Southern States Business Awards 2023

8 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 Mar23671 Keeping Current Matters, also known as KCM, provides its members with content and tools designed to deliver hyper-relevant and powerful insights related to the housing market in a way that is easy for buyers and sellers to understand. Best Culture-Focused Real Estate Advisors 2023 - Virginia he process of buying or selling a home can be daunting, and people put a lot of trust into real estate professionals to lead them in the right direction. KCM believes that every family should feel confident and well-informed when they buy or sell a home. For this reason, they provide real estate agents with reliable, informed insights into the ever-evolving housing market, delivered in a way that is accessible to buyers and sellers. When real estate professionals subscribe to a KCM membership, they receive a number of personalised resources that they can use to better serve their clients. Firstly, the membership includes daily real estate blog posts that are personalized to the member’s brand, written directly to their clients, and hosted on their own blog site. Members also receive unique eGuides that can be delivered directly to buyers and sellers, perfect for distribution at open houses, listing presentations, and more. Members can access easy-to-share digital content and weekly engaging videos to upload to their website and social media platforms. Furthermore, members receive a toolkit of powerful charts and graphs that can be used to boost their marketing materials and presentations. As a result of KCM’s excellent membership service, real estate agents are able to position themselves as market experts while effectively educating their clients, benefiting all parties. Dedicated to its members and its staff, KCM believes that success is measured not only by its ability to deliver a reliable product to its members, but also to maintain a “for people” culture. Many companies lose this balance in the pursuit of financial success. KCM strives to remain committed to both its crew and the products it creates, assessing its delivery of this commitment every day. In effort to protect and grow the “for people” culture, the KCM hiring process involves interviews that focus on both connection with its culture and values as well as fulfilment of the role requirements. The company gets to know its candidates and their values, then it assesses their technical competency and talent. Interviewers are varied, encompassing crew members from all departments, which ensures hiring is a team decision. Considering its dedication to maintaining the perfect balance between delivering outstanding services to members and fostering a great internal culture for the crew, it is no surprise that Keeping Current Matters has been awarded Best Culture-Focused Real Estate Advisors in the Southern States Business Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing how the business continues to grow in the coming year. Company: Keeping Current Matters Web Address: T