Software & Technology Awards 2023

Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023 The MyQ mission is to “Respect people and help them focus on what they do best”. It does this through providing intuitive software that is easy to use and provides customer satisfaction. It aims to develop software that supports the needs and wants of its customer base, respecting their desires to, for example, scan to multiple cloud storage facilities, or print directly from their phones. MyQ tries to understand what people require, and make it happen for them. As a business the unique selling point of MyQ is its philosophy to develop the very best platform out there. This entails personalisation, multiple deployment options that include on-site, private, hybrid and public cloud, and the provision of local support to all partners. It understands the challenges of the MPS (Managed Print Services) industry, and addresses them in a flexible and timely fashion. The people who work at MyQ are dedicated to the work they do, and take great pleasure in acquiring knowledge and experience. This is exemplified by the two persons driving the change in the technology market for MyQ right now, VP (for Americas) Viktor Nestrasil and his colleague Robert Vardanian, the Business Development Director (for Americas). The story behind the first encounter these two colleagues and friends experienced is quite an interesting one, worthy of recounting. Viktor explains that they both attended the same high school in Prague, Czech Republic, but the first time they met each other, at 15 years old, things didn’t exactly start well. As he remembers it, he was sitting at the back of the class, minding his own business, when Robert decided to stand at the front of the classroom and shout at all the pupils, asking them why they were so quiet and not talking to each other? Following this commotion Viktor thought to himself “I’m never going to speak with that guy”. Then two weeks later they became best friends. This is a friendship that has lasted to this day, through school, sports and now work. Back in the day Robert used to be a soccer player, and Viktor played ice hockey. They wanted to focus on sports as long as possible, but saw the importance of pursuing their education. Unfortunately for Viktor, several surgeries put pay to his ice hockey career at the age of 22. This encouraged him to pack his bags and pursue a degree in Business and Management in the UK. He finally returned to Prague to begin work at MyQ, where he was fortunate enough to be reunited with his old friend Robert. He asked Robert to join him at the company, and now they both find themselves working in the US to try and achieve all the ambitious goals the company has set. That is how the two old friends both happen to find themselves working for the Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023, as named in the Software and Technology Awards. This phenomenal achievement is to be applauded as it underlines exactly what a difference MyQ Solution is making on the global stage for print and cloud document management. Bravo to it! Company: MyQ,America, LLC Web Address: https://www.myq-solution. com/en Contact Name: Viktor Nestrasil