Latin America News magazine is a quarterly publication designed to provide you with all of the latest features and cutting-edge opinion pieces from across the region. For our final edition of the year we have decided to spotlight the work of truly innovative companies working in swiftly developing industries.

One such firm is Mondragon Assembly. As a specialist in the development of automation and assembly solutions, Mondragon Assembly has quickly forged a reputation as one of the leading pioneers in production technologies and solutions. We profiled the firm as our main feature.

Similarly, the region has been a veritable hub of activity when it comes to new talent acquisition and greater business development. Over the last few months in particular, large strides have been made to capitalise on a drive to be, simply, better. In this edition, we’ve highlighted the work of one bastion of the legal industry: Laura Farber, who has recently been recognised as a National Law Journal Trailblazer. Read inside to find out more.

The team here at Latin America News hope that you enjoy reading this packed edition and hope you have a fantastic start to the new decade.