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2 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 About our Southern States Business Awards 2023 New World Report is proud to announce the launch of the Southern States Business Awards 2023! This year we will be merging our popular state Business Awards covering Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia to create a single comprehensive programme that encompasses all off the Southern US territories. This diverse and bustling region is a central hub for many of the United States’ most prosperous and high-growth industries, making the South a key driving force of the overall economy. Five of 2021’s top fifteen states ranked by GDP were Southern, with Texas representing not only the second largest GDP in the US, but also ranking in the top ten economies worldwide. Like the rest of the country, each of the Southern states has its own unique cultural, geographical, and historical identity that directly influences its business landscape and the industries that it is most closely associated with. One of the nation’s top tourist destinations, Florida attracted over 200 million visitors in 2021 alone, thanks in large part to Orlando’s world-famous Disney World resort, which is recognised as the largest single-site employer in the US. Florida is also a popular region for the Aerospace sector, being home to multiple prominent corporations including Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Over 400 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Georgia – including giants such as Coca-Cola and UPS – due to the state being renowned as a great place to do business. Georgia is now also emerging as a hotspot for the Life Sciences industry, with hundreds of Health startups being founded there in recent years. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 3 Contents 4. Kayla Dawn Davis: Fashion & Product Photographer of the Year 2023 (Texas): Kayla Davis 6. Ignited Digital Marketing: Best Veteran Owned Business 2023 – Mississippi & Best Online Marketing Agency 2023 - Mississippi 7. Fashionable Florist: Best High-End Florist 2023 – Texas & Award for Excellence in Floral Design Classes 8. Keeping Current Matters: Best Culture-Focused Real Estate Advisors 2023 - Virginia 9. Redline Lumtronix Llc: Most Innovative Headlight Brand 2023 10. Vector Global Logistics: Best Global Logistics Company 2023 - Southeast USA 11. Barefoot Grass Lawn Services: Best Premier Lawn Service Company 2023 - Raleigh 12. Velentium: Best Global MedTech Company 2023 13. Texas Dent Company - Auto Hail & Paintless Dent Repair: Best Auto Hail Repair Company 2023 – Texas 14. Smith Custom Building & Design: Best Custom Home Builder 2023 – Northeast Texas

4 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 ince she was in eighth grade, Kayla has been practicing photography on and off throughout her life. In high school, she began to consider how she could make a career of her skills in the field and, when she started college, she began promoting herself and taking senior photos as well as engagement photos. When she was hired as an intern at Nina Berenato Jewelry, an award-winning handmade jewelry company based in Austin, Texas, Kayla was able to step into photography full time. Today, Kayla is a self-employed photographer, working on fashion, product, and wedding-related photoshoots. Most of her clientele is local to Austin and its surrounding areas, but she is willing to travel further for projects. If a client’s shoot is within 30 miles of Austin, she does not charge any additional travel fees. She is adventurous at heart and never turns down an opportunity to shoot in a new place. For all kinds of shoots, Kayla offers a wide range of packages, which typically range from 25 images up to 100. She offers her clients the opportunity to purchase all of the images she takes if they wish. She currently accepts payment through Venmo, PayPal, and cash. Kayla generally books fashion and product shoots a few months in advance but is happy to squeeze in last minute bookings if she has the availability. Before the photoshoot, clients are invited for a pre-shoot consultation with Kayla so they can go over their ideas, vision, and desires. In terms of planning, she is able to help with aspects like formulating concepts, preparing props, scouting for locations, cultivating an aesthetic, and advising on lighting for the shoot. To ensure the shoot runs smoothly, she asks that any products are consumer ready in preparation, and that a list of must-have shots is emailed to her in advance. After the shoot, Kayla will carry out minor retouching and filter the images she has taken based on the client’s desires. For example, she removes pimples without making subjects look fake or altering their bodies. If clients require extra retouching, they are welcome to pay an additional fee for Kayla to do so. At present, Kayla’s turnaround time is about one and a half weeks, but she can work quicker for an additional fee if clients have a deadline to meet. This fee will be determined based on the complexity of the shoot and the required retouching. The completed photos will be sent to the client through an online portal, which allows them to access, download, and favorite images, create lists of photos, and other useful features. As well as a respected product and fashion photographer, Kayla is also a highly rated wedding photographer on sites such as weddingwire and the knot. She advises that wedding bookings get in contact with her as soon as possible; she books up to a year in advance. From engagement to rehearsal to wedding day celebrations, Kayla can photograph the full experience. She also offers boudoir, portraits, day-after, and trash-the-dress sessions. She is more than happy to work at multiple locations throughout the process. Her range of wedding packages include up to 12 hours of event coverage, access to digital files, and film photography. She also offers destination wedding packages for those planning a wedding abroad. On her clients’ most joyous and memorable days, Kayla is driven by her adventurous spirit to capture all of their emotional and significant moments. She enjoys documenting these authentic experiences and strives to ensure her images reflect the couple’s love and commitment to one another. Turning moments into memories, Kayla immortalizes the day from beginning to end. Kayla is also excellent at ensuring the camera-shy feel comfortable and included. She recommends those who drink to have one to ease the nerves! Throughout her time as a wedding photographer, she has noticed that the first ten minutes can be awkward, but she strives to guide her clients through the process and help them pose. Many who have hired Kayla to shoot their wedding have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for her services online. They frequently praise how comfortable she made them feel, her creativity in helping the subjects pose, and her speedy turnaround time. Furthermore, clients tend to be impressed by her attention to detail, her knack for finding the perfect light, and her ability to perfectly capture the vision of the couple she is working with. Those who hire Kayla often highly recommend her services to anyone else planning a wedding. As a result of her unparalleled passion and talent for what she does, Kayla Dawn Davis has been awarded Fashion and Product Photographer of the Year in the Southern States Business Awards 2023. We congratulate her on this achievement and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her as she continues to work on product, fashion, and wedding shoots, as well as a variety of creative passion projects. Her eyecatching portfolio of work can be viewed on her website. Company: Kayla Dawn Davis Web Address: Apr23049 Fashion & Product Photographer of the Year 2023 (Texas): Kayla Davis S Based in Round Rock, Texas, Kayla Dawn Davis is a passionate photographer who specializes in fashion and product photography, consistently delivering high-quality, beautiful, and unique images. She is also a highly regarded engagement and wedding photographer, capturing the beautiful memories of her clients’ most joyous days

Imagery Kayla Davis

6 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 May23248 Best Veteran Owned Business 2023 - Mississippi & Best Online Marketing Agency 2023 - Mississippi Ignited Digital Marketing, a nationally recognised and award-winning online commerce agency, offer a one-stop shop for creative solutions and fulfilment. No matter what size, what industry or what budget, it is confident of successfully growing small businesses in the digital world. It successfully builds iconic brands and keeps a steady flow of inbound leads available with its custom-made marketing campaigns. gnited Digital Marketing is based in Tupelo, Mississippi, but stands ready to serve businesses located both locally, within the USA, and worldwide. It offers a full suite of services in the digital marketing business, from web design and SEO to paid advertising, brand development, graphic design, point of sale, and credit card processing. The agency takes pride in its 5-star rating, seeking to provide affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. It focuses on personalised attention for clients according to their business needs, and is committed to helping them navigate the digital landscape successfully. Ignited Digital Marketing is family owned and operated, and takes customer services extremely seriously. It considers this the most important aspect of digital marketing when it comes to client retention. It realises that in the fast-paced business environment of today clients have countless options available, so it is crucial to make them feel valued, listened to and appreciated. This is what leads to effective partnerships and continued loyalty. Ignited Digital Marketing ensures timely responses and practical solutions for customers. The long-lasting relationships it seeks to forge are translated into increased revenue and sustained growth for businesses. The personal touch comes from providing clients with direct access to an in-house team of experts. It does not use 1800 numbers, or support ticket processing. Neither does it outsource services overseas, but instead dedicates itself to delivering world-class service with a small business feel direct from Tupelo. Clients are assured of being able to work with the same, dedicated team member throughout. Someone who is invested in the client’s success, always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure their digital marketing needs are met with the utmost care and attention to detail. Ignited Digital Marketing starts by taking a deep dive into its client’s business to find out what makes them unique, and why customers should be buying from them. Next, it performs competitor analysis to find out what rival businesses are doing, what is working, what isn’t, and what platforms they are leveraging. Finally, Ignited will establish the budget and launch its client’s campaign. It has 100% effective online marketing campaigns that fit almost any budget. This means that once it has determined a competitive budget for its client company, it is able to present a campaign it knows will produce positive results for them. Ignited Digital Marketing has an absolute game changing package on offer, which it calls the ‘bundle and save’. This combines digital marketing services with payment processing to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution there is for businesses throughout the USA. By bundling top of the range digital marketing services with payment processing it is able to help businesses optimise their online presence while streamlining their payments. It plans to expand this service nationwide, driven by commitment to providing exceptional value and personalised attention to detail for businesses of all sizes. It believes offering this complete solution will aid businesses across the country in achieving their goals and thriving in the digital world. Ignited Digital Marketing has been awarded both the Best Veteran Owned Business 2023 – Mississippi, and the Best Online Marketing Agency 2023 – Mississippi. These prestigious titles are a welldeserved honour that recognise and celebrate the company as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the United States. Well done to Ignited, and long may it prosper. Company: Ignited Digital Marketing Web Address: I

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 7 Though it excels in all things floral, creating arrangements for a variety of weddings is what Fashionable Florist truly excels in. It views weddings as its specialty and will tirelessly work alongside clients to plan out couture arrangements that’ll both compliment the colour scheme of their big day, whilst adhering to the overall theming of the wedding. It recognises the importance of making its customers’ day unforgettable and is ready to outfit any wedding venue with arrangements that will surely take guests’ breath away. At its heart, Fashionable Florist is a floral arrangement business that places an immense focus on individuality. Whether this is displayed through its arrangement classes, open to all ages and genders, or its hand-crafted bouquets and wedding arrangements, Fashionable Florist is guaranteed to offer a quality that’s unmatched throughout the entirety of Texas. It understands flowers on the deepest level possible and puts its all into going above and beyond client expectations. We feel it best to close with a message from Heather herself - “At Fashionable Florist, we believe in making every moment beautiful.” Contact: Heather Bostick Company: Fashionable Florist Web Address: Flowers are one of the most universally breath-taking gifts that nature has blessed us with. Only a select few have the skill and prowess to arrange them in order to draw out their intrinsic beauty, and Fashionable Florist is at the forefront of making the most out of what the natural world has to offer. From a multitude of wedding arrangements to its Booze and Bouquets floral parties, Fashionable Florist presents all customers with a special experience unlike any other. elivering its services throughout the Houston area, Fashionable Florist applies its expertise to provide luxury florals to a whole range of clients. It believes that flowers should be arranged with sustainability in mind and deploys this ethos when approaching each individual customer’s needs. However, despite holding itself to a strict standard when it comes to protecting the innate beauty of our planet, Fashionable Florist has managed to strike the perfect balance between utilising nature’s benefits thoughtfully and never having to sacrifice the beauty aspect of each of its arrangements. The result is a portfolio of floral arrangements that is nothing short of astounding. It carefully considers the need of each and every client to accurately understand their vision, before applying its knowledge in order to cultivate a truly couture result. It pursues perfection in the form of luxury services that cater to unique ideas, requirements, and desires, and is willing to provide stellar results, no matter the scope of a client’s needs. Be it transforming a wedding venue with couture arrangements of seasonal flowers, or creating a humble birthday bouquet, Fashionable Florist will approach each request with a consistent devotion towards its craft. Additionally, Fashionable Florist dedicates itself to giving back. Throughout its practices, it donates 5% of all of its proceeds towards purchasing items to help non-profit animal sanctuaries across the globe. These sanctuaries focus primarily on rescuing a whole manner of furry friends from the horrific world of trafficking, and Heather, Founder and CEO of Fashionable Florist, even schedules annual volunteer trips to contribute towards directly donating all purchased supplies. She wholeheartedly believes in giving where you can and has built her practices around this ethos. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that Fashionable Florist also supports local communities through contributing towards non-profit organizations. It does so through its Booze and Bouquet parties, where individuals can attend sessions to learn about marrying the perfect combinations of flowers to create spectacular results. The events are auctioned off to go towards a good cause, and Fashionable Florist takes great joy in being able to participate in making a difference. In addition, it has also supplied galas with its prowess in table décor, including events for the Montgomery Food Bank and Compassion United. Best High-End Florist 2023 – Texas & Award for Excellence in Floral Design Classes D FLORIST

8 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 Mar23671 Keeping Current Matters, also known as KCM, provides its members with content and tools designed to deliver hyper-relevant and powerful insights related to the housing market in a way that is easy for buyers and sellers to understand. Best Culture-Focused Real Estate Advisors 2023 - Virginia he process of buying or selling a home can be daunting, and people put a lot of trust into real estate professionals to lead them in the right direction. KCM believes that every family should feel confident and well-informed when they buy or sell a home. For this reason, they provide real estate agents with reliable, informed insights into the ever-evolving housing market, delivered in a way that is accessible to buyers and sellers. When real estate professionals subscribe to a KCM membership, they receive a number of personalised resources that they can use to better serve their clients. Firstly, the membership includes daily real estate blog posts that are personalized to the member’s brand, written directly to their clients, and hosted on their own blog site. Members also receive unique eGuides that can be delivered directly to buyers and sellers, perfect for distribution at open houses, listing presentations, and more. Members can access easy-to-share digital content and weekly engaging videos to upload to their website and social media platforms. Furthermore, members receive a toolkit of powerful charts and graphs that can be used to boost their marketing materials and presentations. As a result of KCM’s excellent membership service, real estate agents are able to position themselves as market experts while effectively educating their clients, benefiting all parties. Dedicated to its members and its staff, KCM believes that success is measured not only by its ability to deliver a reliable product to its members, but also to maintain a “for people” culture. Many companies lose this balance in the pursuit of financial success. KCM strives to remain committed to both its crew and the products it creates, assessing its delivery of this commitment every day. In effort to protect and grow the “for people” culture, the KCM hiring process involves interviews that focus on both connection with its culture and values as well as fulfilment of the role requirements. The company gets to know its candidates and their values, then it assesses their technical competency and talent. Interviewers are varied, encompassing crew members from all departments, which ensures hiring is a team decision. Considering its dedication to maintaining the perfect balance between delivering outstanding services to members and fostering a great internal culture for the crew, it is no surprise that Keeping Current Matters has been awarded Best Culture-Focused Real Estate Advisors in the Southern States Business Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing how the business continues to grow in the coming year. Company: Keeping Current Matters Web Address: T

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 9 Most Innovative Headlight Brand 2023 After being highly dissatisfied with the headlight options available on the market in 2010, Tony Giametta set out to redefine the meaning of quality headlights. He noticed that there was a gap in the sphere at the time, and sought to fill it to the best of his ability. This decision went on to make waves within the industry, and we explore how Tony managed to transform the vehicle lighting market through the development of RedLine LumTronix’s innovative Halo Headlight. fter expressing the success of the headlights that he’d designed to his brother, Joe, Tony followed his sibling’s advice and went on to start following their dream – to create a marketplace for their brand-new, one-of-a-kind headlights. His brilliant invention already had heads turning, so it’s no surprise to learn that RedLine LumTronix garnered a vast amount of popularity relatively quickly. Everyone who was anyone wanted a taste of this new, high-quality headlight design, and this led to the Halo Headlight gaining traction on an incredibly scale. Developed in America, using only the best materials available, the Halo Headlight is an all-new headlight that not only provides more illumination than a regular headlight, but has an uncontested longevity that has yet to be fully matched by a light of its type. Its dynamic adaptability makes it perfect for late night driving, whilst its flexibility allows for enhanced vision in even the most precarious of instances. And with its fitting process being both straightforward, whilst still guaranteeing durability, it’s easy to understand why it caused such a buzz upon its inception. In addition, the Halo Headlight can also be customised to every client’s need. Its colours can be adapted to almost any present on the spectrum, bringing a whole new lease of life to a car that’s survived decades of wear and tear. The Halo Headlight has the ability to completely transform its host chassis, and it’s this unique quality that has everyone within the industry talking. It’s a versatile and stylish piece of kit that serves to enhance classic cars, imbuing them with an undeniably distinctive style. As a result of his incredibly inventive background, from which he and his brother came to learn the ins and outs of car design, Tony was given the tools to develop a headlight unlike any other, both in terms of uniqueness and quality. The brothers’ combined expertise has guaranteed an overwhelming success for RedLine LumTronix, which has allowed it to consistently design new products that serve to make the lives of its buyers that little bit easier. RedLine LumTronix’s headlights are second to none, but what truly lends itself to the products is the story behind them. Tony and Joe act as an example to tinkerers all over the world, regardless of age or gender, that pursuing your passion can lead to brilliant things. Through RedLine LumTronix’s products, they’ve demonstrated time and time again that, sometimes, passion really is enough to make a monumental impact on a widely fascinating industry. They represent what it means to succeed in your dreams, and it’s their inspiring mindset that has allowed for the Halo Headlight to become the leading product on the headlight market. Company: Redline Lumtronix Llc Web Address: A May23046

10 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 Vector Global Logistics provides world-class logistics services focused on helping clients and partners become more successful. They also seek to better the lives of everyone they come into contact with by creating a positive social impact. And they excel at managing every aspect of logistics and supply chain needs with entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinking. Best Global Logistics Company 2023 - Southeast USA ector Global Logistics handles domestic and international shipping through four key services. Firstly, they take care of project logistics from planning to execution, seeking to streamline complicated transportation needs. Secondly, they boast non-profit expertise, helping charities to reach more people and improve lives. Thirdly, they cover complex regions, getting in and out of areas other companies can’t. Fourthly, they handle expedited services, shipping products to destinations quickly to ensure customers achieve their deadlines and goals. Vector Global Logistics works with clients of all kinds, but specialises in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, social impact, and non-profit industries. And no matter the industry or need, their team thrives when taking on challenging projects. This is in line with their results-based culture which delights in reducing stress for clients, providing them a partner they can trust, and offering excellent 24/7 customer service. As an industry leader, Vector Global Logistics knows that growth requires innovation and a continuous refining of the supply chain process. Their approach includes a diverse, multi-cultural team who can creatively problem solve as well as a relatively flat hierarchical structure where every team member is encouraged to think like an owner. Innovation and refinement are also reflected in their steady investment of technology, which is designed to give their clients the best possible experience and demonstrate their interest in long-term relationships over shortterm thinking. Additionally, they will continue to roll out new services in 2023 that are designed to meet clients growing needs in this ever-changing market. By looking at shipping from a new perspective, Vector has shown that they can not only efficiently transport containers from one place to another, but improve the lives of clients, employees, and the world around us. This is what they call “logistics with purpose.” Because the global supply chain influences every product in some way, they believe that logistics is a simple and practical way to effect real change. This is the Vector team’s daily motivation and yet another way that they stand out from their competitors. This philosophy also correlates to their philanthropy: For every container they move, a portion of the proceeds benefits those in need. Their charitable giving and social impact initiatives have even won them multiple accolades. The non-profits goBeyondProfit and the American Logistics Aid Network both recognised Vector with awards for their efforts in war-torn Ukraine. And the Supply Chain and Procurement Awards named them a “Champion of Humanity” in 2022. However, philanthropy isn’t the only reason they are being acknowledged. Vector was featured on the “2022 Inc. 5000” list due to their 346% growth over the previous three years. Not only that but they ranked number three in Atlanta for logistics and transportation. And while external recognition is nice, Vector is also proud to be one of the “Best and Brightest Companies in the Nation” for the past two years, which is an award based on employee feedback and satisfaction. As the winner of Best Global Logistics Company 2023 – Southeast USA, Vector Global Logistics now has a new award to add to their ever-growing tally. The company is certainly on an upward trajectory due to their approach to the complex supply chain industry as well as their passion for people and giving back. They get the job done—from every angle! Contact: Kristi Porter Company: Vector Global Logistics Web Address: V

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 11 Once the team has finished, clients have access to a range of educational resources and support to help with the maintenance of their grass all year around. Barefoot Grass believes that this makes it possible for clients to have the perfect garden they never thought possible. Given that Barefoot Grass works directly with the environment, it is aware of how its actions can have a direct effect on it. Therefore, it prioritises environmental stewardship and uses sustainable products and methods whenever possible. In addition, the team disposes of materials in an environmentally responsible manner. Barefoot Grass goes above and beyond to provide high quality results safely. To do this its team go through the appropriate training on equipment, materials, and safety protocols and guidelines. This ensures that no one is exposed to any harm at any point, whether it is clients, its employees, or the environment. Committed to exceptional customer service, sustainable practices, and the use of organic and natural lawn care products makes Barefoot Grass Lawn Services stand out from its competitors. This is why it comes to no surprise that it has now received the tittle of Best Premier Lawn Service Company 2023 – Raleigh. With Barefoot Grass Lawn Services you can trust that your garden is in the right hands. Contact: Daniel Owens Web Address: Barefoot Grass Lawn Services provides effective lawn care services to residential and commercial clients. It offers a variety of services to help keep your garden green and free of any weeds. Barefoot Grass brings your outdoor space back to life to help you enjoy every inch of it. he health of your grass makes a huge difference to how you perceive and experience the space that surrounds it. Nothing beats a beautiful green space to enjoy and make memories in, but it is only possible when the grass is looked after. Keeping insects, diseases, and weeds away is not always easy and a little help goes a long way. Barefoot Grass Lawn Services is here to help your grass thrive and enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Its services include fertilisation, weed control, insect, and disease control. What’s more, it has a range of customisable lawn care packages that are specially designed to meet the needs and preferences of any client. “We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that our services are efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.” When making use of its services you are met by its welcoming team of specialists. They begin by getting to know your needs and, once they have assessed the space, they will discuss with you what comes next to achieve the results you are looking for. Open communication is present throughout the whole process which means the team will keep you informed on the services, products used, and potential risks associated with treatments. Best Premier Lawn Service Company 2023 - Raleigh T

12 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 Best Global MedTech Company 2023 Houston-based Velentium is a world-class medical device engineering firm that designs, develops, tests and manufactures therapeutic and diagnostic active medical devices. Its modus operandi is to transform clients lives for the better with its safe and secure products, systems, firmware, software and cybersecurity. elentium has clients of every size and stage, ranging from start-ups seeking seed funding to Fortune 100 companies. It has become a trusted partner for medical device manufacturers across the world, with specialities including systems engineering, software and mobile apps, cybersecurity, electrical and mechanical engineering, usability and human factors, test systems, and contract manufacturing. Its team of experienced engineers is committed to ensuring clients’ success through the creation of innovative and effective medical devices that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Velentium has a particular focus on quality, reliability, cybersecurity, and safety. It uses a rigorous development process to ensure each medical device meets all regulatory requirements, as well as being safe for use by patients. Velentium is committed to customer service, and works closely with its clients to ensure it meets their needs at every stage of the development process. It exists to change lives for the better, putting clients’ successes ahead of its own, and honouring the promises it makes. The values Velentium lives are to be Honourable, doing the right thing, and making decisions based on this and not just on maximising profit. It also seeks Results++, which it classifies as doing the job right “and then some”. It does not consider it enough to be average, rather its staff pride themselves on being able to delight clients with their work. Finally, the third value Velentium brings to the fore is what it calls Humble Charisma. By this it means it wants to be populated by the sort of people others want to be around. It knows there are charismatic people who sometimes talk too much about themselves, and humble people who never get noticed in spite of their excellent qualifications. Velentium likes to achieve a healthy balance of the two. The values are what drive growth at Velentium, and govern the way it engages with each and every client. They affect the way it works on projects, and how it makes decisions. It is steadfast in its desire to help clients succeed, based on its devices helping to change lives for the better. There are very few companies worldwide who can match Velentium’s technical capability to provide end-to-end solutions for medical development, from concept to commercialisation. The company culture at Velentium, combined with its core values, are what distinguishes it still further, and encapsulates its passion to change lives. Since Velentium’s inception over a decade ago, the company has heavily invested in developing and optimising its organisational culture. It wants to protect its people and keep its operations human, knowing that this is what leads to loyalty, referrals, growth and profit for everyone. CEO Dan Purvis has even written a book (28 Days to Save the World: Crafting Your Culture to be Ready for Anything) about how leaders can harness the power of culture to survive and thrive. Each quarter, more than 30 million small businesses are faced with some sort of crisis that can disrupt their business entirely. This might be related to management, strategic direction, cashflow, credit, staff or customers. Dan’s book outlines how a well-crafted organisation culture can turn such small business challenges into opportunities. Velentium hires according to its values of Honourable, Results++, and Humble Charisma. Because it hires people who share these values, it is guaranteed that they will work alongside other brilliant minds who share the same passion and commitment to integrity, results and collaboration. Being based where it is, in Houston, also offers further advantages to the company. Texas has become an attractive place for the medical device industry to flourish, and Houston is home to the largest medical complex in the world: The Texas Medical Center. As well as this, it is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the U.S. There’s also plenty of technical and engineering expertise in Houston, which Velentium is happy to put to good use. Next up Velentium is eager to turn its operations into a one-stop shop for manufacturing, end-to-end IPG, and industry leading design and development. It has heavily invested in a full-scale medical device manufacturing onshore, and is building a new, fully equipped 40,000-foot factory and clean room. This will undoubtedly maintain long-term connections with clients for the life of the product. In the light of which, it is no surprise to find out Velentium has been awarded the Best Global MedTech Company 2023. Its passion, as well as its ongoing vision certainly make it a stand-out business in the Southern States. Company: Velentium Web Address: V Apr23005

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 13 Apr23285 Texas Dent Company – Auto Hail & Paintless Dent Repair has been providing dent repair services since 2018. Cody Wilson and Carlos Delgado joined forces to bring forward results that wouldn’t disappoint and that customers would be proud to use and recommend. Recently, Texas Dent Company has been recognised in the Southern States Business Awards 2023. Best Auto Hail Repair Company 2023 – Texas ail damage on cars is almost unavoidable all over the Great State of Texas. Texas. It is an experience that most, if not all, have experienced at least once. This is why Texas Dent Company offers services that provide clients with solutions that are high quality, all done by a team of trustworthy and reliable individuals. Texas Dent Company goes the extra mile to provide its clients with services that are free from any stress, to ensure that they have a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout. This is why, as well as dent repairs, it has over 25 vehicles that are 1-2 years old or even newer for customers to have access to a safe vehicle while the repairs are taking place. In addition, Texas Dent Company is also able to provide its services from different locations with its paint trailer – equipped with a full PPG mixing bank. This allows Texas Dent Company to reach a wider range of clients looking for its great services. The team at Texas Dent Company works hard to ensure that customers are met with the best results. They work directly with your insurance to make the process as easy as possible, and communication and transparency are always present so that customers know what is happening at all times. Repairs are completed as quickly as possible without affecting quality, and excellence is always the aim for the results of each project. Cody Wilson adds, “Our technicians understand that their work has a direct impact on our customers’ satisfaction, and they are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service possible.” Texas Dent Company stands by its work, and it knows the quality results that it is able to deliver for its clients, as it is done it again and again since it began to offer its services. To reflect this confidence, it offers all of its clients lifetime warranties on its repairs. Due to its commitment and dedication, it comes as no surprise that Texas Dent Company – Auto Hail & Paintless Dent Repair holds the title of Best Auto Hail Repair Company 2023 – Texas. Having completed over 2,000 projects since its establishment, there are many customers that have shared their experience with Texas Dent Company. Its testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, with five stars across different platforms. For example, one shares, “The crew at Texas Dent did a great job on my vehicle. Restored my truck to brand new. Impressed with their professional approach. Fritz handled all the paperwork and customer relations. Couldn’t have asked for better service. Thanks guys.” If you are interested in Texas Dent Company’s services, and would like to find out more, head over to its website and get in contact! Contact: Cody Wilson Company: Texas Dent Company - Auto Hail & Paintless Dent Repair Web Address: H

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 14 To make a house a home, we need to know what makes us feel good, capture our own essence, and transform our space into a place where we can feel connected. Smith Custom Building & Design creates homes that truly captivate their clients, and does so with an effortless style no matter how much work needs to be done. Here we explore Smith Custom Building & Design’s services as it secures its title in the Southern States Business Awards 2023. Best Custom Home Builder 2023 – Northeast Texas mith Custom Building & Design was created to bring dream homes to life. Company owners, Brian, and Steven Smith, set out to create a home building company that makes unique and one-of-a-kind homes. With over 20 years of experience in the construction business, they love what they do. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and strive to ensure that each home built is an expression of their clients’ unique style and vision. At Smith Custom Building & Design, they are dedicated to making sure each client get exactly what they envisioned in their custom homes. They understand how important it is to feel heard and valued during the building process, which is why they take pride in ensuring that the clients are always taken care of. Not only are their designs architecturally sound and long-lasting, but they are also visually stunning. Every project is approached as though the business were in its own space, but without making all the decisions. With Smith Custom Building & Design, customers get the ultimate freedom to design their homes in any way they want. For instance, customers have the option to choose between a large variety of flooring materials and finishes, countertops, cabinetry designs, and even door and window styles. “Creating functional and note-worthy design concepts within a wide range of styles, budgets, and goals is what we do best.” Smith Custom Building & Design has been thriving in the southern state economy by collaborating with various subcontractors to ensure exceptional results for every project. The company carefully selects each sub-contractor based on their expertise and capabilities, providing customers in Northeast Texas with a diverse range of options. Choosing the ideal candidate for the job is something Smith Custom Building & Design takes seriously and strives to find the perfect match for each project. Instead of forcing a fit, the company creates a team that will produce success, carefully selecting contractors, and maintains open communication with customers to ensure a seamless process. Smith Custom Building & Design grows on a daily basis. Its skills and expertise are constantly expanding, and its dedication to customer satisfaction is only increasing as the days go by. We are sure to see the business continue to flourish for the rest of 2023 – and beyond – and we are pleased to present Smith Custom Building & Design with the title of Best Custom Home Builder 2023 – Northeast Texas. Contact: Steven Smith Company: Smith Custom Building & Design Web Address: S Subcribe here: