Legal Elite Awards 2023

16 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Best Holistic Legal Marketing Agency 2023 - Ontario When a team of legal experts has an intrinsic understanding of the field they’re marketing towards, it allows them to utilise a wealth of creativity in order to help clients reach their desired outcomes. And no legal marketing agency within Ontario demonstrates this better than Umbrella Legal Marketing. We peek behind the curtain to see just how this brilliant agency came to earn its award-winning status, and how it manages to consistently impress clients throughout Canada. omprised of only a small team of legal and marketing professionals, Umbrella Legal Marketing is a marketing agency that exclusively works alongside lawyers and law firms to create marketing strategies that are tailor-made to excel the success of each individual firm. With a specialty in producing highly effective and impactful creative marketing for a variety of Canadian law firms, it has already made its presence known throughout the legal marketing industry. Umbrella Legal Marketing brings something new and fresh to the sphere that has yet to be replicated to such an astonishing degree. It adopts an all-encompassing marketing approach that’s focused on excelling its clients’ business to the next level which, in turn, allows clients to focus on the important aspects of their firms, without needing to fret about fashioning complex marketing strategies. Umbrella Legal Marketing aims to eliminate any strain, so its clients’ industry presence can thrive without them having to lift a finger. It closely analyses each client’s needs, and crafts a bespoke strategy to fulfil them without any of the hassle. As a result, it’s been able to produce high-quality, sleek branding for a multitude of law firms throughout Canada, and its team’s prowess truly shines through the artistic flair that it brings to the table. Though the staff base is on the smaller end of the spectrum, this doesn’t hinder the levels of talent present within the agency - If anything, it only serves to maximise the potential of each individual member of the team. Umbrella Legal Marketing fosters an internal culture that encourages collaboration, trust, and creativity, and with such a close-knit group of people operating behind the scenes, the effectiveness of its work remains uncontested within Ontario. At its core, Umbrella Legal Marketing has one clear goal – to provide clients with innovative, high-quality solutions that deliver excellent results. Filled to the brim with experts in both the legal and marketing fields, it’s able to understand the importance of a law firm’s marketing strategy on a deeper level. As a result, it recognises how integral it is for clients to have a supportive agency behind them, and works tirelessly to cover these bases for them. Combine this with an eagerness to act as a one-stop-agency for all legal professionals, and we’re left with a marketing agency who truly knows how to go above and beyond to prove it’s more than deserving of its overwhelming amount of praise. Umbrella Legal Marketing is focused on its clients’ success. It assists firms of all sizes, big or small, to build brand awareness, accelerate client development, and strategically target business goals, all to make marketing as straightforward and seamless as possible. One previous client expressed that “I had tried other marketing services in the past. ULM is far superior - not even close. Attentive, responsive, creative”, which only emphasises the dependable nature of this Ontario-based marketing agency. No matter its clients marketing needs, Umbrella Legal Marketing is determined to see them realised. It prides itself on its ability to produce the best marketing strategies for its clients, and the motivation that it holds for its field is undeniably admirable. As an agency, it’s already come leaps and bounds in its pursuit of client success, and we’re very proud to present it with the well-earned Best Holistic Legal Marketing Agency 2023 – Ontario award title. Contact: Lanna Barrison Company: Umbrella Legal Marketing Web Address: C Mar23062