Software & Technology Awards 2023

Software & Technology Awards 2023 | 13 massage therapy but were shared by many different types of exam areas. This was the moment Test Run truly came into its own, with the platform revamped to be an adaptable, versatile tool suitable for any professional examination content. It began partnering with exam boards, and introduced its innovative revenue-sharing model that significantly benefitted them. This created a win-win situation allowing boards to retain 80% of the revenues collected from candidate subscriptions. Of course, this meant they profited at the same time as helping candidates with their exam prep. Test Run offers dynamic functionality, with its advanced system providing candidates with unlimited access to unique practice papers. On completion of a practice test, users receive instant feedback via detailed reports helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. To further bolster this the company has introduced custom digital study resources specifically tailored for each subject/profession being studied. The platform is not only free for the examining body organisations to use, it also offers them revenue from the user subscription fees. Setting up Test Run is easy, user-friendly, and can be adapted to suit any specific needs with minimal fuss. The company ensures it is always working to stay ahead of the curve by immersing itself in the ever-evolving world of technology. It is currently looking at how AI capabilities can be leveraged to assist with exam preparation. Constant client communication is also championed, providing the company with valuable insights into the exact requirements sought from their practice exam preparation platform. As the winner of Best Exam Prep EduTech Company 2023 in the Software and Technology Awards, Test Run is being recognised for the outstanding job it is doing in the realm of practice exam customisation. Well done to it for providing an unparalleled platform experience that’s making such a positive difference in the world of professional certification. Contact Details Company: Test Run Web Address: Contact Name: Dwayne Gray The innovative Test Run platform provides award-winning exam preparation support for candidates. It is tailored towards professional certification boards and worldwide exam committees, whilst also recognising the challenges faced by candidates when preparing for critical examinations. The tool was created to help boost candidates’ confidence ahead of their exams, and also to provide a novel revenue stream for exam boards. est Run is a remarkable service offering dual streams of benefit, assisting both exam candidates and unlocking revenue options for organisations involved in the training and testing field. It enables businesses to monetize their valuable content through candidate subscription services that ensures candidates are well prepared and ready to succeed. The service offered by Test Run is highly customisable, allowing organisations to provide bespoke exam prep content, practice tests, interactive modules, and real-time feedback to candidates. This is a real mission for Test Run, who envision a world where candidates “irrespective of their background or resources” have ready access to the best preparation tools available. The core values that lie at the heart of Test Run’s enterprise are integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. It concentrates on making sure these align with its mission through constant reprisal of the information it provides on its platform, taking into account feedback, and maintaining transparent relationships with all stakeholders. It feels it is imperative to ensure its solutions remain accessible and affordable to all as this fulfils the company’s aim to assist candidates whilst also reinforcing its partner organisations credibility and standards. The founder and CEO of Test run is Dwayne Gray, who was gracious enough to tell us a little about what led him to venture forth in this quite specific tech arena. It began when he was working in the sports rehabilitation sector, which encouraged him to pursue certification in massage therapy. At this point, Dwayne realised how there was very little information out there to help him prepare for his exam. Recognising a gap in the market, he began to meticulously assemble content and resources that aided him in his preparation. Initially, this was for his personal use, but it wasn’t long before fellow students began looking to his tool for help with their own exam prep. What started as a personal project soon began to draw attention from educational institutions, including an approach from a massage therapy exam board who itself recognised the need for the platform Dwayne had begun to develop. He soon became aware that the challenges weren’t confined to Best Exam Prep EduTech Company 2023 T