Legal Elite Awards 2023

14 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Andrade & Associates is a construction and civil litigation law firm based in Orange County, Southern California. It has been practising construction law since 1978, representing contractors, suppliers, sureties, and owners in construction contracts, litigation, and labour/ employment issues. Its qualified and experienced attorneys can help with construction projects from inception to completion. Best Construction Industry Attorney 2023 (Orange County): Richard B. Andrade ward winning Richard B. Andrade is the firm founder and principal attorney at Andrade & Associates. He holds a California State Contractor’s Licence, and remains actively involved in the construction industry. He is also a member of the Associated General Contractors Statewide Legal Advisory Committee to the construction industry, and is a member of the Southern Californian Constructors Legal Advisory Committee. Mr Andrade has specialised in the construction industry for nearly 25 years, and has extensive experience in all aspects of the California Judicial System. He and his firm can help with construction litigation, maritime law, labour law and environmental law. Andrade & Associates is where skill in the courtroom meets experience in the field. It has a particular focus on litigation, dispute resolution, and transactional matters in the construction industry. It knows that a great deal of time, money and effort goes into every construction project, and sees its mission as ensuring its clients’ business goals are met whilst their legal rights are protected both now and in the future. The company has a deep understanding of the issues at hand. Mr Andrade has been actively involved in the construction industry as an owner of a company that, over the last ten years, has constructed in excess of 60 projects, with a value exceeding $30 million. The combination of practical and legal experience means Andrade & Associates is uniquely attuned to handle any construction contract or litigation issues that might arise. Its lawyers use their knowledge and talents to prepare well-drafted construction contracts, provide effective advocacy in a variety of construction litigation circumstance, including construction defects, and in dealing with labour and employment issues. It represents all the major players in the construction industry including contractors, suppliers, sureties, and owners. It routinely drafts contracts across the scope of construction projects, including statements of work, scope of work, general contractor and subcontractor paperwork, design and build, architectural and real estate. Unfortunately, when doing business in an arena such as construction disputes can inevitably arise, no matter how diligent the drafting or performance of contracts. When a construction is ongoing, a problem in any one area can slow down or halt progress on the entire project. In the industry, every day spent on resolving such a problem is money down the drain. The attorneys at Andrade & Associates understand the importance of protecting its clients’ legal rights. It understands the value of a solution that achieves the optimum cost-benefit result in any particular solution. It seeks to solve problems, not create them, and to do it in an aggressive (if necessary) but ethical manner. Its litigation practice includes many of the issues typically encountered in the construction industry. Andrade & Associates know the construction industry is labour intensive, and thus it brings to the surface many facets of labour law companies must regularly deal with. The industry is heavily regulated, with common issues such as overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, and expenses reimbursement. It is also necessary to be up to date and able to deal with any Davis-Bacon (otherwise known as prevailing wage) issues. The construction industry can be heavily unionised, and charges of unfair labour practices must sometimes be handled or litigated with the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), and in the courts. Andrade & Associates’ specialist labour law attorneys assist companies with advice and counsel on this and other matters such as unfair labour practices, trust fund litigation, equal employment opportunities, anti-kickback claims and wrongful termination. Andrade & Associates operate throughout the State of California, covering Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and the Riverside Counties. Its construction company customers trust the knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced attorneys to handle their construction contracts and litigation matters across the board. Now its founder has been recognised with a special award as Construction Industry Attorney 2023 (Orange County): Richard B. Andrade. This prestigious title sits nicely alongside Mr Andrade’s numerous previous awards and recognises him and his company as truly the best of the best when it comes to expertise in construction litigation. Contact: Rick Andrade Company: Andrade & Associates Web Address: A