Welcome to the Q2 issue of Latin America News. I hope you’ve had a wonderful couple of months. As always, we endeavour to bring you all of the latest features and cutting-edge opinion pieces from across South America.

To start, an announcement: Latin America News is being rebranded and incorporated alongside its sister publication, US Business News, to become New World Report. Whilst we won’t be running a published magazine, we will continue to report on the latest news, topics and features that are impacting the greater region. We feel that this move is for the best and will allow us to focus on delivering exceptional content and insight into the movers, shakers and start up talent that both continents have to offer.

It goes without saying, but one of the most pressing issues currently impacting the global market is the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a time of unprecedented uncertainty, with no best practices established on how to survive – let alone thrive – in this new, odd world. Yet, there are companies that are thriving, surviving, adapting and evolving on the back of the various challenges we find ourselves in. For some, thriving has been a journey towards swift digitisation, or enhancing that revenue stream. Others have had to think outside the box, and pivot towards a supplementary offering. Think about the firms that moved into the sanitation space, seeing an opportunity for growth there.

Of course, we’re not ‘out of the woods’ yet and further challenges are sure to rear their heads as we navigate the remainder of this year and beyond. But, as we’ve so often learned over the last couple of years, businesses throughout Latin America are – by their very nature – adaptive, dynamic and innovative. Enduring success is sure to return once more, and perhaps, the business world will become more robust because of it. But we’ll see.

In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe and well. Here’s to a more productive couple of months ahead.