Southern States Business Awards 2023

12 | Southern States Business Awards 2023 Best Global MedTech Company 2023 Houston-based Velentium is a world-class medical device engineering firm that designs, develops, tests and manufactures therapeutic and diagnostic active medical devices. Its modus operandi is to transform clients lives for the better with its safe and secure products, systems, firmware, software and cybersecurity. elentium has clients of every size and stage, ranging from start-ups seeking seed funding to Fortune 100 companies. It has become a trusted partner for medical device manufacturers across the world, with specialities including systems engineering, software and mobile apps, cybersecurity, electrical and mechanical engineering, usability and human factors, test systems, and contract manufacturing. Its team of experienced engineers is committed to ensuring clients’ success through the creation of innovative and effective medical devices that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Velentium has a particular focus on quality, reliability, cybersecurity, and safety. It uses a rigorous development process to ensure each medical device meets all regulatory requirements, as well as being safe for use by patients. Velentium is committed to customer service, and works closely with its clients to ensure it meets their needs at every stage of the development process. It exists to change lives for the better, putting clients’ successes ahead of its own, and honouring the promises it makes. The values Velentium lives are to be Honourable, doing the right thing, and making decisions based on this and not just on maximising profit. It also seeks Results++, which it classifies as doing the job right “and then some”. It does not consider it enough to be average, rather its staff pride themselves on being able to delight clients with their work. Finally, the third value Velentium brings to the fore is what it calls Humble Charisma. By this it means it wants to be populated by the sort of people others want to be around. It knows there are charismatic people who sometimes talk too much about themselves, and humble people who never get noticed in spite of their excellent qualifications. Velentium likes to achieve a healthy balance of the two. The values are what drive growth at Velentium, and govern the way it engages with each and every client. They affect the way it works on projects, and how it makes decisions. It is steadfast in its desire to help clients succeed, based on its devices helping to change lives for the better. There are very few companies worldwide who can match Velentium’s technical capability to provide end-to-end solutions for medical development, from concept to commercialisation. The company culture at Velentium, combined with its core values, are what distinguishes it still further, and encapsulates its passion to change lives. Since Velentium’s inception over a decade ago, the company has heavily invested in developing and optimising its organisational culture. It wants to protect its people and keep its operations human, knowing that this is what leads to loyalty, referrals, growth and profit for everyone. CEO Dan Purvis has even written a book (28 Days to Save the World: Crafting Your Culture to be Ready for Anything) about how leaders can harness the power of culture to survive and thrive. Each quarter, more than 30 million small businesses are faced with some sort of crisis that can disrupt their business entirely. This might be related to management, strategic direction, cashflow, credit, staff or customers. Dan’s book outlines how a well-crafted organisation culture can turn such small business challenges into opportunities. Velentium hires according to its values of Honourable, Results++, and Humble Charisma. Because it hires people who share these values, it is guaranteed that they will work alongside other brilliant minds who share the same passion and commitment to integrity, results and collaboration. Being based where it is, in Houston, also offers further advantages to the company. Texas has become an attractive place for the medical device industry to flourish, and Houston is home to the largest medical complex in the world: The Texas Medical Center. As well as this, it is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the U.S. There’s also plenty of technical and engineering expertise in Houston, which Velentium is happy to put to good use. Next up Velentium is eager to turn its operations into a one-stop shop for manufacturing, end-to-end IPG, and industry leading design and development. It has heavily invested in a full-scale medical device manufacturing onshore, and is building a new, fully equipped 40,000-foot factory and clean room. This will undoubtedly maintain long-term connections with clients for the life of the product. In the light of which, it is no surprise to find out Velentium has been awarded the Best Global MedTech Company 2023. Its passion, as well as its ongoing vision certainly make it a stand-out business in the Southern States. Company: Velentium Web Address: V Apr23005