Software & Technology Awards 2023

12 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 It’s a well-known fact across the USA that DOT compliances are complex and often incredibly costly to maintain. Regardless of company size, it’s all too easy to get caught out by soaring costs and unnecessary over-complication. As such, came to be. Focused on alleviating these stresses, is an AI-integrated DOT compliance software that has completely reshaped the DOT compliance sphere. Best DOT Safety Compliance Software Company 2023 - USA ith convenience and accessibility at its heart, is a DOT compliance software that leverages the immense capabilities of AI in order to make the lives of its clients far easier. It has long since recognised how demanding the process of DOT compliance can be, and has adjusted accordingly in order to be the go-to for any company looking to bypass these complexities. Its mission is simple – to create a system that makes managing required compliances simple, affordable, and secure. And, with the successful creation and operation of its patented, award-winning software, it’s clear that it has already succeeded in achieving this goal. Having set out to ensure that its software is the most affordable on the market, now offers access for only $20 a month, making it, by far, the most cost-effective option for any company of any size. And, with a 30-day free trial, companies are granted the opportunity to quickly sample the services that are available, before deciding if it’s the right fit for them. However, they’ll surely find that its capabilities are simply invaluable –’s software allows companies to vet new drivers instantly with its Driver Qualification File that auto-populates driver information to save drivers time and auto-tracks due dates for active drivers. is also the first of its kind to offer an AI-managed, no-contract Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium for only $5.00 per driver per month, providing personalized company policies, and instant electronic Chain of Custody Forms (eCOC) for required FMCSA drug and alcohol testing. Truly, eliminates the trivial aspects of DOT compliance and compiles them into a streamlined process that’s beyond easy to manage. Utilizing, drivers can create an account that makes completing, signing, and sorting all necessary documents far easier, whilst allowing companies to pull instant MVR and PSP reports for the required vetting and annual tracking of drivers. In addition to all of these impressive qualities, is also capable of automatically sending driver qualification files and policies to a driver’s account for completion, streamlining the process and eradicating the tediousness of the task from a company’s day-to-day operations. Having functioned as a DOT compliance company since 2015, is equipped with a plethora of experience that has helped to guide it toward the success that it sees today. In its own words, compliance companies historically have been doing things ‘the old-fashioned way’, with manpower and paper to get the job done. However, in 2019, the evolution of technology called for drastic change, and, in response, began the development of its now-renowned software. Though the road was long and winding, was finally able to present its software to the world – a unique piece of technology that marks a paradigm shift in the way DOT companies meet compliance demands. prides itself on its accessibility. Whether this manifests through its affordability, or through the plethora of services and tools that it encompasses,’s software has redefined the market in a variety of ways. The sector has constantly been struggling to balance compliance with a multitude of other financial demands, and it’s this unfortunate truth that led to completely transform the industry. Now, DOT companies have access to an ingenious tool that has the ability to significantly lower outgoings, whilst providing a myriad of invaluable services. We’re excited to shed some light on this inspired software development company.’s software has become a staple among a multitude of US-based DOT companies, and it’s only a matter of time before its reach spreads further across the US and neighboring countries. When this happens, we’re sure that its long list of accomplishments will only continue to grow as we venture into the exciting, uncharted territory of AI. Contact Details Contact: Bo Schmelling Company:, LLC Web Address: W