Digital Marketing

The Marketing Funnels product significantly increases the effectiveness of marketing websites and campaigns by turning marketing leads into customers.

Wishpond Technologies Ltd., an emerging leader in all-in-one digital marketing solutions that empower businesses to achieve success online, is pleased to announce another expansion to the Wishpond platform with its new Marketing Funnels product. Wishpond’s Marketing Funnels helps businesses and entrepreneurs monetize their website traffic by converting clicks and marketing leads into customers through an online step-by-step funnel process.  The Marketing Funnels product is easy to setup and collects user data using a series of online forms and selection pages. The end result for businesses is more leads, higher conversion rates, better insights on customers, more targeted follow-ups and improved online sales.

“We’re dedicated to finding new ways for small businesses to achieve better success online,” said Jordan Gutierrez, Wishpond’s Chief Operating Officer. “Often, the specific steps users go through on a website will determine the success or failure of a campaign. Wishpond’s Marketing Funnels gives businesses full control over what users will see, and when. It enables businesses to create websites and campaigns with higher conversion rates and reduced shopping cart abandonment rates, resulting in a better return on investment (ROI).  The impact can be remarkable.”

While Marketing Funnels was primarily designed to help increase front-end conversion rates, it has the added benefit of being able to reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment. According to data from the Baymard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate in 2020 was 69.57%. By being able to send targeted follow-up emails and SMS messages, businesses now have the power to re-engage users by sending them back to the exact step in the sales process they dropped out on.

Marketing Funnels are particularly valuable for businesses in industries where there are lengthy information requests or cumbersome forms needed to process customer requests. Common use cases for this include online product sales, mortgage applications, small business loans, vacation planning, life insurance/group benefit applications, course registrations, pricing requests, service quotes and more.

Marketing Funnels can also be used in tandem with other marketing campaigns to increase the lifetime value of customers by adding upsell options to ecommerce pages and stores.  Wishpond’s new Marketing Funnels product also operates synergistically with our recently announced Wishpond Payments product to increase upsell opportunities and ROI at throughout the purchasing process.