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Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 4. Monevate: Best Global Monetization Consulting Firm 2022 5. EstateExec: Best Estate Executor Software - North America 6. FoodPhone: Best Mobile 3D Hyperspectral Sensor App - 2022 7. Plan A Technologies: Best Software Engineering & Product Development Firm - Western USA 8. Trenton Software: Most Innovative Web Application Development Solutions - New Jersey 9. Axiana Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity: Best Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Company – Greater New York 10. Real Time Intelligence: Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform – USA & Best IoT Visibility & Real Time Intelligence Company - Mid- Atlantic USA 11. ci solution GmbH: Email Software Company of the Year 2022

4 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Aug22649 Best Global Monetization Consulting Firm 2022 In 2021, Monevate was created to offer fast-growing tech companies specialized expertise in pricing strategy and monetization. Led by Founder and Managing Partner, James Wilton, the firm quickly established a growing portfolio of fast-growing clients at all scales. While it’s a niche area, centered on pricing strategy and monetization, it’s vital to every business and therefore, its client base is broad. It serves both B2C and B2B (any customer from SMB to enterprises), and all XaaS (anything as a service) verticals within those spaces, including fintech, healthtech, and martech. Since its inception less than 18 months ago, Monevate has spectacularly grown to $3.5m revenue annually. onevate’s mission is to help growth stage tech companies capture a fair portion of the value they create for customers through innovative and robust monetization strategies. By offering a personable and boutique-style approach with world-class expertise and customized, practical solutions in pricing and monetization, Monevate has made best-in-class consulting support affordable to start-ups. Many firms that service smaller companies do so by offering templatized solutions, or multi-staffing personnel, all of which result in a lower quality answer. Monevate’s philosophy is to provide to its growth stage clients the same highly tailored, high quality pricing solutions that the premier consulting firms provide to enterprises. The way Monevate does this is by employing a team of top industry talent from firms like McKinsey and Accenture who are excellent problem solvers and masters of bespoke solutioning, and by reinforcing the core value of ‘quality’. It also focuses on driving creativity, always coming up with at least ‘one crazy idea’, in addition to the more obvious solutions, to make sure it is really pushing the client’s thinking. Then, it leans into the BPA (Best Pragmatic Answer) which is the best theoretical answer that can be practically implemented by the client within their timeline. Finally, it builds distinctive experience in pricing monetization at all levels of the organization, not just the leadership. Indeed, James and his team are ambitious and passionate about what they do. But James didn’t discover his true passion for pricing and monetization until later in his career. He began his consulting career at ZS Associates in 2004, and then moved to A.T.Kearney upon finishing his MBA at Columbia Business School. In 2012, faced with the challenges of traveling 4 days a week while raising a young family, he took a conversation with a recruiter inviting him to join an internal consulting team at RELX (then Reed Elsevier) that offered a much better work-life balance. The work focused on strategic pricing, a subject area which interested James, but with which he had no prior experience. James took the plunge and found building pricing strategies for RELX’s content and tech portfolio to be truly fascinating. He was hooked! After spending four years at RELX and being promoted to the team’s lead, he decided he wanted to return to external consulting, but to focus on pricing and monetization for tech companies. After building a pricing practice at SBI he joined McKinsey – one of the world’s largest, most prestigious consulting firms – as the lead of the pricing service line for Fuel, McKinsey’s practice for startups and fast-growing XaaS companies. Through this experience The high-quality approach that McKinsey took to engagements resonated with James, and moreover, he found that that he truly loved serving growth-stage clients. Although James and his teams did great work for some exciting clients at McKinsey, he was frustrated that the firm lost the opportunity to serve many clients because its value-based fees were significantly higher than the nearest competitor. He realized that while McKinsey is an exemplary firm, it is not the best place to be if your passion is working with smaller companies. Equally, he realized that these smaller companies really didn’t have options for pricing consulting partners that were both high quality and economically-viable and saw an opportunity to fill that gap for these exciting clients. Thus, he established Monevate, a consulting firm that provides bestin-class pricing and monetization support to growing tech and XaaS companies. Ultimately, Monevate wants to become the first firm that start-up and growth tech firm CEOs think of when they hear the words “pricing strategy” and “monetization”. Now, James and his team see the opportunity to increase the company’s size 10X by 2027 as they strive for Monevate to become the go-to provider in this space, and we are truly rooting for their continued success. Company: Monevate Contact: James Wilton, Founder and Managing Partner Email: [email protected] Website: M

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 5 Revolutionising how executor tasks are fulfilled, EstateExec is not only simplifying the process for professionals, but also streamlining it for grieving families. It is an invaluable tool that alleviates much of the pressure that families face when a loved one passes away. Join us as we learn more about this innovative piece of software… ilicon Valley is a hub for successful businesses, innovation, and technology – it is also home to EstateExec, a company that provides cloud-based software for estate executors. The revolutionary company is disrupting an industry that has stagnated, it is democratising processes largely unchanged for hundreds of years, providing automated guidance, integrated accounting, online sharing, and a plethora of related services. Simply, EstateExec has two main elements, including automated, bespoke, step-by-step guidance and automated accounting that’s purpose-built for estate settlement. EstateExec began with a strict focus on helping family members deal with after-death settlements in the United States. However, as time progressed, the company noticed a trend towards customers wanting to acquire the product prior to a death occurring, as this would help them ease the burden on their eventual successors. Moreover, as the company’s profile grew, professionals began to use the software too – lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, and more flocked to the company. The company also gained an audience outside of the United States, and consequently, last year it expanded into Canada. Dan Stickel, the company’s Founder and CEO, boasts an impressive background, including two degrees from the prestigious Harvard University. ‘I’ve enjoyed technology since a young age and have a degree in Computer Science from Harvard University,’ he recalls, ‘so I’ve been professionally trained to create brilliant software and I’ve been involved with technology from the very start of my career. I love it!’ Over the years, Dan has worked for several large companies, such as Google, has started companies from his garage, and has run midsized companies started by others. ‘No one officially trained me to run a business: that’s something I had to pick up along the way, but I had some good mentors … and the school of hard knocks,’ Dan reminisces. ‘Frankly, the technology side is easier than the business side. Technology is generally wellbehaved and does what you design it to do. Businesses have to deal with trying to establish market awareness, unpredictable partners and competition, changing laws, and more. I love it, too!’ Indeed, there have been several challenges that EstateExec has had to overcome within the market; however, it is also a pioneer, and that has set it apart from its competitors. EstateExec is the only solution that marries detailed step-by-step executor guidance with full estate accounting capabilities. It is also the only solution that offers an elegant framework for organising estate financials, tracking all the related transactions and transfers – including automatic bank transaction download – and generating final estate accounting reports. The company is home to several other digital resources, including advice on probate and executor tasks. Examples of such advice and information can be found at the following links: • • • In order to greater capitalise on its success, EstateExec is planning on expanding its range of services further and enhancing its solutions in a myriad of ways. Over the past year, EstateExec has launched a rewrite of its core financial engine, has made it possible for users to experiment with what-if scenarios, and has added per-jurisdiction statute guidance for dealing with out-of-jurisdictions executors. These have all been added in order to improve the experience for its clients, creating new ways for them to confidently explore different features and approaches. Contact: Dan Stickel Company: EstateExec Web Address: Aug22591 Best Estate Executor Software - North America S

6 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Sep22297 Some people suffer with health conditions, and some are simply on a journey towards better health in general. We all know that good physical health comes from what we put into our bodies every day. Here we have found a business that helps us all to understand food on a deeper level. Here we talk to its Founder and Inventor, Chris Mutti, to explore FoodPhone’s innovative solution, and alternative, to more traditional diets. Best Mobile 3D Hyperspectral Sensor App - 2022 oodPhone was set up, by a company called SmartDiiet, to positively impact the lives of many – if not all. It is here 24/7/365 for those who need or require a helping hand with understanding their bodies and, by extension, their minds. A smart, efficient, nutritious and flavourful diet can elevate our mood as well as change our bodies. FoodPhone knows this and wants the whole world to truly experience it. To really get into the technical side of things, we spoke to Founder and Inventor, Chris Mutti, about FoodPhone. He shares, “SmartDiiet develops smartphone multispectral camera sensors and cloudbased apps using my patented SpectraPixel™ technology, which combines near-infrared (NIR), visual red-green-blue (RGB), and 3D imaging (NIR-RGB-3D) with proprietary artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms. This is to identify objects and their components in complex images of mixed objects. Illumination is provided by our patented array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).” It is within this technology that FoodPhone finds itself even stronger than the alternatives on the market, being the only device that analyses your food by “Exciting Food Molecules” to measure the actual macronutrients or chemical composition of a meal in real time. Through the SpectraPixel™ technology, FoodPhone brings a lab straight into our own hands. Without a fiducial object and a span of time spent analysing our food in a lab, FoodPhone brings its pioneering multispectral camera sensors and cloud-based app to us so that we may gain insight into what we are fuelling our bodies, and minds, with. Its smartphone based mobile 3D hyperspectral camera sensors and cloud-based apps expertly, and scientifically, analyses the food on our plates so that we can gain knowledge of the nutritional values of what we are about to eat. This is especially helpful when we are eating outside of the house. We could be at a restaurant, where they don’t display nutritional fact labels, and find out exactly how the dish rates with regards to our health. FoodPhone’s affordable mobile 3D hyperspectral camera sensors and cloud-based app can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. This makes FoodPhone’s app one of the most accessible apps around the globe – whilst also being one of the most beneficial discoveries for people setting out on a new health voyage. With no other equipment needed, Simply attached FoodPhone’s multispectral 3D camera sensor to your existing smartphone (pictured below), download the cloud based app straight to your smartphone, and get to work instantly with your new FoodPhone! This fast and easy transition can be made at the touch of a screen, and it will last as long as we need it to. With such power and magnitude, FoodPhone can be utilised for so much more than the analysis of what is on our plates. For example, Chris says, FoodPhone has “strategic partners interested in collaborating on projects such as real-time point-of-harvest grading of Tuna fish for sushi vs other uses and identification of tuna species. Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food Fraud detection, Food Safety, Food Fruit and Vegetable Ripeness (Brix) are a few other use case solutions offered by FoodPhone.” It is clear to see that Chris and FoodPhone has struck gold. Winning Best Mobile 3D Hyperspectral Sensor App, 2022, FoodPhone is a rising star in the health industry. Always looking for ways to improve our health and analysis, this multispectral 3D camera sensor and cloudbased machine learning app should be a staple in all of our diets. Contact: Chris Mutti Email: [email protected] Company: FoodPhone Web Address: F Patent No. US 9,959,628 Patent No. US 10,402,980

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 7 Sep22263 Creating new custom software solutions and fixing complex software failures for its clients, Plan A Technologies has made itself an important cornerstone of digital operations. Working with organizations of all scales and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to the most promising start-ups, it gives its clients access to the services of smart, reliable, and intuitive software engineers and designers for affordable prices. Additionally, with its penchant for honest advice from seasoned experts, it doesn’t just provide a one-off fix, but a lifelong point of contact to help clients in all their software engineering and product development needs. Best Software Engineering & Product Development Firm - Western USA lan A Technologies has been thrust into the spotlight of late thanks to its impeccably priced, smart, reliable software engineers, who go above and beyond to help clients achieve their digital goals. Thanks to its deep collaborations with its clients, Plan A has managed to create solutions that are used by millions of people all over the world. Prior to starting Plan A, its founders had a vision of what a software company should be. With Plan A Technologies, that vision is now a reality. Indeed, by providing the services at a level and for a price they once wished they had access to, Plan A has vastly improved the market, filling a niche where demand already existed. In addition to being there for its clients during the most challenging times, Plan A takes pride in cultivating a partnership. Its passionate, professional, and watertight technological solutions help clients to understand the digital landscape from a fresh perspective, enabling the creation of solutions that fall in line with their organizational goals and values whilst securing their place head and shoulders above the competition. While Plan A Technologies is able to help a client to build new software from scratch as well as to fix older, broken, or bloated existing processes, their team is also able to offer expertise that goes beyond technology. They often become a trusted advisor to clients, even being invited to board meetings in order to help clients guide their growth. In order to maintain standards, Plan A is incredibly strict when it comes to new hires. Less than 3% of all applicants are hired after its rigorous interview process that involves complex technical questions and testing. This, in essence, ensures quality of service in terms of skillset, as well as allowing Plan A to investigate the applicant’s ability to work under pressure, to brief, and their attention to detail. Plan A also carefully considers how the person will fit within the team, as it is important to Plan A’s leadership that each person contributes positively to its internal culture. With impeccable internal processes and excellent external results, Plan A is pleased to say that its current trajectory towards further growth shows no signs of stopping. It looks forward to seeing many clients new and old in person as it visits trade shows over the rest of the year, including the 2022 Global Gaming Expo in its hometown of Las Vegas. Company: Plan A Technologies Contact: Sean Cunningham, Director of Communications Email: [email protected] Website: P

8 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Most Innovative Web Application Development Solutions - New Jersey Does your business need extra support with internet applications, digital marketing, or increasing sales? Then Trenton Software has the perfect solution for you. The innovative business, based in New Jersey, has numerous packages and bespoke solutions available all at an affordable price. or many businesses, the internet is a confusing space. Digitisation, over the years, has become increasingly prevalent, and more and more businesses are discovering the need to transition to the digital sphere. Yet finding the right audience, establishing a website, and learning how to market can be a long and tedious process, costing money and time for what is, in essence, an experiment. The internet offers many pros and cons but building a strong digital presence in the 21st century is invaluable – especially for start-ups and small businesses. Since 2011, Trenton Software, a full-service technology consultancy based out of Mercer County, New Jersey, has been helping businesses to achieve their digital goals, be it through bespoke solutions or pre-existing packages. The company specialises in web application development, cloud solutions, and mobile app development, with the goal to bolster its clients’ sales, marketing, and operational effectiveness. It works hard to ensure that it meets its clients’ expectations and requirements within the customer’s unique budgetary limits. Under the Trenton Software umbrella, Got-Data Inc. specialises in Intelligence and Automation, striving to create great value for clients. Got-Data is known for its creativity, ingenuity, and awe-inspiring innovations, providing the unique ability to track task actions over various applications and by identifying varying elements to build future powerful Task Scripts Suites. The company explains, ‘Artificial Intelligence has become too much like the man who tries to get to the moon by climbing a tree. A path of scaling and leveraging bits of personal knowledge creates value on a continuous improvement paradigm. The pandemic has shown us that the “Virtual You” can be more effective than the physical you. With the “Virtual You”, your intelligence can be multiplied for scale to gain incredible achievements.’ Got-Data is entirely client-centric; it focuses on improving client’s productivity by concentrating on the person. Henceforth, the company provides a diverse range of tools that everyone can identify with and use with ease and simplicity. The company measures success through the value it creates for its clients, and therefore, it strives to establish long-term business relationships with its clients, considering them as friends. Got-Data treats customers with respect, whilst, more importantly, having fun along the journey. Indeed, in the world of founder of Trenton Software, Stephen Quinn, the customer is always number one, which has subsequently elevated the company to success. This combined with its devotion to innovation has led the company to be named Most Innovative Web Application Development Solutions - New Jersey. Contact: Stephen Quinn Company: Trenton Software Web Address: Email: [email protected] 8 | Legal Elite Awards 2021 F Sep22235

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 9 Sep22303 Best Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Company – Greater New York As digital devices and the cloud became an integral part of life, the field of cybersecurity was developed to protect companies and individuals from online criminals. Axiana is abreast of all these developments. It has evolved with the times and technology to help its clients stay ahead of these developments themselves. Here we take a closer look as it wins this respected accolade. xiana is a company on a mission. It provides digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and data protection services in an “efficient and budget friendly” way. Established over 20 years ago, Axiana offered specialised services in digital forensics when the industry was in its infancy and was commonly termed “computer forensics”. Numerous small to mid-sized organisations have trusted Axiana with their most valuable data and ESI for forensic analysis, management, and security – and they have not been disappointed. One of the more significant questions that companies face today is how to protect their most important and valuable data. Not only from people outside the business, but from the inside too. In addition, government regulations and compliance requirements – to protect data involving personally identifiable information – are increasing by the day. Fortunately, Axiana is at the forefront of these changes and is ready to help its clients face future data security challenges. Understanding this, Axiana takes pride in teaching its clients and customers how to protect essential data, and their digital infrastructure. It helps attorneys review large amounts of data and clients protect their most valuable digital assets and limit and monitor who has access to them. It also helps them navigate the new technologies, guides them in all aspects of digital evidence, and supports them in processing and reviewing digital documents to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. In a world where cyber-attacks grow, experts like Axiana are essential allies. To assist its customers, Axiana leverages significant advancements in its field to remain on the cutting edge. Beyond simple digital forensics, it utilises and harnesses technology to investigate digital devices for digital evidence. Its forensic examiners conduct investigations using the latest technology, software, and methods. The team forensically captures, processes, and analyses electronically stored information (ESI) that is both visible and invisible. If it exists on a computer, mobile device, the cloud, or an office network, Axiana will find it. With computers, laptops, and servers, Axiana carefully analyses all relevant artefacts to determine user activity, internet activity, and USB access to not just gather what is available but to recover hidden or deleted data. When investigating mobile devices – from cell phones to tablets – Axiana has expertise across all operating systems. The devices it investigates are imaged and examined to retrieve data such as messages/chats, images, calls, contacts, calendars, and more. Finally, in its cloud-based investigations, the team successfully retrieves and examines emails, backups, and data stored on cloud services, social media accounts, websites, and collaboration apps. The future for its company is to continue offering the best possible digital forensic services and bring technology to its clients that will enable them to protect their most important data – and restrict access to only those who are trusted with that data. Furthermore, in the near future, more companies will require cyber insurance which Axiana seeks to be at the forefront of. It already helps its clients fulfil data protection requirements and comply with relevant legislation. Also, pivoting to supply customers with insurance coverage, at a reasonable price, is a logical and exciting next step for Axiana. Cybersecurity will only become a greater focus as the digital space evolves. From soft-skill hackers to outright DDOS attacks, there are a veritable sea of options for malefactors, but Axiana consistently stops these actions in their tracks. Remaining vigilant, in the know, and responding swiftly with cutting-edge technology highlights Axiana as the Best Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Company for Greater New York. Numerous companies have placed their faith in Axiana and more will in the future, all sharing their satisfaction with its exemplary work. Contact: Tino Kyprianou Company: Axiana Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Web Address: A

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 10 Sep22297 Real Time Intelligence’s name is both descriptor and promise, providing clients with actionable supply chain performance and traceable insights. Ostensibly, it wishes to reassure its clients that they can put their faith in the reliable nature of its always-online monitoring capabilities, keeping track of their supply chains and delivering this information in a quickly analyzed and actionable format. Due to this, it has secured both the above award and the title of the ‘Best IoT Visibility & Real Time Intelligence Company’ in the Mid-Atlantic USA. Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform – USA & Best IoT Visibility & Real Time Intelligence Company - Mid-Atlantic USA mpowering companies in the digitization and management of their physical products and assets, Real Time Intelligence (RTI) has proven itself time and again at the highest levels of scale, volume, and velocity to deliver significant business value, performance, and compliance to the biggest brands in retail, automotive, food and beverage, and beyond. Nominally, its management of supply chain activities through its enterprise SaaS visibility platform, Ep360, has guided companies in creating strategies to modernize existing data and enable the reliable tracking of resources and stock through an accessible and intuitive digital system. With the establishment of inventory, production, and supply chain visibility solutions – and the achievement of new and deeper cost-saving opportunities through integration and automation – its solution works seamlessly with a client’s existing processes to collect and digest the relevant data. To do this, RTI uses various technologies such as RFID, UWB, BLE, and GPS to capture data automatically and pinpoint problem areas. As a result, clients no longer have to waste time mining data lakes. Instead, they can rely on the comprehensive information that RTI collects, ensuring they spend time and talent on more worthy things. For example, RTI’s Ep360 platform provides an accurate picture of the present state of supply chains and forecasts around assets such as finished goods, materials, parts, reusable packaging, and more. Its worldwide live data tracking and prescriptive insights have achieved a roster of loyal and satisfied clientele over the years; as a result, spanning borders, industries, and verticals. Moreover, as the leading platform for large-scale traceable initiatives and IoT tracking, eP360 fulfills all FSMA204 and standardized data handling requirements, including GS1 and EPCIS. So whether it’s perishable food CTEs and KDEs, reusable packaging performance KPIs, or simply shipping verification and validation, RTI is prepared to meet the need. Additionally, working with its partners, its forward-thinking drive towards innovation is bettering the global corporate ecosystem on the macro scale. “At RTI, we believe in our partner community and are diligent in our efforts to create true end-to-end insights with impact. Together with partners such as Barcoding Inc, Impinj, Zebra, Avery Dennison, SLS, and ORBIS, we offer our customers unparalleled collaborative solutions, industry expertise, and perspective never before realized,” said Chief Strategy Officer David Zingery. Leading from the front in real-time data, its quick-to-value traceability, standardized handling, and actionable assets deliver undeniable results in saving companies time and money. Thus, despite the last few years of tumult faced by supply chains worldwide, it looks forward to the future, promising its clients that they will continue to benefit from the ever-evolving nature of its flagship product. Company: Real Time Intelligence Contact: Sarah Trescott, [email protected] Website: E

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 11 Sep22303 Email Software Company of the Year 2022: ci solution GmbH Founded in 1999, ci solution GmbH has continued to be a leading innovator in the software sphere, enhanced by a focus on simplicity and reliability. Meeting customer requirements in partnership with outstanding creative ability, the business is willing to constantly pursue betterment to maintain a truly unbeatable functionality of its software. With a passion for exceeding customer expectations, we spoke to Manfred Büttner about providing software solutions that are practical, reliable and are outstanding from the rest of the market. “Software Solutions That Work” ci solution GmbH specialise in developing incomparably functional software solutions in the areas of Microsoft, particularly in Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 and Exchange Server. Specializing in centrally managed corporate identity in email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns as well as out-of-office messages, ci Solution GmbH have a rising prominence to what already is a prestigious business throughout the market. Providing for clients such as Panasonic, Samsung, KFC, and TeamViewer, the business is renowned as true experts in the field, with each developer involved in the processes of all products and specializes in the area. As Manfred makes clear, the market of all software and technology quickly moves, and therefore adaptations must be ready at a quick pace. Through the utilisation of exceptional talent, the business is always equipped for this eventuality. “Microsoft is currently planning a central function change from email signatures to roaming signatures. We are prepared and, in addition to the standard options, have developed a centrally installable Exchange Add-In that will also make multiple signatures possible in the future, whatever the responses. The add-in is certified and also available from the app store. An installation is possible in a few moments for any company size.” Ultimately, with a customer base of more than 10,000 companies and 2 million users in all industries and of all sizes worldwide, ci solution GmbH continues to experience outstanding growth due to the ensured quality that surrounds all services and software provided by the business, as well as an excellent price to performance ratio, which acts to ‘seal the deal’. To find a business with a stronger work ethic, drive to improve customer experience, and a comprehensive software that fulfils all possible wants and needs, would be an impossible task. As a result, there can be no business more deserving of this award, and subsequently the recognition ci solution GmbH truly warrants. Company: ci solution GmbH Address: Andreas Stäbleinstr. 14 , D - 97280 Remlingen Phone number: +49 9369 980-441 Website: Start a risk-free trial over 14 days at Subcribe here: