New World Report is pleased to announce the return of the Software and Technology Awards. Now in the fourth year, this annual awards programme showcases the hardworking companies in the Software and Technology sectors.

Held exclusively on New World Report, the Software and Technology Awards 2023 highlights the very best companies in the North and South American regions. Shining a light on these companies is our main goal. We achieve this aim by promoting each successful company on our international platform. Thereby providing all our winners with the opportunity to display their accomplishments, whilst announcing themselves as an award-winning company. In a highly competitive industry, standing out amongst the competition is a vital goal for success, and we at New World Report are thrilled that we can help our winning companies achieve this goal.

With individuals and businesses alike dependent on successful technological systems, the technology sector is vital. The necessity for remote working software is one example of the reliance other sectors have on this industry. This is, after all, an industry that adapts, overcomes, and succeeds. The software and technological innovations occurring right now – as displayed in new software hitting the market – are shaping the future.

The Software and Technology sector is also revolutionising other industries. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and IoT are to name but a few of the technological developments that are shaping various sectors. Therefore, the Software and Technology industry is thriving. It is a highly influential industry and has a vital role in everyday life. It is for this reason that New World Report is proud to host the Software and Technology Awards.

The Software and Technology Awards 2023 will shine a light on the hardworking companies in this sector. From local firms to large enterprises, this annual awards programme is the place to showcase your accomplishments and successes. Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for their achievements? Being recognised as an award-winning company is one of the best methods to attract new clients and employees. So why not get involved in the Software and Technology Awards 2023?

The Software and Technology Awards welcome nominations and submissions from companies and the public alike. The award also utilises New World Report’s in-house research team to analyse and assess the top companies in this industry. So, if you know of a company that you think deserves to be recognised for its achievements, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

New World Report is proud to host the Software and Technology Awards 2023. With the Americas regarded by many as the top place for the Software and Technology industry, this awards programme is an excellent opportunity to promote the companies in this region. With this industry touching every aspect of daily life, it goes without saying that the companies working in this industry deserve to be recognised for their accomplishments.

We wish all the nominees the best of luck!