Software & Technology Awards 2023

Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer 2023 - USA Lastly, SmartAction values accountability. Each of its employees embodies an outcome-driven mindset, commitment to completing their responsibilities on time, and dedication to openly communicating to ensure maximum satisfaction. The company’s unwavering devotion to the success of its clients runs deep within its culture. Despite its remarkable success over the last two decades, SmartAction has faced its fair share of challenges. In its illustrious 21-year history, the period spanning from 2019 to 2022 presented unique difficulties.Recognizing the need for a fresh direction, the boar d made the decision to usher in a new era in 2022. They embarked on the journey of assembling a new leadership team, with Kyle Johnson assuming the role of CEO at the forefront. Over the course of his accomplished career in telephony, contact centers, and technology, Kyle accumulated numerous years of experience in steering organizations towards growth and prosperity. At SmartAction, he orchestrated a remarkable transformation, igniting a sense of urgency and drive within the company’s product and engineering teams. His unwavering commitment to fostering innovation spurred them to craft cutting-edge conversational AI solutions that transcended conventional boundaries. Furthermore, Kyle made strategic investments in assembling a dynamic go-to-market team. This team has since laid the groundwork for inventive and successful campaigns and content, dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in SmartAction’s technology stack and AI capabilities. Today, SmartAction continues to leverage this momentum. The team strives to push the envelope and prove that they are experts, leaders, and caregivers who can build automation happiness for their clients’ customers. The company is currently on a growth trajectory, with a twoyear roadmap that outlines its plans to build additional services and lead the way in the industry. In December 2023, SmartAction is set to undergo a notable rebranding initiative to better reflect the new culture and direction. This move is designed to signify the company’s resurgence and its determination to embark on a new and exciting path. Following a period of challenges in recent years, SmartAction understands the critical importance of conveying its commitment to both current and past customers. The company has taken heed of valuable feedback and has implemented substantial improvements. With increased investments and a complete revamp of its leadership team and business model, SmartAction is now positioned to fulfill its promise of reshaping the future. For its innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to making its clients and their customers happy, SmartAction has been named Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer, USA, in the Software and Technology Awards 2023. Having turned a new leaf, the company looks towards a bright future, and we can’t wait to see how its plans will unfold. Contact Details Contact: Ashley Bard Company: SmartAction Web Address: