Software & Technology Awards 2022

8 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Most Innovative Web Application Development Solutions - New Jersey Does your business need extra support with internet applications, digital marketing, or increasing sales? Then Trenton Software has the perfect solution for you. The innovative business, based in New Jersey, has numerous packages and bespoke solutions available all at an affordable price. or many businesses, the internet is a confusing space. Digitisation, over the years, has become increasingly prevalent, and more and more businesses are discovering the need to transition to the digital sphere. Yet finding the right audience, establishing a website, and learning how to market can be a long and tedious process, costing money and time for what is, in essence, an experiment. The internet offers many pros and cons but building a strong digital presence in the 21st century is invaluable – especially for start-ups and small businesses. Since 2011, Trenton Software, a full-service technology consultancy based out of Mercer County, New Jersey, has been helping businesses to achieve their digital goals, be it through bespoke solutions or pre-existing packages. The company specialises in web application development, cloud solutions, and mobile app development, with the goal to bolster its clients’ sales, marketing, and operational effectiveness. It works hard to ensure that it meets its clients’ expectations and requirements within the customer’s unique budgetary limits. Under the Trenton Software umbrella, Got-Data Inc. specialises in Intelligence and Automation, striving to create great value for clients. Got-Data is known for its creativity, ingenuity, and awe-inspiring innovations, providing the unique ability to track task actions over various applications and by identifying varying elements to build future powerful Task Scripts Suites. The company explains, ‘Artificial Intelligence has become too much like the man who tries to get to the moon by climbing a tree. A path of scaling and leveraging bits of personal knowledge creates value on a continuous improvement paradigm. The pandemic has shown us that the “Virtual You” can be more effective than the physical you. With the “Virtual You”, your intelligence can be multiplied for scale to gain incredible achievements.’ Got-Data is entirely client-centric; it focuses on improving client’s productivity by concentrating on the person. Henceforth, the company provides a diverse range of tools that everyone can identify with and use with ease and simplicity. The company measures success through the value it creates for its clients, and therefore, it strives to establish long-term business relationships with its clients, considering them as friends. Got-Data treats customers with respect, whilst, more importantly, having fun along the journey. Indeed, in the world of founder of Trenton Software, Stephen Quinn, the customer is always number one, which has subsequently elevated the company to success. This combined with its devotion to innovation has led the company to be named Most Innovative Web Application Development Solutions - New Jersey. Contact: Stephen Quinn Company: Trenton Software Web Address: Email: [email protected] 8 | Legal Elite Awards 2021 F Sep22235