Southern States Business Awards 2023

Southern States Business Awards 2023 | 7 Though it excels in all things floral, creating arrangements for a variety of weddings is what Fashionable Florist truly excels in. It views weddings as its specialty and will tirelessly work alongside clients to plan out couture arrangements that’ll both compliment the colour scheme of their big day, whilst adhering to the overall theming of the wedding. It recognises the importance of making its customers’ day unforgettable and is ready to outfit any wedding venue with arrangements that will surely take guests’ breath away. At its heart, Fashionable Florist is a floral arrangement business that places an immense focus on individuality. Whether this is displayed through its arrangement classes, open to all ages and genders, or its hand-crafted bouquets and wedding arrangements, Fashionable Florist is guaranteed to offer a quality that’s unmatched throughout the entirety of Texas. It understands flowers on the deepest level possible and puts its all into going above and beyond client expectations. We feel it best to close with a message from Heather herself - “At Fashionable Florist, we believe in making every moment beautiful.” Contact: Heather Bostick Company: Fashionable Florist Web Address: Flowers are one of the most universally breath-taking gifts that nature has blessed us with. Only a select few have the skill and prowess to arrange them in order to draw out their intrinsic beauty, and Fashionable Florist is at the forefront of making the most out of what the natural world has to offer. From a multitude of wedding arrangements to its Booze and Bouquets floral parties, Fashionable Florist presents all customers with a special experience unlike any other. elivering its services throughout the Houston area, Fashionable Florist applies its expertise to provide luxury florals to a whole range of clients. It believes that flowers should be arranged with sustainability in mind and deploys this ethos when approaching each individual customer’s needs. However, despite holding itself to a strict standard when it comes to protecting the innate beauty of our planet, Fashionable Florist has managed to strike the perfect balance between utilising nature’s benefits thoughtfully and never having to sacrifice the beauty aspect of each of its arrangements. The result is a portfolio of floral arrangements that is nothing short of astounding. It carefully considers the need of each and every client to accurately understand their vision, before applying its knowledge in order to cultivate a truly couture result. It pursues perfection in the form of luxury services that cater to unique ideas, requirements, and desires, and is willing to provide stellar results, no matter the scope of a client’s needs. Be it transforming a wedding venue with couture arrangements of seasonal flowers, or creating a humble birthday bouquet, Fashionable Florist will approach each request with a consistent devotion towards its craft. Additionally, Fashionable Florist dedicates itself to giving back. Throughout its practices, it donates 5% of all of its proceeds towards purchasing items to help non-profit animal sanctuaries across the globe. These sanctuaries focus primarily on rescuing a whole manner of furry friends from the horrific world of trafficking, and Heather, Founder and CEO of Fashionable Florist, even schedules annual volunteer trips to contribute towards directly donating all purchased supplies. She wholeheartedly believes in giving where you can and has built her practices around this ethos. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that Fashionable Florist also supports local communities through contributing towards non-profit organizations. It does so through its Booze and Bouquet parties, where individuals can attend sessions to learn about marrying the perfect combinations of flowers to create spectacular results. The events are auctioned off to go towards a good cause, and Fashionable Florist takes great joy in being able to participate in making a difference. In addition, it has also supplied galas with its prowess in table décor, including events for the Montgomery Food Bank and Compassion United. Best High-End Florist 2023 – Texas & Award for Excellence in Floral Design Classes D FLORIST