Software & Technology Awards 2022

6 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Sep22297 Some people suffer with health conditions, and some are simply on a journey towards better health in general. We all know that good physical health comes from what we put into our bodies every day. Here we have found a business that helps us all to understand food on a deeper level. Here we talk to its Founder and Inventor, Chris Mutti, to explore FoodPhone’s innovative solution, and alternative, to more traditional diets. Best Mobile 3D Hyperspectral Sensor App - 2022 oodPhone was set up, by a company called SmartDiiet, to positively impact the lives of many – if not all. It is here 24/7/365 for those who need or require a helping hand with understanding their bodies and, by extension, their minds. A smart, efficient, nutritious and flavourful diet can elevate our mood as well as change our bodies. FoodPhone knows this and wants the whole world to truly experience it. To really get into the technical side of things, we spoke to Founder and Inventor, Chris Mutti, about FoodPhone. He shares, “SmartDiiet develops smartphone multispectral camera sensors and cloudbased apps using my patented SpectraPixel™ technology, which combines near-infrared (NIR), visual red-green-blue (RGB), and 3D imaging (NIR-RGB-3D) with proprietary artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms. This is to identify objects and their components in complex images of mixed objects. Illumination is provided by our patented array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).” It is within this technology that FoodPhone finds itself even stronger than the alternatives on the market, being the only device that analyses your food by “Exciting Food Molecules” to measure the actual macronutrients or chemical composition of a meal in real time. Through the SpectraPixel™ technology, FoodPhone brings a lab straight into our own hands. Without a fiducial object and a span of time spent analysing our food in a lab, FoodPhone brings its pioneering multispectral camera sensors and cloud-based app to us so that we may gain insight into what we are fuelling our bodies, and minds, with. Its smartphone based mobile 3D hyperspectral camera sensors and cloud-based apps expertly, and scientifically, analyses the food on our plates so that we can gain knowledge of the nutritional values of what we are about to eat. This is especially helpful when we are eating outside of the house. We could be at a restaurant, where they don’t display nutritional fact labels, and find out exactly how the dish rates with regards to our health. FoodPhone’s affordable mobile 3D hyperspectral camera sensors and cloud-based app can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. This makes FoodPhone’s app one of the most accessible apps around the globe – whilst also being one of the most beneficial discoveries for people setting out on a new health voyage. With no other equipment needed, Simply attached FoodPhone’s multispectral 3D camera sensor to your existing smartphone (pictured below), download the cloud based app straight to your smartphone, and get to work instantly with your new FoodPhone! This fast and easy transition can be made at the touch of a screen, and it will last as long as we need it to. With such power and magnitude, FoodPhone can be utilised for so much more than the analysis of what is on our plates. For example, Chris says, FoodPhone has “strategic partners interested in collaborating on projects such as real-time point-of-harvest grading of Tuna fish for sushi vs other uses and identification of tuna species. Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food Fraud detection, Food Safety, Food Fruit and Vegetable Ripeness (Brix) are a few other use case solutions offered by FoodPhone.” It is clear to see that Chris and FoodPhone has struck gold. Winning Best Mobile 3D Hyperspectral Sensor App, 2022, FoodPhone is a rising star in the health industry. Always looking for ways to improve our health and analysis, this multispectral 3D camera sensor and cloudbased machine learning app should be a staple in all of our diets. Contact: Chris Mutti Email: [email protected] Company: FoodPhone Web Address: F Patent No. US 9,959,628 Patent No. US 10,402,980