Latin America News Q2 2019


Welcome to the Q2 issue of Latin America News! Bringing you all the latest news, to the minute features and cutting-edge opinion pieces from across Latin America region. From changes in leadership to new contracts, and even a piece about the rising popularity of dating apps across Latin America.

Lifoff’s Blog has recently published information regarding the growth of dating apps around the world, with the findings showing that Latin America had one of the highest subscription rates. We take a closer look at these latest findings to discover more about the increasing popularity of dating apps, especially in Latin America.

In other recent news, Sky and Space Global (SAS) has signed a strategic agreement with Globalsat Group LLC, for the provision of its connectivity services including machine to machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoT) to Latin America from the Pearl Constellation of nano-satellites. The first batch of Pearls is scheduled to be launched mid-2019, and this contract will commence following operational designation of the first batch of Pearls.

Elsewhere in this edition, we take a closer look at Telebras, a Brazilian state-controlled public telecommunications company, and Viasat Inc., a global communications company, have recently announced the final approval of their contract by The Tribunal de Contas da União (TCU), also known as the Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts. The latest TCU ruling gives Viasat and Telebras the ability to quickly provide internet service across all of Brazil.

The team here at Latin America News hope that you enjoy reading this edition and look forward to hearing from you!

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