. Contact: Meg Kwong Company: CAYIN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Web Address: Centered around ‘Revolutionising Digital Communication’, CAYIN Technology is a digital signage provider that has equipped itself with the necessary means to progress alongside the breakneck pace of its industry. With a global reach and a keen eye for innovation, CAYIN Technology is a Taiwan-based leader in digital signage solutions, and, below, we venture into how it is actively seeking to completely reinvent the way that businesses interact with their audiences. ffering its services to a wide range of industries, spanning from retail and healthcare to education and government organisations, CAYIN Technology is a digital signage provider that truly recognises the nuances that partner creating lasting solutions. As such, its client base is as diverse as its extensive list of capabilities. From small retail stores to Fortune 500 conglomerates, CAYIN Technology’s digital signage solutions are forged to meet the unique needs of each individual client, all whilst promising one unanimous outcome – to help them make a meaningful impact on their respective industries. But how exactly does CAYIN Technology accomplish this feat? Through leveraging the immense evolution seen in the technology sphere throughout recent years, CAYIN Technology has developed a state-of-the-art software that helps businesses of all sizes to manage and display content seamlessly, across multiple screens. In addition, it offers robust Content Management Systems that enable clients to update and manage their digital content in an unapologetically streamlined manner. As such, businesses can keep their messaging relevant, without having to put in any extra, arduous work. Of course, CAYIN Technology is more than aware of the versatility that its nature invites, and eagerly pursues a bespoke methodology that serves as part of its allure. It promises wholly bespoke solutions that are specifically catered to the needs of a business, whatever they may be. The client becomes the centre of everything that it does from the moment a partnership is established, allowing CAYIN Technology to get a thorough understanding of what the client stands for, and what their unique requirements may be. It’s this quality that truly allows it to stand out – no longer do clients need to settle for cookie cutter solutions. Thanks to CAYIN Technology, bespoke is the new norm. CAYIN Technology stands as a shining example of what a digital signage solutions provider should be for each person that it collaborates with. Clients aren’t simply a source of money, but are an opportunity for CAYIN Technology to truly invest its efforts into causes that intrigue and entice it. This, partnered with its overarching love for innovation and developing itself in tandem with blooming Best Digital Signage Provider 2023 - East Asia O

10 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 Aug23323 Modulate is a Boston-based tech startup with a mission to make online voice chat safer and more inclusive. With its advanced machine learning technology and industry expertise, the company empowers game studios to protect their players and build better experiences for their communities. ToxMod is a purpose-built AI product designed to detect and flag hateful speech, harassment, bullying, and other toxic speech in video game voice chats. Over the last year, ToxMod has enabled customers to take over 4 million moderation actions, including muting and banning toxic players, to create a safe environment for everyone. Most Positive Gaming Technology Developer 2023 - USA he company prides itself on its signature product, ToxMod, the only voice-native moderation solution for video games. Created to prioritise players’ safety and privacy, ToxMod uses machine learning to analyse conversations for toxicity and supplies relevant context to moderators, ensuring they can quickly respond to community disruptions. The advanced technology goes beyond voice-to-text transcription, considering emotion, vocal inflection, and listener responses. ToxMod provides a detailed report of user exchanges to allow companies’ Trust and Safety teams to decide on the appropriate action to take. Modulate actively works with its clients to integrate its technology. With a variety of plugins for different game engines and voice infrastructures, ToxMod can be successfully integrated in less than one day. In January 2023, Modulate launched a partnership with the AntiDefamation League to become a Corporate Partner Against Hate. The company supports ADL’s public research into online hate speech, child grooming, and radicalism. In February 2023, Modulate became an official partner of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), joining their mission to educate and inform families and parents concerned about their children’s online safety. As an ambassador of its own culture, Modulate strives to reflect its values of accessibility and inclusion within its company. The business practices targeted recruitment, aiming to hire historically underrepresented technology workers, particularly BIPOC. Its job listings never require a minimum education level, ensuring the startup finds the perfect candidate to align with its company vision, mission, and core values. Modulate is serious about fostering a strong and welcoming internal culture to prioritise the wellbeing of its employees and clientele. As a business, Modulate believes that building trust and empathy with its partners is crucial to creating an inclusive company where employees can incorporate their unique talents and creativity into their work. The startup has launched Modulate Guilds, which are essentially employee resource groups, to allow Modulators to connect based on their shared identities. A new speaking series entitled Getting to Know You encourages modulators to reflect on how their lived experience impacts their approach to work. The company helps game studios navigate upcoming regulations and compliance needs. Modulate understands the necessity for developers and studios to consider the legal implications of bullying, harassment, and toxic behaviour on their platforms. With the introduction of new laws to counter toxicity in online spaces, the business provides code of conduct audits, player report correlations, transparency report support, and player behaviour insights. Modulate supplies the tools for its clients to meet the ethical needs and changing legal requirements necessary to build safer spaces for all users. In contrast to its competition which mostly relies on text transcription, Modulate’s ToxMod solution is the only moderation technology that is able to understand the nuance of voice communications, including emotion, voice inflection, listener responses, and more. Looking to the future, Modulate will continue to develop ToxMod and its features to provide further precision in its voice chat detection. Modulate stands apart in its commitment to ethically create better, more inclusive online spaces, and we are enthusiastic to find out how its innovative technology will continue to shape the video game industry. Contact Details Contact: Mike Tom Company: Modulate Web Address: T

Software & Technology Awards 2023 | 11 Best Visual Design Software Solutions Company 2023 - Blount County Based in Louisville, Tennessee, Luxedo is a leading provider of cutting-edge projection mapping technology and solutions. The company strongly believes that every space has the potential to become a canvas for imagination. To bring this vision to life, it strives to revolutionise how people engage with their surroundings and inspire them to be creative, deliver enhanced brand experiences, and create unforgettable moments. n 2015, Luxedo was established when one of its founders faced a long, laborious weekend of Christmas home decorating, a pain that many people know all too well. He began dreaming of a solution that would speed up the process of outdoor decorating and require no ladders or heavy lifting. The next day, he found himself with a stool and a projector displaying Christmas images onto the house. Over the coming years, the founders of Luxedo worked to create what would become the industry’s first water-resistant, HD, 3LCD projection system. After many prototypes, 3D models, lens tests, and more, Luxedo was born. Today, Luxedo remains dedicated to creating innovative projection hardware and software solutions. Serving clients across a diverse range of industries, including entertainment, hospitality, retail, events, education, and more, Luxedo helps businesses, organisations, and individuals transform spaces into immersive and captivating environments. To accomplish this, the company delivers two key offerings. Firstly, Luxedo provides a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art projection mapping systems, tailored to suit various settings and needs. Its solutions are designed to inspire creativity and captivate audiences across various contexts, ranging from entertainment venues to corporate events and retail spaces. Secondly, Luxedo offers user-friendly software that empowers clients to effortlessly create customised visual content for projection mapping. It strives to ensure that the process is accessible to all, enabling limitless creative possibilities. However, Luxedo prides itself on the fact that it does not just offer good products and services. It also provides opportunities for creativity, engagement, and transformation. The company operates based on four core values, which drive it to fulfil its mission and empower clients to illuminate, captivate, and elevate their surroundings. The first of Luxedo’s core values is quality. The company is committed to delivering products and services that not only meet but exceed industry standards. As a result, every projection mapping system it provides is reliable and performance driven. As well as this, its proprietary software is designed to be userfriendly, making it easy for clients of all skill levels to work with. Luxedo’s second core value is innovation. As part of this, it strives to push boundaries and explore new frontiers in projection mapping technology to provide clients with the latest and most creative solutions. To this end, it carries out extensive research to anticipate emerging industry trends, allowing it to adapt and innovate proactively. Thirdly, Luxedo is committed to the core value of customer satisfaction. It provides them with comprehensive support and guidance to help them maximise the potential of the products and solutions it provides. The company’s expert staff are highly trained and equipped with all the tools they need to provide an exceptional standard of service, ensuring clients’ success and happiness. Luxedo’s final core value is continuous improvement. The company and its staff are relentless in their pursuit for excellence, actively seeking ways in which it can enhance its technology, processes, and customer support to better serve its clients. To facilitate this, it actively seeks and values their feedback, using their insights to drive improvements and refine its offerings. As a result of its solid track record of delivering high-quality solutions and exceeding customer expectations, Luxedo has been awarded Best Visual Design Software Solutions Company, Blount County, in the Software and Technology Awards 2023. In the years to come, the company plans to continue to stay ahead of the curve through its commitment to innovation and improvement. Contact: Gary Shaeffer Company: Luxedo Web Address: I Aug23641

12 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 It’s a well-known fact across the USA that DOT compliances are complex and often incredibly costly to maintain. Regardless of company size, it’s all too easy to get caught out by soaring costs and unnecessary over-complication. As such, came to be. Focused on alleviating these stresses, is an AI-integrated DOT compliance software that has completely reshaped the DOT compliance sphere. Best DOT Safety Compliance Software Company 2023 - USA ith convenience and accessibility at its heart, is a DOT compliance software that leverages the immense capabilities of AI in order to make the lives of its clients far easier. It has long since recognised how demanding the process of DOT compliance can be, and has adjusted accordingly in order to be the go-to for any company looking to bypass these complexities. Its mission is simple – to create a system that makes managing required compliances simple, affordable, and secure. And, with the successful creation and operation of its patented, award-winning software, it’s clear that it has already succeeded in achieving this goal. Having set out to ensure that its software is the most affordable on the market, now offers access for only $20 a month, making it, by far, the most cost-effective option for any company of any size. And, with a 30-day free trial, companies are granted the opportunity to quickly sample the services that are available, before deciding if it’s the right fit for them. However, they’ll surely find that its capabilities are simply invaluable –’s software allows companies to vet new drivers instantly with its Driver Qualification File that auto-populates driver information to save drivers time and auto-tracks due dates for active drivers. is also the first of its kind to offer an AI-managed, no-contract Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium for only $5.00 per driver per month, providing personalized company policies, and instant electronic Chain of Custody Forms (eCOC) for required FMCSA drug and alcohol testing. Truly, eliminates the trivial aspects of DOT compliance and compiles them into a streamlined process that’s beyond easy to manage. Utilizing, drivers can create an account that makes completing, signing, and sorting all necessary documents far easier, whilst allowing companies to pull instant MVR and PSP reports for the required vetting and annual tracking of drivers. In addition to all of these impressive qualities, is also capable of automatically sending driver qualification files and policies to a driver’s account for completion, streamlining the process and eradicating the tediousness of the task from a company’s day-to-day operations. Having functioned as a DOT compliance company since 2015, is equipped with a plethora of experience that has helped to guide it toward the success that it sees today. In its own words, compliance companies historically have been doing things ‘the old-fashioned way’, with manpower and paper to get the job done. However, in 2019, the evolution of technology called for drastic change, and, in response, began the development of its now-renowned software. Though the road was long and winding, was finally able to present its software to the world – a unique piece of technology that marks a paradigm shift in the way DOT companies meet compliance demands. prides itself on its accessibility. Whether this manifests through its affordability, or through the plethora of services and tools that it encompasses,’s software has redefined the market in a variety of ways. The sector has constantly been struggling to balance compliance with a multitude of other financial demands, and it’s this unfortunate truth that led to completely transform the industry. Now, DOT companies have access to an ingenious tool that has the ability to significantly lower outgoings, whilst providing a myriad of invaluable services. We’re excited to shed some light on this inspired software development company.’s software has become a staple among a multitude of US-based DOT companies, and it’s only a matter of time before its reach spreads further across the US and neighboring countries. When this happens, we’re sure that its long list of accomplishments will only continue to grow as we venture into the exciting, uncharted territory of AI. Contact Details Contact: Bo Schmelling Company:, LLC Web Address: W

Software & Technology Awards 2023 | 13 massage therapy but were shared by many different types of exam areas. This was the moment Test Run truly came into its own, with the platform revamped to be an adaptable, versatile tool suitable for any professional examination content. It began partnering with exam boards, and introduced its innovative revenue-sharing model that significantly benefitted them. This created a win-win situation allowing boards to retain 80% of the revenues collected from candidate subscriptions. Of course, this meant they profited at the same time as helping candidates with their exam prep. Test Run offers dynamic functionality, with its advanced system providing candidates with unlimited access to unique practice papers. On completion of a practice test, users receive instant feedback via detailed reports helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. To further bolster this the company has introduced custom digital study resources specifically tailored for each subject/profession being studied. The platform is not only free for the examining body organisations to use, it also offers them revenue from the user subscription fees. Setting up Test Run is easy, user-friendly, and can be adapted to suit any specific needs with minimal fuss. The company ensures it is always working to stay ahead of the curve by immersing itself in the ever-evolving world of technology. It is currently looking at how AI capabilities can be leveraged to assist with exam preparation. Constant client communication is also championed, providing the company with valuable insights into the exact requirements sought from their practice exam preparation platform. As the winner of Best Exam Prep EduTech Company 2023 in the Software and Technology Awards, Test Run is being recognised for the outstanding job it is doing in the realm of practice exam customisation. Well done to it for providing an unparalleled platform experience that’s making such a positive difference in the world of professional certification. Contact Details Company: Test Run Web Address: Contact Name: Dwayne Gray The innovative Test Run platform provides award-winning exam preparation support for candidates. It is tailored towards professional certification boards and worldwide exam committees, whilst also recognising the challenges faced by candidates when preparing for critical examinations. The tool was created to help boost candidates’ confidence ahead of their exams, and also to provide a novel revenue stream for exam boards. est Run is a remarkable service offering dual streams of benefit, assisting both exam candidates and unlocking revenue options for organisations involved in the training and testing field. It enables businesses to monetize their valuable content through candidate subscription services that ensures candidates are well prepared and ready to succeed. The service offered by Test Run is highly customisable, allowing organisations to provide bespoke exam prep content, practice tests, interactive modules, and real-time feedback to candidates. This is a real mission for Test Run, who envision a world where candidates “irrespective of their background or resources” have ready access to the best preparation tools available. The core values that lie at the heart of Test Run’s enterprise are integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. It concentrates on making sure these align with its mission through constant reprisal of the information it provides on its platform, taking into account feedback, and maintaining transparent relationships with all stakeholders. It feels it is imperative to ensure its solutions remain accessible and affordable to all as this fulfils the company’s aim to assist candidates whilst also reinforcing its partner organisations credibility and standards. The founder and CEO of Test run is Dwayne Gray, who was gracious enough to tell us a little about what led him to venture forth in this quite specific tech arena. It began when he was working in the sports rehabilitation sector, which encouraged him to pursue certification in massage therapy. At this point, Dwayne realised how there was very little information out there to help him prepare for his exam. Recognising a gap in the market, he began to meticulously assemble content and resources that aided him in his preparation. Initially, this was for his personal use, but it wasn’t long before fellow students began looking to his tool for help with their own exam prep. What started as a personal project soon began to draw attention from educational institutions, including an approach from a massage therapy exam board who itself recognised the need for the platform Dwayne had begun to develop. He soon became aware that the challenges weren’t confined to Best Exam Prep EduTech Company 2023 T Subcribe here: