Legal Elite Awards 2023

Legal Elite Awards 2023 | 13 Best Cross Border Law Firm 2023 - USA Founded in 1989, Lex Mundi is an international network of leading independent law firms that brings together the best firms, lawyers, and business professionals in over 125 countries to provide world-class cross-border legal solutions. Its member firms offer a global resource of unmatched breadth and depth, with over 23,000 lawyers across the world. The network enables its members to collaborate closely to further enhance the scope of expertise they can offer. ased on their leadership in and commitment to their local market, Lex Mundi selects the top independent law firm in each jurisdiction to join its network. In order to retain their membership, members must maintain high levels of excellence, which the network aims to help them develop. When Lex Mundi was established, it was the first of its kind, giving it a significant advantage in recruiting many of the best law firms in the world. Since its earliest days, standards have been high for existing and new members of the network, which has created a superior foundation of quality. To this day, Lex Mundi strives to live up to this extraordinarily high standard, bringing together only the best of the best. The network’s role is to utilize its unique global overview in order to help its members provide the best cross-border services, giving them a competitive advantage. It also drives members’ consistency and quality through training programs and initiatives. Furthermore, Lex Mundi has developed a project management platform, Equisphere, which enables members to work together in a seamless and coordinated manner on complex multi-jurisdictional matters. Through this, it ensures its members collaborate closely to provide unparalleled expertise within every global market, wherever their clients need to operate. Clients of its member firms can expect to receive a seamless worldwide service that effectively deals with their most challenging cross-border transactions and disputes. Those looking for a top lawyer can use the Lex Directory to discover member firms in specific jurisdictions or can contact Lex Mundi directly. Members’ clients benefit from the convenience of dealing with a single entity, while still receiving consistent quality and expertise. Additionally, Lex Mundi organizes outstanding events and training services that provide boundless opportunities for its members to network and learn, contributing to closer working relationships, optimal responsiveness, and consistency in approach across member firms. Furthermore, the network’s technology and innovation team bring the latest discoveries from the wider market to its members. Its marketing and communications team provide a differentiated platform for members to promote their Lex Mundi membership in order to gain an advantage over competitors. Lex Mundi also offers international in-house counsel. This means that staff within Lex Mundi itself are recruited as experts in their area of management, enabling lawyers to focus on the legal work without having to also take care of project management, taking training, carrying out account management, and more. Lex Mundi’s experts bring the best approaches and disciplines to what they do, addressing the areas that lawyers feel should be improved in the traditional legal services model. The Lex Mundi team is relatively small but consists of people who truly believe in what the network stands for and understand the responsibility it has in representing its firms. Often, members of the network are not only the best performing firms in their local market, but also the longest established. The team are grateful for the opportunity to work with such important national institutions, which drives excellence in everything they do. They are dedicated to remaining client-focused, striving to meet the evolving needs of the network’s member firms. In the recruitment process, Lex Mundi aims to hire individuals who are not only qualified and appropriately experienced, but also motivated to make a difference through their ideas and talents. “I think this approach allows us to be more efficient, makes our structure flatter and less rigid, and most importantly makes working for Lex Mundi rewarding for everybody in the team,” comments Helena Samaha, President and CEO of Lex Mundi. “Although it’s not a pre-determined requirement, this approach also seems to result in a group of people who get on very well at the personal level too.” With coverage in over 125 countries, and with approximately 23,000 lawyers across 700 offices, no single law firm comes close to the scale or reach of Lex Mundi’s network. Given these advantages, the company notices trends before others in the market possibly can. “Our Thought Leadership is incredibly important to us, and we genuinely try to use it to lead thought,” Helena says. “We put a lot of effort into gathering feedback from our members and from our General Counsel audience to ensure we’re staying relevant and ahead of what’s available elsewhere.” As a result of the unrivalled excellence and world-class cross-border legal solutions it enables its member firms to deliver, Lex Mundi has been awarded Best Cross Border Law Firm, USA, in the Legal Elite Awards 2023. The coming year will undoubtedly bring boundless success for Lex Mundi, with the Equisphere platform gaining traction and the network recruiting new members at a faster rate than ever. The market is truly recognising its value as an alternative to traditional legal approaches. Contact: Brice Wiley Web Address: B Mar23385