Legal Elite Awards 2023

8 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 osé Luis Villalta Ochoa offers holistic services as of when needed. He began working as a Paralegal in 2010 with the mission to provide the best possible outcome for his clients through overcoming any obstacle that may arise. As an outside the box thinker, he is able to carry out well thought out strategies without bias – which always increases the quality of his work. Forward to today his approach remains the same, however he adapts to technology advances and new business developments. José Luis makes a conscious effort to learn, explore, read, and investigate new topics. He believes that in everyday there is opportunities to absorb new knowledge that will be beneficial at some point in time. He says, “Engaging outside of your comfort zone on different issues, allows for you to grow professionally and as a result; give the best service possible.” José Luis is currently working at Monetae which is a Fintech company that works in private banking of digital assets. He engages with companies and individuals that are seeking different financial options instead of traditional banking. Fintech has become a growing trend where technology and finance is combined to bring forward innovative solutions and efficient ways to handle money. In previous years, it was not available for most people, but today it is specially designed to incorporate as many valuable clients as possible. Monetae is an example of the shift in the industry, and it has been welcoming in new customers following its launch in March 2023. Its services include trading OTC of digital assets, tokenization of projects, and blockchain solutions. It also offers personalised assistance to support its clients and introduce them into the digital world. In addition, its team has executives that are ready to attend to any doubts, concerns, or questions. While helping with the launch of Monetae, José Luis has witnessed changes that the law needs to adjust to. He explains, “The advances of technology are shifting the way business is being conducted and it is necessary for the law in each jurisdiction to be on par with the evolving scenario. The challenge of this, is that some of these advances are new territory and the law needs to seriously evaluate the benefits and the risks over the traditional systems of how business is legally accomplished, always for the benefit of all. Technology has always been disruptive for the better, El Salvador has accomplished a legal structure that allows for technology to be fully utilized, making the country a developing Fintech economy with great opportunities for business.” At Monetae, José Luis works alongside his team which is made up of various individuals with similar and different skills. He works to guarantee that everyone is heard, and together as a team they engage about those opinions to attain the best possible outcome. Working alongside a team that is able to communicate with each other effectively, makes a great impact on the level of quality work clients are provided. José Luis ensures that communication is always present to make sure that everyone in his team knows exactly what they are doing – especially to achieve the goal at hand. They get together for weekly meetings, have an open-door policy, and use technological tools to encourage and make available communication. José Luis has built a strong foundation to work from, thanks to encouraging open conversations within his team. This is especially beneficial when there is something new that the team is working on. Whether it is a new law or a client with needs that are outside the usual scope of work, José Luis checks that every member of his team is aware of what the law covers, what it applies to, as well as what the requirements are and how to execute these. When dealing with clients, communication is just as key as it is within the team. José Luis believes in the importance of being honest about Mar23349 Best Digital Asset In-House Legal Director 2023 (El Salvador): José Luis Villalta J Monetae is a Private Digital Asset Bank that is regulated by the Central Bank of El Salvador. It offers personalised services to different clients around the world, with the objective of providing a remarkable experience while looking after their finances. Its Legal Director and Representative, José Luis Villalta, has recently been recognised in the Legal Elite Awards 2023. Here we find out more about him and his career.