Software & Technology Awards 2022

Software and Technology Awards 2022 | 7 Sep22263 Creating new custom software solutions and fixing complex software failures for its clients, Plan A Technologies has made itself an important cornerstone of digital operations. Working with organizations of all scales and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to the most promising start-ups, it gives its clients access to the services of smart, reliable, and intuitive software engineers and designers for affordable prices. Additionally, with its penchant for honest advice from seasoned experts, it doesn’t just provide a one-off fix, but a lifelong point of contact to help clients in all their software engineering and product development needs. Best Software Engineering & Product Development Firm - Western USA lan A Technologies has been thrust into the spotlight of late thanks to its impeccably priced, smart, reliable software engineers, who go above and beyond to help clients achieve their digital goals. Thanks to its deep collaborations with its clients, Plan A has managed to create solutions that are used by millions of people all over the world. Prior to starting Plan A, its founders had a vision of what a software company should be. With Plan A Technologies, that vision is now a reality. Indeed, by providing the services at a level and for a price they once wished they had access to, Plan A has vastly improved the market, filling a niche where demand already existed. In addition to being there for its clients during the most challenging times, Plan A takes pride in cultivating a partnership. Its passionate, professional, and watertight technological solutions help clients to understand the digital landscape from a fresh perspective, enabling the creation of solutions that fall in line with their organizational goals and values whilst securing their place head and shoulders above the competition. While Plan A Technologies is able to help a client to build new software from scratch as well as to fix older, broken, or bloated existing processes, their team is also able to offer expertise that goes beyond technology. They often become a trusted advisor to clients, even being invited to board meetings in order to help clients guide their growth. In order to maintain standards, Plan A is incredibly strict when it comes to new hires. Less than 3% of all applicants are hired after its rigorous interview process that involves complex technical questions and testing. This, in essence, ensures quality of service in terms of skillset, as well as allowing Plan A to investigate the applicant’s ability to work under pressure, to brief, and their attention to detail. Plan A also carefully considers how the person will fit within the team, as it is important to Plan A’s leadership that each person contributes positively to its internal culture. With impeccable internal processes and excellent external results, Plan A is pleased to say that its current trajectory towards further growth shows no signs of stopping. It looks forward to seeing many clients new and old in person as it visits trade shows over the rest of the year, including the 2022 Global Gaming Expo in its hometown of Las Vegas. Company: Plan A Technologies Contact: Sean Cunningham, Director of Communications Email: [email protected] Website: P