Southern States Business Awards 2023

6 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 May23248 Best Veteran Owned Business 2023 - Mississippi & Best Online Marketing Agency 2023 - Mississippi Ignited Digital Marketing, a nationally recognised and award-winning online commerce agency, offer a one-stop shop for creative solutions and fulfilment. No matter what size, what industry or what budget, it is confident of successfully growing small businesses in the digital world. It successfully builds iconic brands and keeps a steady flow of inbound leads available with its custom-made marketing campaigns. gnited Digital Marketing is based in Tupelo, Mississippi, but stands ready to serve businesses located both locally, within the USA, and worldwide. It offers a full suite of services in the digital marketing business, from web design and SEO to paid advertising, brand development, graphic design, point of sale, and credit card processing. The agency takes pride in its 5-star rating, seeking to provide affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. It focuses on personalised attention for clients according to their business needs, and is committed to helping them navigate the digital landscape successfully. Ignited Digital Marketing is family owned and operated, and takes customer services extremely seriously. It considers this the most important aspect of digital marketing when it comes to client retention. It realises that in the fast-paced business environment of today clients have countless options available, so it is crucial to make them feel valued, listened to and appreciated. This is what leads to effective partnerships and continued loyalty. Ignited Digital Marketing ensures timely responses and practical solutions for customers. The long-lasting relationships it seeks to forge are translated into increased revenue and sustained growth for businesses. The personal touch comes from providing clients with direct access to an in-house team of experts. It does not use 1800 numbers, or support ticket processing. Neither does it outsource services overseas, but instead dedicates itself to delivering world-class service with a small business feel direct from Tupelo. Clients are assured of being able to work with the same, dedicated team member throughout. Someone who is invested in the client’s success, always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure their digital marketing needs are met with the utmost care and attention to detail. Ignited Digital Marketing starts by taking a deep dive into its client’s business to find out what makes them unique, and why customers should be buying from them. Next, it performs competitor analysis to find out what rival businesses are doing, what is working, what isn’t, and what platforms they are leveraging. Finally, Ignited will establish the budget and launch its client’s campaign. It has 100% effective online marketing campaigns that fit almost any budget. This means that once it has determined a competitive budget for its client company, it is able to present a campaign it knows will produce positive results for them. Ignited Digital Marketing has an absolute game changing package on offer, which it calls the ‘bundle and save’. This combines digital marketing services with payment processing to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution there is for businesses throughout the USA. By bundling top of the range digital marketing services with payment processing it is able to help businesses optimise their online presence while streamlining their payments. It plans to expand this service nationwide, driven by commitment to providing exceptional value and personalised attention to detail for businesses of all sizes. It believes offering this complete solution will aid businesses across the country in achieving their goals and thriving in the digital world. Ignited Digital Marketing has been awarded both the Best Veteran Owned Business 2023 – Mississippi, and the Best Online Marketing Agency 2023 – Mississippi. These prestigious titles are a welldeserved honour that recognise and celebrate the company as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the United States. Well done to Ignited, and long may it prosper. Company: Ignited Digital Marketing Web Address: I