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In recent news, Ogury, one of the leading companies which specializes in Mobile Journey Marketing, has recently announced the launch of Ogury Consent Manager to strengthen its Mobile Journey Marketing Cloud. Ogury Consent Manager will include a game changing capability, “Fair Choice” that provides users with an alternative to pay with their data to access quality content.

Whilst on the topic of recent announcements, global innovator in turnkey IoT solutions and smart connectivity, UROS has signed a deal with Clary Icon to create better educational opportunities for students everywhere. They will coordinate efforts to digitize the classroom and prepare the future workforce for running tomorrow’s Smart Cities.

Alongside exciting announcements, this issue of US Business News also includes some insightful profiles of firms who are leading the way to success within their respected industry. For example, eMars Inc is an innovative technology specialist whose flagship solution, Compliant Client, helps to ensure that businesses accurately record their payroll. We profiled the firm to discover more about their solution ‘Compliant Client’. The firm developed the Compliant Client based on 20 years’ experience of one of the founders. This experience was enhanced by consultation with a number of government agencies and contractors. Finally, the solution was field tested for over one year in a live environment. Today, over 200 contractors are experiencing the benefits of the eMars web-based service known as the Compliant Client.

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