Legal Elite Awards 2023

6 | Legal Elite Awards 2023 Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a difficult process, and more than 70% of people who start said process have their initial claims turned down. When this happens, not many individuals actually know how to appeal this decision, leaving them without the benefits that they desperately need. This is an issue that And Benefits for All (ABFA) is determined to overcome, and its team works tirelessly to give claimants the best possible chance at winning their disability benefits claim. ince its inception, ABFA has devoted itself to one key goal – to provide exceptional Disability Eligibility and Appeals services to the disabled community on a national level, and it has used every means available to lend its services to claimants struggling to get approved for their necessary benefits. As a firm that focuses on the individuality of each case, ABFA makes it incredibly clear that it’ll do whatever it takes to adapt itself to each claimant’s needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Its passion for advocating for disability benefits is unmistakable, and it’s what’s enabled ABFA to help claimants again and again without hesitation. Equipped with a workforce of highly trained, skilled, and experienced staff, ABFA has managed to consistently apply a rigorous approach towards assisting disabled individuals in the benefits field. Whether a claimant is needing to apply or appeal a claim for SSDI or SSI benefits, its thoughtful team will be there to apply all of its knowledge and lend a helping hand. ABFA recognizes the lack of understanding in the legal field for those with disabilities, and has identified how difficult it can be to handle the process alone. It seeks to streamline the entire procedure so that it can guarantee an ease of access for anyone pursuing disability benefits. To increase a claimant’s chances of approval when it comes to obtaining disability benefits, ABFA acts as a skilled disability attorney who’s dedicated towards assisting individuals from the beginning of the eligibility process. Its purpose is to get claimants the benefits that they deserve, and it accomplishes this feat by ensuring everything is in line before an application is made. The tactful team takes every aspect into consideration, and will construct a case that’ll be directed towards its claimant’s favour. As a result, it’s been able to help claimants all across the USA win their benefits claims, without being laboured with the difficulties that partner going through the process alone. Whether a claimant needs a simple, free consultation, or an attorney who can help them at the hearing, ABFA is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they exit the process with a result that will change their lives. It understands the costs that accompany disabilities, from medication to housing fees, and passionately pursues the most ideal outcome for every claimant. It’s this dedication that has truly set ABFA apart from the rest, and has solidified it as the most compassionate disability benefits advocacy firm currently operating within the USA. The most crucial aspect of ABFA’s operations, however, is its ability to determine those individuals who are in desperate need of disability benefits. It advocates for the needs of those who are completely unable to work, be it due to a physical or mental disability, and exclusively concerns itself with these claims. Its team is on-hand to provide assistance wherever it’s needed, and supports anyone who is hindered by an ongoing medical condition. ABFA strives to make life as easy as it can for those who have sustained a disability as a result of a catastrophic event taking place in their lives. It treats its claimants as people, and limits the size of its firm in order to do so. With a strong distain towards becoming a disability ‘mill’, it puts extensive measures in place to guarantee an individuality that’s imperative in complex situations accompanying disability claims. As a result, claimants are made to feel respected and heard, and their needs are taken seriously to an admirable degree. Of course, with disabilities potentially emerging in a sudden manner, ABFA has established a fast-paced environment within its internal culture. Team members are frequently answering calls and emails, and aim to respond to anyone who contacts them within the same day. Nobody should ever be left waiting, and ABFA consistently ensures clients are met with immediate action from the moment they request a consultation. Getting claimants approved for their benefits claims shouldn’t be a long-winded process, and ABFA gives its all to guarantee a speedy outcome for all of its clients. Additionally, ABFA is a firm believer that no service is ever going to be perfect. It dedicates its all to its clients, but, when it isn’t handling benefits needs, it’s constantly refining its services. Whether it be updating staff on new changes to the legal field, or learning how to better handle more nuanced disability claims, ABFA is committed to delivering the best eligibility and appeal services that the USA has to offer. Its devotion to its work is clear in each action it takes, and it’s no surprise that this admirable dedication has earned it its most recent award title. ABFA knows what it means to struggle with a disability. It’s keenly aware of how much of an impact it can have on an individual’s financial situation, and looks to get its claimant’s applications and appeals approved by any means necessary. It puts its clients first, and treats them with a compassion that’s nothing short of astounding. Its love for seeing people’s lives change for the better is at the heart of everything it does, which has resulted in it becoming a disability benefit advocacy agency that’s truly spectacular in every possible aspect. Contact: Avi Leibovic Company: And Benefits for All Web Address: Mar23030 Best Nationwide Disability Benefits Advocacy Firm 2023 - USA S