Software & Technology Awards 2022

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 5 Revolutionising how executor tasks are fulfilled, EstateExec is not only simplifying the process for professionals, but also streamlining it for grieving families. It is an invaluable tool that alleviates much of the pressure that families face when a loved one passes away. Join us as we learn more about this innovative piece of software… ilicon Valley is a hub for successful businesses, innovation, and technology – it is also home to EstateExec, a company that provides cloud-based software for estate executors. The revolutionary company is disrupting an industry that has stagnated, it is democratising processes largely unchanged for hundreds of years, providing automated guidance, integrated accounting, online sharing, and a plethora of related services. Simply, EstateExec has two main elements, including automated, bespoke, step-by-step guidance and automated accounting that’s purpose-built for estate settlement. EstateExec began with a strict focus on helping family members deal with after-death settlements in the United States. However, as time progressed, the company noticed a trend towards customers wanting to acquire the product prior to a death occurring, as this would help them ease the burden on their eventual successors. Moreover, as the company’s profile grew, professionals began to use the software too – lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, and more flocked to the company. The company also gained an audience outside of the United States, and consequently, last year it expanded into Canada. Dan Stickel, the company’s Founder and CEO, boasts an impressive background, including two degrees from the prestigious Harvard University. ‘I’ve enjoyed technology since a young age and have a degree in Computer Science from Harvard University,’ he recalls, ‘so I’ve been professionally trained to create brilliant software and I’ve been involved with technology from the very start of my career. I love it!’ Over the years, Dan has worked for several large companies, such as Google, has started companies from his garage, and has run midsized companies started by others. ‘No one officially trained me to run a business: that’s something I had to pick up along the way, but I had some good mentors … and the school of hard knocks,’ Dan reminisces. ‘Frankly, the technology side is easier than the business side. Technology is generally wellbehaved and does what you design it to do. Businesses have to deal with trying to establish market awareness, unpredictable partners and competition, changing laws, and more. I love it, too!’ Indeed, there have been several challenges that EstateExec has had to overcome within the market; however, it is also a pioneer, and that has set it apart from its competitors. EstateExec is the only solution that marries detailed step-by-step executor guidance with full estate accounting capabilities. It is also the only solution that offers an elegant framework for organising estate financials, tracking all the related transactions and transfers – including automatic bank transaction download – and generating final estate accounting reports. The company is home to several other digital resources, including advice on probate and executor tasks. Examples of such advice and information can be found at the following links: • • • In order to greater capitalise on its success, EstateExec is planning on expanding its range of services further and enhancing its solutions in a myriad of ways. Over the past year, EstateExec has launched a rewrite of its core financial engine, has made it possible for users to experiment with what-if scenarios, and has added per-jurisdiction statute guidance for dealing with out-of-jurisdictions executors. These have all been added in order to improve the experience for its clients, creating new ways for them to confidently explore different features and approaches. Contact: Dan Stickel Company: EstateExec Web Address: Aug22591 Best Estate Executor Software - North America S