Canada faces a significant challenge in vision health, with a growing portion of its population experiencing eye problems. According to the 2022 National Report on Vision Care, nearly 75% of Canadians have encountered some form of eye health issue, yet access to comprehensive eye care remains inconsistent. This gap in vision care is further compounded by a recent trend where three-quarters of young Canadians are willing to leave their current jobs for positions offering better health benefits, including vision care. Findings from an RBC Insurance survey align with how young workers are feeling: 61% reported lower levels of overall health and well-being, while a further 58% discussed experiencing a decline in mental health.

As the demand for comprehensive eye health services increases and becomes more urgent, several companies are stepping up to address these pressing needs. Here are a few of the actors striving to make eye care more accessible and affordable across the country.

Clearly: Revolutionizing accessibility to eyewear

One notable company at the forefront of this movement is Clearly, an eyewear retailer that has made meaningful strides in making glasses and other eye care tools more accessible to Canadians. Clearly is known for its extensive range of eyewear options, featuring popular brands like Michael Kors and Ralph, as well as its affordable in-house line. Along with a constant rotation of exclusive discounts, this diverse selection ensures that customers from various economic backgrounds can find suitable and stylish eyewear.

In a groundbreaking move, Clearly also became the first eyewear retailer in Canada to offer direct billing online. As highlighted by a recent press release from Cision, this innovation allows customers to have their eyewear purchases directly billed to their insurance providers, eliminating upfront costs and making eye care more financially accessible. By reducing the financial burden associated with purchasing eyewear, Clearly addresses a critical barrier to vision health care in the country.

Easy Blink Optometry: Enhancing vision therapy services

In addition to making eyewear more accessible, eye care companies are also bringing vision therapy solutions to the table to address various vision problems. Easy Blink, an optometry service provider based in Calgary, Alberta, has introduced vision therapy treatment for those suffering from motion sickness, learning disorders, convergence insufficiency, and other visual processing disorders.

Easy Blink’s approach includes personalized therapy sessions that use specialized equipment and exercises to strengthen the eyes and improve coordination. This service is crucial in providing targeted treatment for visual issues that glasses alone cannot correct, ultimately offering a more comprehensive eye care solution. In this way, Easy Blink contributes to improving vision health in Canada, particularly among those who might otherwise struggle with undiagnosed and untreated vision problems.

Mobile Vision Care Clinic: Reaching underserved rural communities

While those living in urban areas can often more easily avail of eye care services, people who live in Canada’s more remote regions face greater challenges in accessing them. The Mobile Vision Care Clinic works to bridge this gap by providing the needed eye health services directly to rural Manitoba schools. In 2022, the team behind the clinic expected to test approximately 12,000 students, many of whom had never undergone an eye exam.

As its name suggests, Mobile Vision Care Clinic’s program sends a mobile clinic to schools, offering on-site eye exams and distributing heavily discounted glasses to children in need. For families without insurance or who do not have the means to afford glasses, the clinic donates them with the support of an international eyeglasses foundation. This service is indispensable, ensuring early detection and treatment of vision problems that are known to affect academic performance and quality of life.

The state of vision health care in Canada presents both challenges and opportunities. As the demand for comprehensive eye care grows, companies like Clearly, Easy Blink, and Mobile Vision Care Clinic are making impressive moves to address these needs. Together, their efforts are improving access to eye care for

Canadians nationwide.