Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta): Joseph A. Nagy

Close up of man filling in medical insurance form

What is the first thing to know about our Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta): Joseph A. Nagy? We could talk about his growing reputation as Alberta’s toughest injury lawyer or how he is a powerful ally for his clients. As one client put it: “He did a fantastic job and if you get to see him in action…. he’s a shark!” We could say Joseph A. Nagy is a personal injury lawyer who won’t stop fighting until his clients get all the compensation they deserve. As another client said: “I clearly remember him saying no that’s not enough. Sending the insurance lawyers to renegotiate. I remember his saying. NO I want it all. We did get it all.” Those client quotes give you a pretty good sense of Joseph A. Nagy’s fierce advocacy for his clients. But maybe those aren’t the first things to know.

The first thing to know may actually be that almost all of his clients know Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer, as Joe. Typically, it won’t start off that way. Most injury clients are new clients. They have never been injured before. They have never needed an injury lawyer. They hope they never need one again. But from the moment they walk into the offices of Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law, they will sense a difference.

This isn’t some corporate legal firm stuck in a high-rise building. And Joe is not some slick corporate injury lawyer. His offices are located on an easily accessed, tree-lined neighbourhood street. Free parking here. Wheelchair accessible. Go in and you immediately receive a friendly greeting and are made to feel welcome. Joe’s staff obviously enjoy working for him. Like Joe, they emphasize the “personal” in personal injury law.

Perhaps you have been injured and you are meeting Joe for a free consultation meeting. Maybe you are already a client and there for a follow-up meeting. Or maybe you are a former client who has dropped by to say “Hi”. It doesn’t matter. You will meet Joe.

That emphasis on “personal” points to a fundamental difference between Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law and other major Edmonton injury law firms. Joe personally meets with you from your first free consultation meeting until your case is resolved. He gets to know you. When you hire Joe, you get Joe.

How can he do that?

Let’s start with the focus of his practice. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law exclusively represents people injured in motor vehicle accidents. The Law Society of Alberta has strict rules about lawyers not referring to themselves as experts or specialists. Nonetheless, Joseph A. Nagy injury law can legitimately claim to be Edmonton’s foremost car accident injury law firm.

Focussing on injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents doesn’t mean you have a small injury law practice. It can just mean you are the best at what you do. Motor vehicle accidents, from multiple vehicle, truck, and car accidents to motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents happen all too frequently. In 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available, Alberta had close to 100,000 collisions resulting in more than 12,000 injuries. Of course, those injuries can range from wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal injuries, to broken bones, chronic pain, and minor injuries.

Joe has experience with every imaginable type of motor vehicle accident and injury. He has successfully resolved many thousands of injury claims from car accidents. He knows the law and the legal rulings that can impact your compensation. Joe’s exclusive focus on injuries from car accidents and his more than 17 years of experience enable him to understand the unique circumstances of each client’s accident and injury. That ultimately helps him build a strategy to win each client’s personal injury claim. But he certainly doesn’t do it alone.

That leads us to Joe’s team. They help create the welcome atmosphere we mentioned. Some work more in the foreground and others in the background. Reviews can tell you a lot about a personal injury law firm, so you will see lots of accolades like “great team,” “full of compassion,” and “extremely helpful.” Joe’s team is also experienced, expert, and professional.

Nicole Adams, Joe’s Senior Legal Assistant, has been with Joe for many years and is frequently mentioned in client reviews (“knowledgeable and easy to work with,” “professional and great at her job”). When you are injured, the personal injury claim process can be daunting or even overwhelming. You have forms to complete. Deadlines to meet. Questions you need answered. Negotiations that must be conducted. What do you tell the insurance company? Are there things you shouldn’t tell the insurance company? Do you mention your accident on social media? Joe and his team make navigating the entire personal injury claim process as straightforward as possible. Nicole plays a major role here. She makes sure your questions are promptly answered. Everything is done on schedule. You are always updated. You are never out of the loop. With Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law, you get to focus on your own health and recovery knowing that Joseph A. Nagy will be there to help you and make sure you receive all the compensation you deserve.

One client raved that Joe “makes money happen!!!” But how exactly does Joseph A. Nagy obtain maximum compensation for his clients? Joe calls the process “building an injury law case.” He starts from the fundamental proposition that a personal injury lawyer is an ally of their clients. Joe wants to maximize the compensation his clients receive. When Joe builds a personal injury case, he has to prove your damages warrant the maximum compensation you deserve.

That’s where other members of Joe’s team come in. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law works with personal injury experts to prove damages. Which experts are needed depends on the case and the damages sought in the personal injury claim. For instance, damages might be for pain and suffering, medical expenses, future care, and loss of income or income earning capacity. For such a claim, Joe’s personal injury expert team might include medical, accident reconstruction, functional capacity, and economic loss experts. Joe only uses top-notch specialists who have been qualified by the Alberta Court of King’s Bench to testify in their respective capacity.

Joe explains his strategy: “I prepare cases to go to trial. I build an injury case by using scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts who are prepared to testify at trial. Insurance companies know I build injury cases that increase their risk of not settling. The outcome is that the insurance companies settle most claims. My clients receive more compensation after my fee is paid than the insurance company was offering. I take great pride in standing up for the little guy and making insurance companies pay fair compensation. I like that my clients have more money in their pockets.”

Personal injury claims can be complex, and insurance companies don’t like to pay the compensation you, the injury victim, may deserve. That can mean that a personal injury claim can drag on for years before you receive compensation. When that happens, you need an injury lawyer who cares about his clients and is willing to support and fight as long as it takes. Joseph A. Nagy never stops fighting.  Perhaps we can best sum up Joseph A. Nagy’s determination to stand up for the little guy with another client quote: “I worked with Joe for almost 4 years after my accident and I can honestly say he worked very hard for me. There are very few in the legal world that actually care about you, that see you as more than a pay check, Joe is one. When I was suffering, he went out of his way to make sure I was ok…. He is thorough, thoughtful and will be an absolute shark in fighting for you. Thanks for all your help Joe!”

So, if you ever have the misfortune to be injured in a motor vehicle accident in central or northern Alberta and you need an injury lawyer, you won’t go wrong if you call Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer and our Best Injury Lawyer 2023 (Alberta). Ask for a free consultation. He will handle your case personally from your initial meeting until the final settlement or trial. He will treat you with respect. He will explain a strategy to help you obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. He will be your powerful ally, protect you, ease your stress and financial hardship, and fight every step of the way to obtain maximum compensation for your injury claim.

For business enquiries, contact Joseph A. Nagy from Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law on their website –

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Brazilian Coastal Communities Specify the Penetron System to Repair and Protect Concrete Sanitation Infrastructure

Professional workers waterproofing house construction site.

Extensive repairs and targeted upgrades for the sanitation infrastructure of Rio das Ostras, on the Atlantic Coast of Brazil, was completed in March 2023. Further upgrades and repairs continue to be made across multiple communities in the region. The specification of the Penetron System of concrete waterproofing and repair products ensures the durability of these repaired concrete structures.

A Brazilian city of over 155,000, Rio das Ostras is located 160 km (100 miles) east of Rio de Janeiro on the Atlantic Ocean. Home to public and private schools for primary and secondary education, Rio das Ostras also has many universities: Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Universidade Unigranrio, and Universidade Estácio de Sá. Popular attractions include Joana Beach, Ostras River, and Mirante da Praca da Baleia.

“The rejuvenation and upgrading of the local sanitation infrastructure has become urgent,” explains Cláudio Neves Ourives, CEO and Managing Partner of Penetron Brazil. “The completion of the Rio das Ostras project is a big step towards alleviating the dangerous levels of pollution prevalent in the rivers, beaches, and lagoons.”

BRK Ambiental, a water and sanitation engineering company in charge of the Rio das Ostras project, specified a combination of Penetron System products for the repair of the existing sanitation infrastructure:

  • PENETRON CR-90 – a single component, polymer-modified repair mortar for worn, spalled, and distressed surfaces

  • SURFIX BLEND PATCH (i.e., PATCHLINE) – a fast-setting, cement-based, one-component concrete and masonry patching material

  • PENETRON ARC – an active mineral protective coating specifically formulated for anaerobic conditions

The Penetron Brazil technical support team monitored the application of the topical Penetron repair materials by Concrejato, the Penetron-approved concrete repair team.

“Applying the Penetron System to the damaged sanitation infrastructure at Rio das Ostras has eliminated the previous sources of concrete deterioration – and will help make the waters of Guanabara Bay cleaner,” concludes Cláudio Neves Ourives. “Proven around the world in similar concrete repair projects, the Penetron System plays a key role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete structures exposed to aggressive environments.”

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs, and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives, and distribution channels.

For more information on Penetron waterproofing solutions, please visit penetron(dot)com or Facebook(dot)com/ThePenetronGroup, email CRDept(at)penetron(dot)com or contact the Corporate Relations Department at 631-941-9700.

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Lockton announces acquisition of THB Brazil

Businessman handshake for teamwork of business merger and acquisition

Lockton, the world’s largest privately held insurance broker and consultancy, announced its acquisition of THB Brazil from Amwins, the largest independent wholesale distributor of specialty insurance products in the U.S.

The combination of two leaders in the Brazilian insurance and people solutions marketplace will allow for scalability and profitable growth, and access to an even richer suite of innovative solutions for the clients of both firms.

Eduardo Lucena, chief executive officer of THB Brazil, will assume new responsibilities as Deputy chief executive officer of Lockton in Brazil upon completion of the deal. Other THB executives will also join the combined company’s management team. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We’re delighted to begin a new era for Lockton in Brazil,” said José Otávio Sampaio, chief executive officer of Lockton in Brazil. “As separate entities, Lockton and THB have both performed exceptionally in recent years. Our combined strength will only make us better, enabling us to develop more meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients, insurers and reinsurers, provide development opportunities for our Associates, and achieve our goal of doubling in size over the next three years.”

The acquisition of THB follows other recent investments by Lockton designed to expand its Brazilian operations. In recent years, the broker has focused on attracting and retaining industry-best talent in the country across its Risk Solutions, People Solutions and Reinsurance teams. Adding THB further strengthens Lockton’s commercial team, expands its capacity in Brazil and presents new opportunities for sales and product development.

“The Brazilian insurance sector is expected to grow in 2023 and beyond and staying competitive requires us to continually adapt and innovate to meet our clients’ needs,” said Eduardo Lucena, chief executive officer of THB Brazil. “We’re excited to join forces with Lockton and be a part of its independent, client- and people-focused culture.”

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Vortex Metals Commences Surface Geological Work at the Riqueza Marina Copper Project in Mexico

Deep hole drilling

Vortex Metals Inc. is excited to announce the initiation of surface geological work at its Riqueza Marina Copper project in Southern Oaxaca, Mexico. The project comprises three mineral concessions spanning a total area of 12,041 hectares. Geologic activities are intended to provide better geologic context for the historical work and the design of a drilling program.

Building upon a decade of previous work conducted by the late David M. Jones, co-founder of Vortex, and his field crew, which included geochemical sampling and geophysics (as outlined in the Company’s NI 43-101 report filed on Sedar), Vortex has identified five highly prospective copper mineralization targets at Riqueza Marina.

Following the recent community approval granted on April 19th, 2023, by the community of Santa Cruz Tagolaba, Vortex Metals is now able to commence a surface geological work, including trenching, over a large area encompassing one of the critical target areas known as the “Rhyolite Dome”. This comprehensive investigation aims to enhance the understanding of the gravity and magnetic surveys previously conducted, which revealed a significant geophysical anomaly adjacent to a rhyolitic dome. The Rhyolite Dome has been prioritized as a drilling target due to its substantial size and coincident magnetic and gravity highs along with anomalous copper values (see figure) interpreted to reflect a concealed sulfide deposit.

Vortex Metals remains committed to upholding responsible and sustainable practices, emphasizing environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Vikas Ranjan, Chief Executive Officer of Vortex Metals, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The commencement of our surface geologic studies at and around the Rhyolite Dome target marks a pivotal milestone for Vortex, enabling us to gain a more profound understanding of the area in preparation for drilling permits.” He added “The approval to conduct surface geological work is a result of continuous engagement with local communities and their leadership. This step will further enhance Company’s engagement with local communities as the stated work will result in hiring local resources, further serving the communities.”


Qualified Person / Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Robert Johansing, M.Sc. Econ. Geol., P. Geo., is a qualified person (“QP”) as defined by NI 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the technical content of this press release.

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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The Power of AI Chatbots in Customer Service

Today’s rapidly evolving business and technology landscapes demand that companies prioritize customer service; it’s as simple as that. As businesses (and customers) increasingly turn to digital platforms and online forms of communication, the need for prompt and effective customer support has become more critical than ever. Customers expect speed and simplicity in all transactions, from shipping times to answers to queries to return/exchange efficiency. This is where AI chatbots have started to shine. In this article, we will explore how customer service-trained chatbots continue redefining the customer experience and drive growth for businesses across the globe.

Section 1: The Rise of AI Chatbots in Customer Service

The digital transformation of businesses and the significant shift towards online interactions we’ve experienced over the last decade and a half have accelerated the adoption of AI chatbots throughout industries. The ability to provide 24/7 support and resolve customer questions and issues quickly and accurately without a human has solidified chatbots as an indispensable tool for enhancing the customer experience, and the public has well received them. We will discuss how AI chatbots have gained prominence, particularly since the onset of the pandemic and, even more recently, the rise of ChatGPT and its competitors and their role in meeting customers’ evolving needs.

Section 2: Understanding the Benefits of Customer Service Chatbots

In this section, we will delve into the significant benefits that customer service chatbots offer to businesses. Let’s outline six key advantages:

1. Instant Resolutions: AI chatbots leverage knowledge bases and FAQs to provide prompt answers, ensuring customers receive immediate assistance.

2. 24/7 Customer Support: Chatbots enable businesses to offer round-the-clock support, enhancing accessibility and overall customer satisfaction. This can also help reduce costs in the form of fewer human operators.

3. Continuous Learning: By utilizing AI and machine learning, chatbots can improve the quality of their responses over time, becoming more efficient, accurate, and relevant to your specific business.

4. Tailored Answers: Chatbots can be taught to provide personalized responses based on customer characteristics and preferences to give an even more personal touch.

5. Enhanced Customer Context: With chatbot interactions logged in the system, businesses gain valuable insights into each customer’s journey, enabling better support and personalized assistance.

6. Consistent User Experience: Chatbots contribute to a seamless and on-brand customer experience through consistent brand messaging and accurate responses.

Section 3: Considerations for Implementing Customer Service Chatbots

While the benefits of chatbots are evident, it is essential to approach their implementation strategically and with clear objectives in mind. We will provide insights into factors to consider when integrating chatbots into customer service operations, including:

1. Finding the Right Fit: Assessing the unique needs and characteristics of the business to determine the most suitable chatbot solution.

2. Balancing Automation and Human Interaction: Understanding the role of chatbots as augmenting, not replacing, human agents and defining the boundaries between their responsibilities.

3. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Regularly evaluating chatbot performance, analyzing customer feedback, and refining responses to ensure optimal effectiveness.

4. Maintaining a Human Touch: Recognizing situations that require human intervention, such as complex queries or instances where empathy and understanding are crucial.

Section 4: Challenges and Considerations when implementing customer service chatbots

While customer service chatbots offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider some potential challenges during the implementation process. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

1. Training and customization: Developing an effective chatbot requires sufficient training and customization. AI chatbots must understand your industry, business, and customer needs. Invest time in training and fine-tuning your chatbot to ensure accurate and contextually relevant responses.

2. Integration with existing systems: Seamless integration with your existing customer support systems, knowledge bases, and databases is crucial. Ensuring the chatbot can access the necessary information to provide accurate and up-to-date responses to customer queries is incredibly important.

3. Managing complex or sensitive queries: While chatbots excel at handling straightforward and repetitive questions, they may need help with complex or sensitive inquiries that require nuanced human understanding. Defining clear escalation protocols for transferring conversations to human agents is essential when necessary.

4. Maintaining a human touch: Even with advanced AI capabilities, infusing a human touch into customer interactions is essential. Customers often appreciate empathy, understanding, and personalized support. Strike the right balance between automation and human intervention to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

5. Continuous monitoring and improvement: Implementing chatbots is an ongoing process. Regularly monitor and analyze your chatbot’s performance, gather customer feedback, and make necessary improvements to enhance its accuracy, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

Customer service chatbots powered by AI technology are simply revolutionizing the customer experience, and it is getting started. By providing instant support, continuous learning, and tailored responses, chatbots contribute to improved customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and brand loyalty. Businesses across North and South America increasingly embrace chatbots as a core customer service strategy. The insights shared in this article aim to guide companies in understanding the benefits and considerations of implementing customer service chatbots successfully.

By adopting AI chatbots, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities, build stronger customer relationships, and elevate their overall customer service experience. With the right approach and a customer-centric mindset, companies can harness the power of chatbots to stay ahead in today’s competitive market and deliver exceptional customer support at every touchpoint.

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Guide To Getting Your Business Loan Approved

Whether it’s for a brand-new business or an injection of capital to grow an existing company, getting a loan can be a daunting task. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you’re meticulous in your planning and ensure you have the right information on hand. 

Getting a business loan approved is all about research, strategy, and believing in your business. 

An application for a business loan should never be rushed into. You need to research the different types of loans, and how much funding you’re likely to need, and what your reasons for taking out a loan are. It’s also important to analyze your business and your financial profile to help gauge the likelihood of receiving the loan you require. 

Follow these simple steps and you’ll improve your chances of securing the funds you need to move forward: 

1. Determine What Kind Of Loan You Need

There are many types of business loans and financing available from both traditional and non-traditional lenders. Your first step in starting the application process should always be to look at what loans are available and match those to your business requirements. 

Applying for the correct funding will definitely improve your chances of success. 

The most traditional starting point is going to a bank for a loan or line of credit. With the bank, you are likely to get a variety of options, from small loans to large, and varying repayment terms. It’s usually best to approach the bank you already have an account with, as they’ll look more favorably on your request. However, you will probably have to meet very rigid criteria to get approval.

Depending on how much you require and your personal circumstances (your credit score and collateral), you can look to companies that offer microloans, government-run programs, small business funding specialists, or online loans. Many of these companies don’t have as strict requirements as banks, or they assist with applications as they support entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, it’s important to do your homework, as not all lenders have the same level of legitimacy.  

Types of loans include microloans or larger sums, cash flow loans, vendor financing, and credit cards or lines of credit. The length of the repayment term and the interest will vary depending on:

  • How established your business is
  • Your business and personal credit score
  • The type of loan you choose
  • The amount you require

2. Decide Who To Apply To

It’s important to make a short list of the institutions or companies you want to approach. Take some time to research them. Then, put together a list of all the information you’ll need to provide to give your application the best chance of success. 

At this point, you can also decide if you’re going with a direct lender, or if you want to use an online marketplace to compare and contact lenders. 

Don’t be afraid to have a list of various lending institutions and companies, and to apply to all of them. It’s in your best interest to check what kind of deal you’re being offered and to compare quotes on repayment schedules and interest rates before committing to one loan. 

You may not get the first loan that you apply for, and having options gives you a better chance of success. 

3. Gather Your Paperwork

Now that you have your short list, it’s time to get your application ready. 

Most lenders will have a specific list of documentation that they require. Be sure that the paperwork that you have matches that list, even down to the naming conventions you use for each document.

Most institutions will have a form that they require to be completed, either online or in hard copy. They’ll also need certain documents that show whether or not you’ll be a worthwhile candidate for a loan.

The documentation required usually includes a full business plan (especially for a startup), details about yourself and upper management for the company (including work history), and a balance sheet or financial statement to show income, assets and liabilities. 

If your company is brand new and you don’t have a financial statement, you can provide a sales forecast that’s backed by solid market research. If you know how to make an invoice, you can include this too to highlight your billing process and how you’ll calculate sales. 

To ensure your paperwork is in order, use this checklist when applying:


  • Business and personal bank statements
  • Business and personal tax returns
  • Profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  • Collateral documents
  • Personal financial statement
  • Government-issued ID and business registration
  • Business plan and financial projections

4. Check Your Credit Score And Report

One of the most important elements to any loan application, especially if you were going with a more traditional lender, is your credit score and your credit report. This is both your personal score and report, and the one for your business. 

Lending institutions will look at both you as an individual and the company for which the loan is required to assess the risk, especially in view of rising interest rates.

Banks and other lending institutions will pull your credit score for you, and less traditional companies will also be able to request this information once you put in an application. However, it’s in your best interests to know this information before you make your application. This will allow you to identify which companies or institutions are more likely to give you a loan and help you anticipate queries from lenders.

You can also see if there is any incorrect information on the report that could impact your credit score, and look into getting that fixed. Additionally, it’s possible to work on improving your credit score before you get to the application process for a business loan. This will improve how lenders see you. 

Applying for a business loan can be a simple process, but only if you’re properly prepared. Having the right knowledge, all the relevant documentation, and a good credit score will make you a more attractive proposition to lenders. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be better equipped for success.

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Security Culture and Good Culture

IT leaders are constantly struggling to build a “culture of security” but perhaps the real problem is a lack of culture building throughout the organization in general.

I’ve seen many attempts to build this ever elusive “security culture” that Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) dream of. Nevertheless, cyber practitioners are regularly slapping their foreheads at the malicious links and downloads the end users click on that, to the security professional, seem so obviously dangerous. Most of the time this is chalked up to the ignorance of users and undoubtedly that is a contributing factor.

But many times there is another, deeper, issue at play; the employees just don’t care.

And why should they? If the organization is hit with a ransomware attack many employees may just find themselves with some extra hours with little to do. If money is stolen from the organization it may not actually impact their pay check at all. If client PII is stolen, it won’t necessarily harm the employee.

This may seem like a pessimistic view of our team members’ investment and it is probably a bit exaggerated, but I have heard employees make statements identical to these and many more express a general lack of security concern. Why is that? It’s not a security culture problem, it is a culture problem.

Here are a few hard truths IT and business leaders need to accept:

Employees won’t care about security unless they care about the organization

Business owners care about the business because they build it and own it. They are directly tied to its success or failure. Security risks mean more to them. The average employee may not share the same connection to the organization. If it fails, they may have to look for another job but that investment is likely far less than what an executive has. If you want team members to care about security you must help them to care about the organization as a whole.

Employees won’t care about the organization unless the organization cares about them and provides them with purpose

This observation is the logical next step. Employees need to feel intimately connected with the organization in order to care about security, and that won’t happen unless they feel that they are cared for by the organization and they share purpose in the organization. That is to say, they see the value that is being provided to society by both the business and their personal work.

Employees won’t care about security unless they understand the risks to the company and how that risk impacts them

Only after the first two issues are addressed can security awareness and training actually begin to take place. Many business leaders want to start on this point but, as has been demonstrated, they are several steps ahead of their team members and the training is going to fall flat. Additionally, many user training programs today fail to connect the risks to the organization with the employee personally. User training should not be so generic that the user does not understand that clicking that link or downloading that malicious file may seriously harm their particular area of work and employment. Training needs to be generic enough to cover many types of threats but specific enough to show personal impact.

Cybersecurity must be directly connected to the mission of the organization

Ultimately, for a culture of security to permeate an organization security must be shown to have a direct connection to the overall mission of the business. For instance, if you are part of a medical organization then your mission may be to provide life improving health services to those in need. Security training ought to be associated with the continued ability to provide those services. A significant enough cyber attack can lead to down time (i.e. people that could not be helped) and financial failure of the organization (i.e. complete mission failure for the organization and the employee’s end of employment).

Building a security culture is only possible as an outgrowth of overall culture growth efforts. Attempting to bypass the need for a people and mission centric focus throughout the organization is to accept that your people will never really care enough about the organization to care about its security.

Justin McCorkle is the Director of Business Development for Tuearis Cyber, offering Professional and Managed Cyber Services. You can find out more about their services by visiting

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Relayr Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Enabling Enterprises to Adapt Quickly to Changing Market Conditions and for Its Market-Leading Position


With a reputation for offering the overall best in the equipment-as-a-service industry, Relayr simplifies operations by offering a comprehensive solution.

Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) industry and, based on its findings, recognizes relayr with the 2023 Global Company of the Year Award. The company offers a holistic approach to EaaS – pay-per-demand, guaranteed performance as a one-stop-shop. Relayr partners with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to develop and offer EaaS solutions tailored to the needs of industrial manufacturers. Relayr drives the development of the EaaS offering, enables the implementation with its technological capabilities, and offers to operate the model for OEMs and their customers, performing the risk management, asset management, and necessary financial services.

Relayr’s Equipment as a Service offering significantly reduces the hurdles for an OEM to enter into EaaS as relayr takes away the complexity of operations, necessary investments into core infrastructure, and the headache of potential balance sheet impacts.

The OEMs’ customers, as business model subscribers are able to use the equipment based on demand of their end-customers, without having to shoulder the otherwise required capital investment to upgrade or expand their machine park. Operating costs are synchronized with revenue cycles, optimizing the cash flow of the manufacturer. Relayr technology increases the insights into machine usage and equipment health, and, together with integrated service agreements, improve productivity and reliability.

Relayr connects the OEMs’ knowledge of optimized equipment operations and equipment servicing, with relayr’s deep-seated IoT Tech and Data Science knowledge, adding the proven expertise in structuring and operating servitization models of its dedicated EaaS structure, including IoT Financing Services (IFS). Bundling all EaaS know-how and management in one dedicated entity and team of experts, distinguishes relayr from its competitors further. This approach, together with a tailored IoT and operating platform, supports fast go-to-market strategies to generate proof points of the business model as well as scaled rollouts of EaaS, including its partnership with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

Sebastian Trolli, Senior Industrial Analyst, Industrial Technologies, Frost & Sullivan, observed, “Relayr offers game-changing EaaS solutions that make it easy for clients to roll out and scale machines globally and quickly. This approach gives clients the flexibility to prove their machine and operations and go to market rapidly, positioning Relayr as a pioneer in the EaaS industry.”

“Relayr’s dedicated team maintains close partnerships with the OEM to ensure an understanding of the business and strategic implications of its EaaS model. This strong focus includes creating business cases to demonstrate operational and value-added impact. Its one-stop-shop solution combines complex processes into a unified service that allows OEMs to focus on its core business,” added Elizabeth Whynott, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the Company of the Year Award to the organization that demonstrates excellence in terms of growth strategy and implementation in its field. The award recognizes a high degree of innovation with products and technologies and the resulting leadership, in terms of customer value and market penetration.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in various regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

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The Best Tongkat Ali Supplements: Global Insights & Buying Guide

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is gaining new grounds as the most popular herbal supplement for men and women. Our global market insights reveal some of the best Tongkat Ali supplements in the world.

Tongkat Ali is popular among aging males, young athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its potential energizing and stamina-enhancing effects, increase endurance, and improve physical performance.

In reality, not every Tongkat Ali supplement is created equal. And choosing the right supplement may unlock more, if not all of the potential health benefits from Tongkat Ali.

Our global insights analyze more than 1,300 Tongkat Ali brands and shortlists the best Tongkat Ali supplements that’s worth buying.

Best Tongkat Ali Supplements That You Should Try

Clinical tests and reviews from real-world verified customers form a robust evaluation framework in our market analysis.

From our research on reviews published by Men’s Journal, Amazon, Portland Monthly and Houstonia Mag, we have shortlisted the best Tongkat Ali in the world for 2023.

Clinically tested Tongkat Ali such as Doublewood Supplements, AKARALI Tongkat Ali, Nutricost and BIOVEA LJ 100 Tongkat Ali deserve to be in our top list of best Tongkat Ali supplements with quality extract.

These supplements are shortlisted for having the highest efficacy, quality and purity. Customer review analysis showed that global Tongkat Ali brands such as AKARALI Tongkat Ali, Doublewoods LJ100 and Standard Process Tongkat Ali are reported to be safe for long term consumption with minimal side effects.

Our market analysis and consensus from herbal experts such as Professor Kerry Bone conclude that Tongkat Ali supplements with standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extract performs better. It delivers higher bioactive ingredients and higher safety limits when tested in high doses.

AKARALI US-patented Physta Tongkat Ali extract is reported to have the highest number of clinical trials in the world, with more than 26 randomized placebo-controlled clinical tests conducted on both men and women.

Tongkat Ali Supplements That You Should Avoid

On the other hand, it is best to avoid Tongkat Ali supplements that are not clinically tested, and those which use non-standardized extracts, or ethanol-based extracts.

US Tongkat Ali brands such as Huberman Momentous Tongkat Ali, Solaray TestoJack Tongkat Ali, Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali, Elm and Rye Tongkat Ali, ELMNT, Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali and Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali are best to avoid as they cause more side effects.

Our market analysis showed that consumer avoid buying non-standardized Tongkat Ali supplements, such as Solaray Tongkat Ali or Huberman’s Lab Momentous Tongkat Ali.

Ethanol-based Tongkat Ali extracts are common in the US but generally less effective and do not provide consistent benefits.

While Tongkat Ali has more potential to offer from its wide range of health benefits, consuming low quality Tongkat Ali may not be the best option if you want to get the most. It is also crucial to keep in mind the potential risks and limitations.

Side Effects & Cautions

Quality and purity of Tongkat Ali products vary widely in the market. It is crucial to choose a reputable Tongkat Ali brand to reduce unwanted side effects.

Our analysis showed growing consumer complaints on Tongkat Ali side effects from taking Solaray Tongkat Ali, Nootropics Depot and Elm & Rye Tongkat Ali. This could be due to wrong dosage, or due to contaminants / impurities.

Side effects reported include restlessness, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), increased aggression, elevated heart rate, gastrointestinal disturbances (such as stomach discomfort and diarrhea), and changes in mood.

Individual responses and side effects of Tongkat Ali may vary. Contaminated Tongkat Ali may also have an impact on hormone levels too, which may lead to hormonal imbalances if used excessively or for prolonged periods.

Please refer to Healthline or Medical News Today for more information on Tongkat Ali usage and side effects.

Parting Thoughts:

In conclusion, the best Tongkat Ali supplements in 2023 that tops our list is AKARALI as it is backed by 26 clinical trials and toxicity tests. This makes it the a reputable brand that has the highest number of clinical trials in the world.

AKARALI contains single-sourced Tongkat Ali that is clinically tested using MIT-derived Physta formulation. It is also independently lab-tested by EUROFINS, thus comply to the highest pharmaceutical safety standards in the world.

AKARALI remains the best Tongkat Ali choice on Amazon under the Testosterone Supplement category.

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Government of Canada Makes Important Investment to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

microbiologist working with petri dish in the microbiology laboratory

Antimicrobials, such as antibiotics, save lives every day. Without effective antimicrobials, common infections could become untreatable and even life-threatening for humans and animals.

While antimicrobials play a crucial role in the health of humans, animals, and plants, they can become less effective when the microbes that cause infections develop resistance to them. This process can be accelerated by the overuse of antimicrobials in humans and animals. Yet, despite their importance, most of the top pharmaceutical companies are no longer developing new antimicrobials, as the cost of investment in innovation heavily outweighs the financial return.   

In 2018, it was estimated that more than 5,400 Canadians die every year from infections caused by bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics and that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) costs our healthcare system $1.4 billion. AMR is clearly an urgent and growing threat to global health, with wide-spread socio-economic impacts. 

Globally, AMR is a leading cause of death and is associated with close to five million annual deaths, more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, or breast cancer. If left unaddressed, AMR could bring a return to an era where modern-day life-saving medical procedures, such as cancer treatments and joint replacements, would no longer be possible due to the risk of untreatable infection. 

As AMR knows no boundaries and poses a threat to people around the world, global commitment, collaboration, and ambitious action is critical to combatting AMR. Today, the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health, announced an investment of $6.3 million to Combatting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator (CARB-X) in support of global and domestic antimicrobial innovation. CARB-X is a non-profit organization and global partnership working to address the threat of antibiotic resistance. CARB-X accelerates innovation by supporting the development of new antibiotics, vaccines, diagnostics, and other preclinical and early-stage development products against antibiotic-resistant infections.

The Government of Canada recognizes the urgent need to take increased and expedited action to combat AMR. Through this investment, we will help support Canadian research groups and industry in their research and development efforts for therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to fight AMR. It will also help support global innovation by strengthening the discovery and development of new antimicrobial drugs needed to ensure patients can continue to rely on these life-saving medicines.

With this investment, Canada joins the efforts of AMR leaders across the globe including Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Gates Foundation, and Wellcome Trust, as a contributor to CARB-X.



“This investment will support accelerated research and development of new antimicrobial drugs, allowing us to monitor, prevent and mitigate the serious and growing threat of AMR, and ultimately preserve the effectiveness of the antimicrobials we rely on every day.”

The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos
Minister of Health

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