Legal Elite Awards 2023 Accidents and Injuries Happen... They Get Resolved Here. Accidents and Injuries Happen... They Get Resolved Here.

2 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 About our Legal Elite Awards 2023 New World Report is proud to announce the eagerly anticipated return of the Legal Elite Awards for its ninth installment! The Legal Elite Awards 2023 aims to place a spotlight on your firm’s position as an innovator and trend-setter throughout the legal industry, while simultaneously informing potential clients and colleagues alike that your displayed excellence is attracting attention from across the Americas. We highlight the most respected and established law firms and individuals and place a concentrated focus on the notable achievements demonstrated from our successful awardees! The legal industry remains as fierce and competitive as ever, with the increase of work as result of demand leading to a growing war for legal talent. Over the past twelve months, there’s been an increasing surge in attorneys outsourcing mundane tasks such as case preparation and eDiscovery to specialist firms. According to experts, the outsourcing of legal processes will continue to be a growing piece of the industry in the year ahead, providing law firms with services related to accounting, legal billing, and various tech functions thus allowing them to perform at an even greater capacity. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Legal Elite Awards 2023 | 3 Contents 4. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law: Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta): Joseph A. Nagy 6. And Benefits for All: Best Nationwide Disability Benefits Advocacy Firm 2023 - USA 8. Monetae: Best Digital Asset In-House Legal Director 2023 (El Salvador): José Luis Villalta 10. ENX2 Legal Marketing: Best Multi-Sector Legal Marketing Firm 2023 – Pennsylvania 11. O. Long Law: Best Family Law Firm 2023 - Illinois 12. Suma Legal – Pelaez Garcia Abogados S.A.S: Best Specialist Law Services Provider 2023 - Colombia 13. Lex Mundi: Best Cross Border Law Firm 2023 - USA 14. Andrade & Associates: Best Construction Industry Attorney 2023 (Orange County): Richard B. Andrade 15. Blue Zone Legal: Costa Rica: Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2023: Blue Zone Legal 16. Umbrella Legal Marketing: Best Holistic Legal Marketing Agency 2023 - Ontario 17. Aiman-Smith & Marcy: Best Employee & Consumer Law Firm 2023 - Oakland

4 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 hat is the first thing to know about our Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta): Joseph A. Nagy? We could talk about his growing reputation as Alberta’s toughest injury lawyer or how he is a powerful ally for his clients. As one client put it: “He did a fantastic job and if you get to see him in action.... he’s a shark!” We could say Joseph A. Nagy is a personal injury lawyer who won’t stop fighting until his clients get all the compensation they deserve. As another client said: “I clearly remember him saying no that’s not enough. Sending the insurance lawyers to renegotiate. I remember his saying. NO I want it all. We did get it all.” Those client quotes give you a pretty good sense of Joseph A. Nagy’s fierce advocacy for his clients. But maybe those aren’t the first things to know. The first thing to know may actually be that almost all of his clients know Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer, as Joe. Typically, it won’t start off that way. Most injury clients are new clients. They have never been injured before. They have never needed an injury lawyer. They hope they never need one again. But from the moment they walk into the offices of Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law, they will sense a difference. This isn’t some corporate legal firm stuck in a high-rise building. And Joe is not some slick corporate injury lawyer. His offices are located on an easily accessed, tree-lined neighbourhood street. Free parking here. Wheelchair accessible. Go in and you immediately receive a friendly greeting and are made to feel welcome. Joe’s staff obviously enjoy working for him. Like Joe, they emphasize the “personal” in personal injury law. Perhaps you have been injured and you are meeting Joe for a free consultation meeting. Maybe you are already a client and there for a follow-up meeting. Or maybe you are a former client who has dropped by to say “Hi”. It doesn’t matter. You will meet Joe. That emphasis on “personal” points to a fundamental difference between Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law and other major Edmonton injury law firms. Joe personally meets with you from your first free consultation meeting until your case is resolved. He gets to know you. When you hire Joe, you get Joe. How can he do that? Let’s start with the focus of his practice. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law exclusively represents people injured in motor vehicle accidents. The Law Society of Alberta has strict rules about lawyers not referring to themselves as experts or specialists. Nonetheless, Joseph A. Nagy injury law can legitimately claim to be Edmonton’s foremost car accident injury law firm. Focussing on injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents doesn’t mean you have a small injury law practice. It can just mean you are the best at what you do. Motor vehicle accidents, from multiple vehicle, truck, and car accidents to motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents happen all too frequently. In 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available, Alberta had close to 100,000 collisions resulting in more than 12,000 injuries. Of course, those injuries can range from wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal injuries, to broken bones, chronic pain, and minor injuries. Joe has experience with every imaginable type of motor vehicle accident and injury. He has successfully resolved many thousands of injury claims from car accidents. He knows the law and the legal rulings that can impact your compensation. Joe’s exclusive focus on injuries from car accidents and his more than 19 years of experience enable him to understand the unique circumstances of each client’s accident and injury. That ultimately helps him build a strategy to win each client’s personal injury claim. But he certainly doesn’t do it alone. That leads us to Joe’s team. They help create the welcome atmosphere we mentioned. Some work more in the foreground and others in the background. Reviews can tell you a lot about a personal injury law firm, so you will see lots of accolades like “great team,” “full of compassion,” and “extremely helpful.” Joe’s team is also experienced, expert, and professional. Nicole Adams, Joe’s Senior Legal Assistant, has been with Joe for many years and is frequently mentioned in client reviews (“knowledgeable and easy to work with,” “professional and great at her job”). When you are injured, the personal injury claim process can be daunting or even overwhelming. You have forms to complete. Deadlines to meet. Questions you need answered. Negotiations that must be conducted. What do you tell the insurance company? Are there things you shouldn’t tell the insurance company? Do you mention your accident on social media? Joe and his team make navigating the entire personal injury claim process as straightforward as possible. Nicole plays a major role here. She makes sure your questions are promptly answered. Everything is done on schedule. You are always updated. You are never out of the loop. With Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law, you get to focus on your own health and recovery knowing that Joseph A. Nagy will be there to help you and make sure you receive all the compensation you deserve. One client raved that Joe “makes money happen!!!” But how exactly does Joseph A. Nagy obtain maximum compensation for his clients? Joe calls the process “building an injury law case.” He starts from the fundamental proposition that a personal injury lawyer is an ally of their clients. Joe wants to maximize the compensation his clients receive. When Joe builds a personal injury case, he has to prove your damages warrant the maximum compensation you deserve. That’s where other members of Joe’s team come in. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law works with personal injury experts to prove damages. Which experts are needed depends on the case and the damages sought in the personal injury claim. For instance, damages might be for pain and suffering, medical expenses, future care, and loss of income or income earning capacity. For such a claim, Joe’s personal injury expert team might include medical, accident reconstruction, functional capacity, and economic loss experts. Joe only uses top-notch specialists who have been qualified by the Alberta Court of King’s Bench to testify in their respective capacity. Joe explains his strategy: “I prepare cases to go to trial. I build an injury case by using scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts who are prepared to testify at trial. Insurance companies know I build injury cases that increase their risk of not settling. The outcome is that the insurance companies settle most claims. My clients receive more compensation after my fee is paid than the insurance company was offering. I take great pride in standing up for the little guy and making insurance companies pay fair compensation. I like that my clients have more money in their pockets.” Personal injury claims can be complex, and insurance companies don’t like to pay the compensation you, the injury victim, may deserve. That can mean that a personal injury claim can drag on for years before you Mar23303 Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta): Joseph A. Nagy W

Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta): Joseph A. Nagy receive compensation. When that happens, you need an injury lawyer who cares about his clients and is willing to support and fight as long as it takes. Joseph A. Nagy never stops fighting. Perhaps we can best sum up Joseph A. Nagy’s determination to stand up for the little guy with another client quote: “I worked with Joe for almost 4 years after my accident and I can honestly say he worked very hard for me. There are very few in the legal world that actually care about you, that see you as more than a pay check, Joe is one. When I was suffering, he went out of his way to make sure I was ok…. He is thorough, thoughtful and will be an absolute shark in fighting for you. Thanks for all your help Joe!” So, if you ever have the misfortune to be injured in a motor vehicle accident in central or northern Alberta and you need an injury lawyer, you won’t go wrong if you call Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer and our Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta). Ask for a free consultation. He will handle your case personally from your initial meeting until the final settlement or trial. He will treat you with respect. He will explain a strategy to help you obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. He will be your powerful ally, protect you, ease your stress and financial hardship, and fight every step of the way to obtain maximum compensation for your injury claim. Contact: Joseph A. Nagy Web Address: Accidents and Injuries Happen... They Get Resolved Here.

6 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a difficult process, and more than 70% of people who start said process have their initial claims turned down. When this happens, not many individuals actually know how to appeal this decision, leaving them without the benefits that they desperately need. This is an issue that And Benefits for All (ABFA) is determined to overcome, and its team works tirelessly to give claimants the best possible chance at winning their disability benefits claim. ince its inception, ABFA has devoted itself to one key goal – to provide exceptional Disability Eligibility and Appeals services to the disabled community on a national level, and it has used every means available to lend its services to claimants struggling to get approved for their necessary benefits. As a firm that focuses on the individuality of each case, ABFA makes it incredibly clear that it’ll do whatever it takes to adapt itself to each claimant’s needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Its passion for advocating for disability benefits is unmistakable, and it’s what’s enabled ABFA to help claimants again and again without hesitation. Equipped with a workforce of highly trained, skilled, and experienced staff, ABFA has managed to consistently apply a rigorous approach towards assisting disabled individuals in the benefits field. Whether a claimant is needing to apply or appeal a claim for SSDI or SSI benefits, its thoughtful team will be there to apply all of its knowledge and lend a helping hand. ABFA recognizes the lack of understanding in the legal field for those with disabilities, and has identified how difficult it can be to handle the process alone. It seeks to streamline the entire procedure so that it can guarantee an ease of access for anyone pursuing disability benefits. To increase a claimant’s chances of approval when it comes to obtaining disability benefits, ABFA acts as a skilled disability attorney who’s dedicated towards assisting individuals from the beginning of the eligibility process. Its purpose is to get claimants the benefits that they deserve, and it accomplishes this feat by ensuring everything is in line before an application is made. The tactful team takes every aspect into consideration, and will construct a case that’ll be directed towards its claimant’s favour. As a result, it’s been able to help claimants all across the USA win their benefits claims, without being laboured with the difficulties that partner going through the process alone. Whether a claimant needs a simple, free consultation, or an attorney who can help them at the hearing, ABFA is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they exit the process with a result that will change their lives. It understands the costs that accompany disabilities, from medication to housing fees, and passionately pursues the most ideal outcome for every claimant. It’s this dedication that has truly set ABFA apart from the rest, and has solidified it as the most compassionate disability benefits advocacy firm currently operating within the USA. The most crucial aspect of ABFA’s operations, however, is its ability to determine those individuals who are in desperate need of disability benefits. It advocates for the needs of those who are completely unable to work, be it due to a physical or mental disability, and exclusively concerns itself with these claims. Its team is on-hand to provide assistance wherever it’s needed, and supports anyone who is hindered by an ongoing medical condition. ABFA strives to make life as easy as it can for those who have sustained a disability as a result of a catastrophic event taking place in their lives. It treats its claimants as people, and limits the size of its firm in order to do so. With a strong distain towards becoming a disability ‘mill’, it puts extensive measures in place to guarantee an individuality that’s imperative in complex situations accompanying disability claims. As a result, claimants are made to feel respected and heard, and their needs are taken seriously to an admirable degree. Of course, with disabilities potentially emerging in a sudden manner, ABFA has established a fast-paced environment within its internal culture. Team members are frequently answering calls and emails, and aim to respond to anyone who contacts them within the same day. Nobody should ever be left waiting, and ABFA consistently ensures clients are met with immediate action from the moment they request a consultation. Getting claimants approved for their benefits claims shouldn’t be a long-winded process, and ABFA gives its all to guarantee a speedy outcome for all of its clients. Additionally, ABFA is a firm believer that no service is ever going to be perfect. It dedicates its all to its clients, but, when it isn’t handling benefits needs, it’s constantly refining its services. Whether it be updating staff on new changes to the legal field, or learning how to better handle more nuanced disability claims, ABFA is committed to delivering the best eligibility and appeal services that the USA has to offer. Its devotion to its work is clear in each action it takes, and it’s no surprise that this admirable dedication has earned it its most recent award title. ABFA knows what it means to struggle with a disability. It’s keenly aware of how much of an impact it can have on an individual’s financial situation, and looks to get its claimant’s applications and appeals approved by any means necessary. It puts its clients first, and treats them with a compassion that’s nothing short of astounding. Its love for seeing people’s lives change for the better is at the heart of everything it does, which has resulted in it becoming a disability benefit advocacy agency that’s truly spectacular in every possible aspect. Contact: Avi Leibovic Company: And Benefits for All Web Address: Mar23030 Best Nationwide Disability Benefits Advocacy Firm 2023 - USA S

Best Nationwide Disability Benefits Advocacy Firm 2023 - USA

8 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 osé Luis Villalta Ochoa offers holistic services as of when needed. He began working as a Paralegal in 2010 with the mission to provide the best possible outcome for his clients through overcoming any obstacle that may arise. As an outside the box thinker, he is able to carry out well thought out strategies without bias – which always increases the quality of his work. Forward to today his approach remains the same, however he adapts to technology advances and new business developments. José Luis makes a conscious effort to learn, explore, read, and investigate new topics. He believes that in everyday there is opportunities to absorb new knowledge that will be beneficial at some point in time. He says, “Engaging outside of your comfort zone on different issues, allows for you to grow professionally and as a result; give the best service possible.” José Luis is currently working at Monetae which is a Fintech company that works in private banking of digital assets. He engages with companies and individuals that are seeking different financial options instead of traditional banking. Fintech has become a growing trend where technology and finance is combined to bring forward innovative solutions and efficient ways to handle money. In previous years, it was not available for most people, but today it is specially designed to incorporate as many valuable clients as possible. Monetae is an example of the shift in the industry, and it has been welcoming in new customers following its launch in March 2023. Its services include trading OTC of digital assets, tokenization of projects, and blockchain solutions. It also offers personalised assistance to support its clients and introduce them into the digital world. In addition, its team has executives that are ready to attend to any doubts, concerns, or questions. While helping with the launch of Monetae, José Luis has witnessed changes that the law needs to adjust to. He explains, “The advances of technology are shifting the way business is being conducted and it is necessary for the law in each jurisdiction to be on par with the evolving scenario. The challenge of this, is that some of these advances are new territory and the law needs to seriously evaluate the benefits and the risks over the traditional systems of how business is legally accomplished, always for the benefit of all. Technology has always been disruptive for the better, El Salvador has accomplished a legal structure that allows for technology to be fully utilized, making the country a developing Fintech economy with great opportunities for business.” At Monetae, José Luis works alongside his team which is made up of various individuals with similar and different skills. He works to guarantee that everyone is heard, and together as a team they engage about those opinions to attain the best possible outcome. Working alongside a team that is able to communicate with each other effectively, makes a great impact on the level of quality work clients are provided. José Luis ensures that communication is always present to make sure that everyone in his team knows exactly what they are doing – especially to achieve the goal at hand. They get together for weekly meetings, have an open-door policy, and use technological tools to encourage and make available communication. José Luis has built a strong foundation to work from, thanks to encouraging open conversations within his team. This is especially beneficial when there is something new that the team is working on. Whether it is a new law or a client with needs that are outside the usual scope of work, José Luis checks that every member of his team is aware of what the law covers, what it applies to, as well as what the requirements are and how to execute these. When dealing with clients, communication is just as key as it is within the team. José Luis believes in the importance of being honest about Mar23349 Best Digital Asset In-House Legal Director 2023 (El Salvador): José Luis Villalta J Monetae is a Private Digital Asset Bank that is regulated by the Central Bank of El Salvador. It offers personalised services to different clients around the world, with the objective of providing a remarkable experience while looking after their finances. Its Legal Director and Representative, José Luis Villalta, has recently been recognised in the Legal Elite Awards 2023. Here we find out more about him and his career.

Best Digital Asset In-House Legal Director 2023 (El Salvador): José Luis Villalta what you can or cannot do for every one of them. This way they are aware of what to expect and for this to happen it is crucial to explain absolutely everything to them. Each client is different, but transparency and honesty must be constant and present throughout the process. José Luis shares, “I am always grateful with the response of a client whose needs I have satisfied.” We are delighted to share that José Luis has now been awarded with Best Digital Asset In-House Legal Director 2023 (El Salvador). He adds, “I would like to share with the readers that if you are looking for a new way of private banking, we are at your disposal as a solid partner on your financial needs.” This is only the beginning, and we are excited to see what the future holds for José Luis Villalta as he supports Monetae in its growth. Contact: José Luis Villalta Company: Monetae Web Address:

10 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Mar23524 Best Multi-Sector Legal Marketing Firm 2023 – Pennsylvania ENX2 Legal Marketing is a national digital marketing agency with a niche in legal marketing. It specialises in web design and development, content marketing, social media marketing, multimedia services, search engine optimization, and PPC advertising campaigns. We take a closer look as it is recognised in the Legal Elite Awards 2023. he digital world gives law firms access to potential clients in ways like never before. However, it can be a complex world to get into without having the information and tools needed to attract the audience which currently seeks your services. ENX2 Legal Marketing (ENX2) is here to take away the stress and bring forward more revenue to your law firm. Its mission is to deliver perfect legal marketing services to all of its clients. The team at ENX2 is made up of award-winning developers, content writers, SEO specialists, social media gurus, and business consultants. As part of the Google Partners Program, they have certifications on Google Analytics and Google Ads. Thanks to the extensive experience of its team, ENX2 can offer clients all the services they need. It has spent more than 20 years creating websites and graphic design, writing online content, handling social media accounts, and consulting law firms throughout the country. You may wonder how is ENX2 going to help your law firm stand out from the rest. To start with, having a website that has content that represents your mission and objectives is key – given that it is your online storefront. It needs to be designed with your future clients in mind, especially as they will be looking at your content from different size screens. What’s more, the content that lives in it needs to be original and engaging so incorporating multimedia content where possible can boost the engagement and therefore revenue. ENX2 has the expertise to elevate your brand, from designing fresh logos, to writing the about section or blog posts, creating multimedia elements to ads and banners, and much more. In addition, it can even provide with newly updated staff photographs to elevate the professionalism of your website. Law firms often believe that to attract quality clients they don’t need social media presence, but it is now more than ever that people are using social media to look for services within the industry. ENX2 can introduce you to an effective and efficient way of making yourself known through organic posts, paid ads, and practice area specific campaigns. This will help you bring quality leads that you would have missed out on otherwise. ENX2 Legal Marketing has recently received the title of Best MultiSector Legal Marketing Firm 2023 – Pennsylvania. Its expertise continues to help law firms elevate their online presence, resulting on new clients seeking its invaluable services. What’s more, you can see it for yourself – just head over to ENX2 Legal Marketing’s website to find out more. Contact: Nicole Farber Company: ENX2 Legal Marketing Web Address: T

Legal Elite Awards 2023 | 11 Olivia finds it incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to make a difference in real people’s families. She believes that her work improves people’s lives by making their home life more peaceful, allowing them to move forward and ultimately freeing them to live the life they want. She recognizes the legal profession as a high-powered vehicle for service to others, providing an opportunity to leverage the law to change people’s everyday lives. Clients can expect exceptional legal services that prioritize their unique needs, with the goal of improving their lives in meaningful ways. O. Long Law has extensive experience in the realm of LGBTQ family law, making it the go-to firm for clients navigating such complex situations. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ couples and their families, the team is committed to empowering clients with practical legal and financial guidance. O. Long Law’s exceptional legal services have made it an indispensable resource for clients in the Chicagoland area. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the firm has been awarded Best Family Law Firm 2023 – Illinois, as its progressive and assertive representation has helped countless families achieve their desired results and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Congratulations to O. Long Law on its well-deserved recognition and continued success in providing exceptional legal services to its clients. Contact: Olivia St. Clair Long Company: O. Long Law LLC Web Address: O. Long Law, LLC is a women-led law firm established in 2017 and based in Evanston, Illinois. The firm offers representation in various areas, including divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, LGBTQ family law, commercial litigation, and protection orders. Its clients can expect progressive, efficient, and highly effective representation from a team of skilled attorneys. . Long Law is deeply committed to helping its clients navigate the challenges of divorce, custody, spousal support, and complex asset division. The firm caters to family law and business litigation clients across Cook County and Lake County, Illinois. Notably, the firm has experience working with clients with family businesses that require specific litigation when a divorce occurs within the family. The team understands the complexities involved in these cases and is committed to providing empathetic, confident, and professional legal services that cater to each client’s unique needs. Clients can trust that the firm possesses a wealth of diverse experience and time-tested legal skills, ensuring successful outcomes with an entire team fighting on their behalf. O Long Law, LLC is a team of professionals who work closely together to provide exceptional service to clients. They prioritize values such as professionalism, authenticity, enthusiasm, collaboration, and support while always striving to do what’s right for their clients. As a result, their cases benefit from their creativity, diligence, and efficiency, with each attorney boasting at least a decade of litigation experience. Additionally, the paralegals and admin staff possess exceptional interpersonal skills that enable them to work well and negotiate effectively with individuals of all personalities. Olivia St. Clair Long, the founder of O. Long Law, is driven by a passion for bringing clarity and closure to family law issues. She opened her firm in 2017 to practice family law after witnessing firsthand how effective litigation can improve families’ lives in a significant way. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Olivia remains committed to promoting equality in the law. She is an active member of the ISBA - Illinois State Bar Association’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee, as well as the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago’s Judicial Evaluation Committee. Joining Olivia is Family Law Attorney Alexandra Nagorzanski Neukirch, who graduated magna cum laude from St. Thomas University in 2012 and is licensed to practice law in Illinois. Alexandra became a lawyer with the goal of supporting clients through their most challenging times, and her empathetic approach sets her apart. Attorney Allison Brunell Sise completes the team, bringing unique litigation experience and hailing from a family of lawyers. Allison is also licensed in Illinois and strives to give clients a voice in what can be an intimidating system. Best Family Law Firm 2023 - Illinois O

12 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Mar23509 No matter the situation, legal needs require professional solutions in order to reach an outcome that’s best for everyone. As a result, it’s essential to partner alongside a professional law service that has its clients’ best interests in mind at all times. As a firm dedicated towards providing the most permanent conflict resolutions within the industry, Suma Legal is transforming Columbia’s legal sphere in award-winning ways. We explore how Suma Legal has made its mark on the legal industry, and what methods it deploys to offer lasting solutions to all of its clients. Best Specialist Law Services Provider 2023 - Colombia stablished in 2006, and comprised of a select collection of experienced law professionals, Suma Legal works to provide advice to clients experiencing all sorts of legal issues. It practises the art of personalised law solutions, and will accompany clients in order to adapt a resolution that’ll satisfy any legal need. Suma Legal goes above and beyond to ensure the protection of its clients’ interests, and guarantees these interests are met within both an ethical and legal framework. As a rule, Suma Legal likes to make things happen. It remains faithful to its vision, and it accomplishes this through its dedication towards employing self-demand in terms of the quality of work that it adheres to. The team at Suma Legal highly value the responsibility that accompanies their work, and applies all of their knowledge and experience to deliver the best results possible for their clients. And with a consistent understanding of the current changes within the industry, Suma Legal has mastered the art of adapting itself to provide the most steadfast legal solutions possible. Placing a focus on business clients within the private sector, within different divisions of the economy, Suma Legal devotes itself to quality above all else. It strives to constantly learn and expand upon its already-extensive knowledge. The team at Suma Legal doesn’t believe that you should ever stop learning, and go out of their way to further master each area they’ve been tasked with working on. Of course, this doesn’t limit Suma Legal’s development to familiar areas – it also works tirelessly to gain a solid understanding of new ones that it may have never tackled before. And, with each new practise, it adopts a serious approach to its responsibilities as a reliable law service provider. And with such a rigorous recruitment process, Suma Legal has cemented itself as a firm that will never settle for second best. Its team is comprised of intelligent, responsible lawyers, each with an astounding awareness of the ethical and moral commitments that accompany their roles. These individuals are given plenty of tools for consistent learning, all to prevent stagnation within Suma Legal’s internal culture. As a result, each member of the team is able to adhere to the firm’s primary goal – to satisfy the interests of its clients. As is imperative with any legal service, Suma Legal recognises that each situation has nuance that must be accounted for when formulating an approach towards a solution. It takes the time to consider each individual detail, and applies its adaptability in order to form a resolution that’ll leave clients feeling content and secure. It’s a firm focused on keeping itself up to date with the quality of its knowledge, and it’s thanks to this dedication that it’s able to provide effective solutions for a whole range of clients. Suma Legal values the work it does, and takes immense pride in its workforce and practises. It flourishes in formulating results for clients and solving their problems, and has never once faltered in giving clients its all. And with such a carefully selected team at the helm of this incredible law service provider, it’s easy to see how it came to earn the award title of Best Specialist Law Services Provider 2023 – Colombia. Contact: Nicolas Mora Company: Suma Legal Web Address: E Placing a focus on business clients within the private sector, within different divisions of the economy, Suma Legal devotes itself to quality above all else.

Legal Elite Awards 2023 | 13 Best Cross Border Law Firm 2023 - USA Founded in 1989, Lex Mundi is an international network of leading independent law firms that brings together the best firms, lawyers, and business professionals in over 125 countries to provide world-class cross-border legal solutions. Its member firms offer a global resource of unmatched breadth and depth, with over 23,000 lawyers across the world. The network enables its members to collaborate closely to further enhance the scope of expertise they can offer. ased on their leadership in and commitment to their local market, Lex Mundi selects the top independent law firm in each jurisdiction to join its network. In order to retain their membership, members must maintain high levels of excellence, which the network aims to help them develop. When Lex Mundi was established, it was the first of its kind, giving it a significant advantage in recruiting many of the best law firms in the world. Since its earliest days, standards have been high for existing and new members of the network, which has created a superior foundation of quality. To this day, Lex Mundi strives to live up to this extraordinarily high standard, bringing together only the best of the best. The network’s role is to utilize its unique global overview in order to help its members provide the best cross-border services, giving them a competitive advantage. It also drives members’ consistency and quality through training programs and initiatives. Furthermore, Lex Mundi has developed a project management platform, Equisphere, which enables members to work together in a seamless and coordinated manner on complex multi-jurisdictional matters. Through this, it ensures its members collaborate closely to provide unparalleled expertise within every global market, wherever their clients need to operate. Clients of its member firms can expect to receive a seamless worldwide service that effectively deals with their most challenging cross-border transactions and disputes. Those looking for a top lawyer can use the Lex Directory to discover member firms in specific jurisdictions or can contact Lex Mundi directly. Members’ clients benefit from the convenience of dealing with a single entity, while still receiving consistent quality and expertise. Additionally, Lex Mundi organizes outstanding events and training services that provide boundless opportunities for its members to network and learn, contributing to closer working relationships, optimal responsiveness, and consistency in approach across member firms. Furthermore, the network’s technology and innovation team bring the latest discoveries from the wider market to its members. Its marketing and communications team provide a differentiated platform for members to promote their Lex Mundi membership in order to gain an advantage over competitors. Lex Mundi also offers international in-house counsel. This means that staff within Lex Mundi itself are recruited as experts in their area of management, enabling lawyers to focus on the legal work without having to also take care of project management, taking training, carrying out account management, and more. Lex Mundi’s experts bring the best approaches and disciplines to what they do, addressing the areas that lawyers feel should be improved in the traditional legal services model. The Lex Mundi team is relatively small but consists of people who truly believe in what the network stands for and understand the responsibility it has in representing its firms. Often, members of the network are not only the best performing firms in their local market, but also the longest established. The team are grateful for the opportunity to work with such important national institutions, which drives excellence in everything they do. They are dedicated to remaining client-focused, striving to meet the evolving needs of the network’s member firms. In the recruitment process, Lex Mundi aims to hire individuals who are not only qualified and appropriately experienced, but also motivated to make a difference through their ideas and talents. “I think this approach allows us to be more efficient, makes our structure flatter and less rigid, and most importantly makes working for Lex Mundi rewarding for everybody in the team,” comments Helena Samaha, President and CEO of Lex Mundi. “Although it’s not a pre-determined requirement, this approach also seems to result in a group of people who get on very well at the personal level too.” With coverage in over 125 countries, and with approximately 23,000 lawyers across 700 offices, no single law firm comes close to the scale or reach of Lex Mundi’s network. Given these advantages, the company notices trends before others in the market possibly can. “Our Thought Leadership is incredibly important to us, and we genuinely try to use it to lead thought,” Helena says. “We put a lot of effort into gathering feedback from our members and from our General Counsel audience to ensure we’re staying relevant and ahead of what’s available elsewhere.” As a result of the unrivalled excellence and world-class cross-border legal solutions it enables its member firms to deliver, Lex Mundi has been awarded Best Cross Border Law Firm, USA, in the Legal Elite Awards 2023. The coming year will undoubtedly bring boundless success for Lex Mundi, with the Equisphere platform gaining traction and the network recruiting new members at a faster rate than ever. The market is truly recognising its value as an alternative to traditional legal approaches. Contact: Brice Wiley Web Address: B Mar23385

14 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Andrade & Associates is a construction and civil litigation law firm based in Orange County, Southern California. It has been practising construction law since 1978, representing contractors, suppliers, sureties, and owners in construction contracts, litigation, and labour/ employment issues. Its qualified and experienced attorneys can help with construction projects from inception to completion. Best Construction Industry Attorney 2023 (Orange County): Richard B. Andrade ward winning Richard B. Andrade is the firm founder and principal attorney at Andrade & Associates. He holds a California State Contractor’s Licence, and remains actively involved in the construction industry. He is also a member of the Associated General Contractors Statewide Legal Advisory Committee to the construction industry, and is a member of the Southern Californian Constructors Legal Advisory Committee. Mr Andrade has specialised in the construction industry for nearly 25 years, and has extensive experience in all aspects of the California Judicial System. He and his firm can help with construction litigation, maritime law, labour law and environmental law. Andrade & Associates is where skill in the courtroom meets experience in the field. It has a particular focus on litigation, dispute resolution, and transactional matters in the construction industry. It knows that a great deal of time, money and effort goes into every construction project, and sees its mission as ensuring its clients’ business goals are met whilst their legal rights are protected both now and in the future. The company has a deep understanding of the issues at hand. Mr Andrade has been actively involved in the construction industry as an owner of a company that, over the last ten years, has constructed in excess of 60 projects, with a value exceeding $30 million. The combination of practical and legal experience means Andrade & Associates is uniquely attuned to handle any construction contract or litigation issues that might arise. Its lawyers use their knowledge and talents to prepare well-drafted construction contracts, provide effective advocacy in a variety of construction litigation circumstance, including construction defects, and in dealing with labour and employment issues. It represents all the major players in the construction industry including contractors, suppliers, sureties, and owners. It routinely drafts contracts across the scope of construction projects, including statements of work, scope of work, general contractor and subcontractor paperwork, design and build, architectural and real estate. Unfortunately, when doing business in an arena such as construction disputes can inevitably arise, no matter how diligent the drafting or performance of contracts. When a construction is ongoing, a problem in any one area can slow down or halt progress on the entire project. In the industry, every day spent on resolving such a problem is money down the drain. The attorneys at Andrade & Associates understand the importance of protecting its clients’ legal rights. It understands the value of a solution that achieves the optimum cost-benefit result in any particular solution. It seeks to solve problems, not create them, and to do it in an aggressive (if necessary) but ethical manner. Its litigation practice includes many of the issues typically encountered in the construction industry. Andrade & Associates know the construction industry is labour intensive, and thus it brings to the surface many facets of labour law companies must regularly deal with. The industry is heavily regulated, with common issues such as overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, and expenses reimbursement. It is also necessary to be up to date and able to deal with any Davis-Bacon (otherwise known as prevailing wage) issues. The construction industry can be heavily unionised, and charges of unfair labour practices must sometimes be handled or litigated with the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), and in the courts. Andrade & Associates’ specialist labour law attorneys assist companies with advice and counsel on this and other matters such as unfair labour practices, trust fund litigation, equal employment opportunities, anti-kickback claims and wrongful termination. Andrade & Associates operate throughout the State of California, covering Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and the Riverside Counties. Its construction company customers trust the knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced attorneys to handle their construction contracts and litigation matters across the board. Now its founder has been recognised with a special award as Construction Industry Attorney 2023 (Orange County): Richard B. Andrade. This prestigious title sits nicely alongside Mr Andrade’s numerous previous awards and recognises him and his company as truly the best of the best when it comes to expertise in construction litigation. Contact: Rick Andrade Company: Andrade & Associates Web Address: A

Legal Elite Awards 2023 | 15 Lastly, BZ Legal’s Project Manager, Camila Zúñiga, handles all the back-end activities related to the development of the business, overseeing the firm’s web structure, social media content, accounting matters, and external collaborations. At BZ Legal, staff enjoy a positive work environment in which teamwork is promoted through team building activities. The firm also strives to create a supportive environment, encouraging employees to expand their horizons in any way they can by following their passions. For example, one team member is currently on sabbatical, gaining experience at a US Law Firm then exploring Europe for a semester. Following this, BZ Legal will welcome her back with open arms. In the recruitment process, BZ Legal seeks bilingual individuals who fit the requirements of the role from a career objective perspective. Successful candidates demonstrate empathy and interest for customers’ needs by being respectful and willing to serve. Through this, BZ Legal fosters a passionate team with a mindset for growth and the ability to face challenges with an energetic attitude. With a workforce consisting of mostly women and many different cultures, BZ Legal strives to promote diversity and inclusion. All individuals and groups are treated with compassion and respect, both within the team and externally. The firm proudly dedicates time to pro bono activities that support women and the environment, always aiming to give back to the amazing international community it works with every day. As a result of its outstanding services, BZ Legal has won Boutique Law Firm of the Year, Costa Rica, in the Legal Elite Awards 2023. We are thrilled to congratulate Cristina and her team on this success. “Everything I do comes from my heart. I’m very passionate and dedicated to going above and beyond for the clients of the Firm,” she comments. “I take the time to listen to them so I can better understand their needs and help them find a way to reach their goals and dreams.” In the coming year, BZ Legal will be launching its YouTube Channel with a lot of valuable content. The company has also recently started its Abroad Documents Procurement service, which it wants to strengthen going forward. Many expats in Costa Rica find it difficult to access vital documents when away from their home country, however BZ Legal continues to use its strategic network to facilitate access to required documents from abroad. Phone: (506) 2506 3873 Email: [email protected] Contact: Cristina Guerrini Company: Blue Zone Legal Web Address: Based in San José and Guanacaste, Blue Zone Legal (BZ Legal) is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving all the legal needs of the Costa Rican expat community. With a team of experienced and multilingual professionals, the firm specializes in real estate, immigration, corporate, and contractual advice, and can provide notary services throughout the country. BZ Legal is headed by dedicated CEO Cristina Guerrini, who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients and exceed their expectations. or those looking to relocate to Costa Rica, BZ Legal aims to serve as a one stop shop, advising both companies and individuals as they establish themselves and invest in the local market. The firm can help them with everything related to relocation, from buying property to applying for residency. Clients of BZ Legal can trust that they will receive dynamic and personalized counsel that meets their unique needs. The firm strives to deliver honesty and transparency, creating a solid relationship with all its clients. By prioritizing trust as a guiding principle, the firm achieves clear communication, leading to long-term client satisfaction. This communication is strengthened by the team’s multilingual capabilities, specifically in Spanish, English, Italian, German, and Mandarin. In order to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to address clients’ needs, BZ Legal encourages its team to be proactive and carry out research. Through constant market study and networking with experts in immigration, corporate, and real estate, the firm’s tailor-made solutions are validated and published, with the input of clients’ experiences and feedback. The team at BZ Legal is strategically built to support all angles of the business. The operation begins with Founding Partner and CEO, Cristina Guerrini, business consultant, who is devoted to her clients’ wellbeing. She takes a human approach to the technical topics the firm deals with, effectively translating complex legal context into easy-to-understand vocabulary. The firm’s Associate, Eddy Pérez, is a Costa Rican Attorney and Notary Public, with years of experience in the real estate and corporate fields. He contributes boundless attention to detail, accurate action, and great work ethic to BZ Legal, which helps move cases forward and drives them to completion. Bringing great customer service to the task of acquiring and processing paperwork for residency execution, Jia Guan Wu Zheng is the firm’s Immigration Specialist, who uses his extensive abilities and knowledge in his field to gain favourable government responses. He helps clients procure the necessary documents for residency applications in the US, Canada, and certain European countries, getting clients fingerprinted at the BZ Legal offices. Costa Rica: Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2023: Blue Zone Legal F