Software & Technology Awards 2023

4 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 yQ Solution has been in business for 30 years, beginning when the father of current CEO Martin Januš was working in the Czech republic, running a company that distributed multifunctional copiers and printers. Young Martin was determined to help his father with his business, which he did by uniting with schoolfriends who shared his passion for programming to create a number of original presentations the company was able to use at conferences and events. A few years later these same innovative individuals noticed new challenges in the printing world they again wanted to solve through programming. They noticed an issue with the deployment of devices in customers’ environments. Software developed by manufacturers was often not particularly user friendly or intuitive. It also became apparent that it was often difficult to combine devices due to the software not working together. This is something that has only become increased as these days customers might choose to use devices from several different manufacturers for specific feature reasons, but become frustrated when the devices fail to work with one another. Viktor Nestrasil, the Vice President at MyQ, compares it to having to use an Apple phone for some tasks, and an Android phone for others. Both systems work fine on their own, but, as anyone who’s tried knows only too well, they will not marry up to share data. A further problem noticed was to do with document security. For example, a document might be sent to a shared printer automatically, and begin printing out before you’ve had chance to get there. This means it might have been stolen or accidentally misappropriated by a colleague mistaking it for their own document. Furthermore, people had very little control over the printer running costs, with questions about which department is printing the most, or how many pages did the company print in a single year often going unanswered. This led to the three young entrepreneurs developing their own multivendor solution to copy, print, and scan management. It wasn’t long before the software capabilities became so advanced that the development team had outgrown the original hardware distribution purpose of the company. It’s at this point the business split into two different entities, with the software developers becoming MyQ Solution. The company is now an independent global software developer with 6 subsidiaries around the world, all helping customers to achieve their goals. The products MyQ offers address the challenges already mentioned, just in slightly different ways. Firstly, MyQ provides tools that are easy to install on all devices, are userfriendly, and integrate with companies of any size. Its software is compatible with major brands such as Ricoh, Epson, Cannon, Sharp, Kyocera, HP, Toshiba, and many more. It abolishes the need to have to learn individual system software as everything will be operating in perfect synchronization using the MyQ proprietary software. The second solution is designed to address the security challenges touched on earlier. MyQ is adept at protecting data in all the normal ways you would imagine (GDPR compliant, end-to-end encryption, watermarks etc.). Furthermore, its authentication methods offer another level of security when it comes to protecting documents. Every document to be printed, scanned, or copied is only attended to after the user has authenticated the device using multiple options. This could involve a pin code and ID card swipe, or scanning a QR code for instance. All documents are appropriately protected by MyQ, which gives the option of two-factor authentication to promote even further levels of security and ensure no one else has access to a client’s documents. The third challenge accounted for involves the cost management factor. In this respect MyQ provides advanced reporting and accounting features that grant customers full control over what’s happening with all their devices. Not only does this help with device management, it can also assist with sustainability goals and companies’ environmental policies. MyQ encourages responsible printing behaviour, for example with its quotas feature allowing page limits or credits to charge per page. Aug23540 Most Pioneering User-Centric Software Company 2023 M MyQ Solution offers print and document management solutions that are cloud and serverbased. It can boost clients digital or traditional workplace capabilities with its secure print and scan services. It is perfectly aligned with the needs of today’s remote workforces who need reliable tools for distant and mobile document handling direct from wherever they might be working.