Mexico Works The Longest Hours in The World

With numerous studies showing taking regular breaks at work is essential for physical and mental wellbeing, how often do workers around the world take a lunch break at work? Global Workspace Specialists Instant Offices have collated data around the world’s busiest cities and provided insight into how work-life balance has affected the top countries.

Latin GRAMMY-Winning Singer/Songwriter Ricardo Montaner on His Motivation, His Mission and His Music

Ricardo Montaner is one of the best-selling Latin singer/songwriters of all time. A versatile musician and preeminent romantic balladeer, Montaner has composed and edited over 300 hundred songs, released over 24 studio albums, sold over 65 million records worldwide, broken attendance records at arenas all over the globe, and boasts one of the most recognizable voices in the Spanish-speaking world. He was born in Argentina but moved to Venezuela as a small child, where he first got his start singing in a church music group. From there, music became his driving passion, a calling that has taken him to a level of artistic renown few can match.