Software & Technology Awards 2023

8 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 Aug23487 Best Working Capital Management SaaS Company 2023 Kuhlekt Pty Ltd was forged from the lack of a single solution that provided the required functionality for the industries that Ian Hindle worked within. To remedy a solution, he built one of his own. With no investors or capital backers, Ian had total control of the build and functionality of the business. Today, clients seek out the services from a variety of streams, and it is the mission of Kuhlekt to provide reliable, safe, and secure SaaS that delivers results through collections, disputes, and staff management. We catch up with Ian to learn more about the business and its successes within the field. uhlekt is a credit collections and dispute management system, delivered through a SaaS platform. Designed with a range of organisations in mind, it can easily meet the demands of businesses today. As a result of data uploaded regularly, the system works alongside a company’s IT team in order to establish the best practice and uphold any security requirements a business may have. Whether it be the collection of debt, resolution of disputes, or reporting for management or statutory reports, Kuhlekt drives activities, offering a one-stop shop solution. Using the regular data updates provided, Kuhlekt will prioritise the work requirements for each user, providing such useful resources as updating their dashboard, sending reminder emails about workflow, and displaying activities and legal notes on the page, or updating end-user client portals for user self service. These daily tasks are supported by the production and distribution of collection activities like actions, statements and dunning notices, which are then distributed through SMS, mail, or e-mail. From the beginning, Kuhlekt has aimed to appeal to a broad range of clients, with the ability to handle small accounts through to multi-regional corporations. The company believes in an old school service model as being the most favourable policy, and while specific development is offered if it can be written for the greater user group, if this is not the case, it is provided as an optional inclusion for each company. Clients seek the firm’s services from a variety of channels, including machinery hire, education placements, FMCG distribution, transport and shipping, and records storage. This ensures that a one-size-fits-all approach is not adopted by Kuhlekt like it is for many of its competitors, developments can be accommodated for specific clients to meet their corporate needs. Under the expert guidance of Ian’s 40 years in credit and general management, the company is aware of the needs at all levels of business and the requirements of a solution to deliver results in a direct and transparent manner. In a world that is increasingly moving to remote work, Kuhlekt delivers a solution of KPI datapoints which ensure daily updates on successes and failures. Furthermore, Kuhlekt delivers a single point solution in the fields of debtor, staff, and dispute management, priding themselves on the service provided, and as such always listens to client feedback. The team also remains up to date on the industry, regularly scanning in order to follow trends and assess outcomes, considering the benefit of these to the wider organisation and its clients. As the owner, Ian controls the content across every element of the business and its systems, so that the basis of initial delivery to the company is always considered to ensure the vision is not only met but exceeded. As the result of its status as a global provider from a technological position, Kuhlekt bases itself in the AWS infrastructure, which in addition to providing strength and security, offers the most up to date technology available in the form of a server robot. Thanks to the elastic nature of this infrastructure, customers are guaranteed to be provided with the best response time for their system. Due to the refined nature of Kuhlekt, once the product is delivered to a client and they have received all necessary training, the client becomes independent in using the service, and no further contact is needed. Ian always follows up with a call to check that clients are doing well and remain happy with the Kuhlekt system, which to date they are. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, the company possesses a road map of developments and backend improvements it will continue to see to, working through these and continually reviewing what needs to happen next to ensure continued success, based upon revelations from listening to the wider industry. The requirements of new clientele may delay developments, as the company knows its priority is its customers, and they always jump to help clients get up, running, and live with the system as soon as possible. Contact Details Contact: Ian Hindle Company: Kuhlekt Web Address: K