Software & Technology Awards 2023

10 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 Aug23323 Modulate is a Boston-based tech startup with a mission to make online voice chat safer and more inclusive. With its advanced machine learning technology and industry expertise, the company empowers game studios to protect their players and build better experiences for their communities. ToxMod is a purpose-built AI product designed to detect and flag hateful speech, harassment, bullying, and other toxic speech in video game voice chats. Over the last year, ToxMod has enabled customers to take over 4 million moderation actions, including muting and banning toxic players, to create a safe environment for everyone. Most Positive Gaming Technology Developer 2023 - USA he company prides itself on its signature product, ToxMod, the only voice-native moderation solution for video games. Created to prioritise players’ safety and privacy, ToxMod uses machine learning to analyse conversations for toxicity and supplies relevant context to moderators, ensuring they can quickly respond to community disruptions. The advanced technology goes beyond voice-to-text transcription, considering emotion, vocal inflection, and listener responses. ToxMod provides a detailed report of user exchanges to allow companies’ Trust and Safety teams to decide on the appropriate action to take. Modulate actively works with its clients to integrate its technology. With a variety of plugins for different game engines and voice infrastructures, ToxMod can be successfully integrated in less than one day. In January 2023, Modulate launched a partnership with the AntiDefamation League to become a Corporate Partner Against Hate. The company supports ADL’s public research into online hate speech, child grooming, and radicalism. In February 2023, Modulate became an official partner of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), joining their mission to educate and inform families and parents concerned about their children’s online safety. As an ambassador of its own culture, Modulate strives to reflect its values of accessibility and inclusion within its company. The business practices targeted recruitment, aiming to hire historically underrepresented technology workers, particularly BIPOC. Its job listings never require a minimum education level, ensuring the startup finds the perfect candidate to align with its company vision, mission, and core values. Modulate is serious about fostering a strong and welcoming internal culture to prioritise the wellbeing of its employees and clientele. As a business, Modulate believes that building trust and empathy with its partners is crucial to creating an inclusive company where employees can incorporate their unique talents and creativity into their work. The startup has launched Modulate Guilds, which are essentially employee resource groups, to allow Modulators to connect based on their shared identities. A new speaking series entitled Getting to Know You encourages modulators to reflect on how their lived experience impacts their approach to work. The company helps game studios navigate upcoming regulations and compliance needs. Modulate understands the necessity for developers and studios to consider the legal implications of bullying, harassment, and toxic behaviour on their platforms. With the introduction of new laws to counter toxicity in online spaces, the business provides code of conduct audits, player report correlations, transparency report support, and player behaviour insights. Modulate supplies the tools for its clients to meet the ethical needs and changing legal requirements necessary to build safer spaces for all users. In contrast to its competition which mostly relies on text transcription, Modulate’s ToxMod solution is the only moderation technology that is able to understand the nuance of voice communications, including emotion, voice inflection, listener responses, and more. Looking to the future, Modulate will continue to develop ToxMod and its features to provide further precision in its voice chat detection. Modulate stands apart in its commitment to ethically create better, more inclusive online spaces, and we are enthusiastic to find out how its innovative technology will continue to shape the video game industry. Contact Details Contact: Mike Tom Company: Modulate Web Address: T