Tunnel worker examines pipeline in underground tunnel

The tunneling industry never stands still and finding the most modern solutions is critical to ensuring the efficient completion of a project. In the North America Business Elite Awards 2021, Turn – Key Tunneling Inc. was named Best Tunneling & Boring Contractor 2021 – Eastern USA for its ingenuity. We thought it right to dig a little deeper into the depths of their incredible achievement.

In 2005, after spending many years in the tunneling industry, Curt Blevins and Brian Froehlich opened up Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc.. Curt was a hands-on tunnel expert and Brian was a Professional Engineer learning the industry.  Together, they knew their skills were in great demand and could benefit many projects and clients. The firm’s ethos from the very beginning, therefore, has been to offer precisely what their company says on the tin. If Turn – Key is defined by being ready for immediate use, the team behind Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. has striven to complete every project to that high and exacting standard.

The tunneling industry is constantly changing, as technology advances at a considerable pace. The methods used by the Turn – Key Tunneling team have always kept up with the latest and greatest developments. Over the last sixteen years, the business has been able to become a reputation leader capable of taking on work throughout the US and being the preferred provider for many. No matter what the challenge, the team’s knowledge and detailed experience of the industry allows them to find the perfect solution for every situation.

Tunneling comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and Turn – Key Tunneling has always focused on trenchless tunneling and boring operations. The team’s services include hand-mining, auger boring, emergency culvert repair and vertical shafts to name but a few. The variety of what the team has to offer means they have performed the installation of 8″ to 84″ steel casing pipe utilizing traditional auger boring methods, vertical shaft construction, installation of liner plates, slip-lining to restore damaged or failed sewers, pipe jacking and hard rock boring using SBU technology. The team adapts to each project, able to collaborate with a client or perform an operation entirely in-house thanks to the presence of the firm’s Professional Engineer.

The team’s most important asset is its people, with their unique expertise being key to the success of many projects.  The work undertaken by the team comes with incredible risk, and as far as possible this risk is mitigated through the following of best practices at all times. Employees work harder and better because they know that they will be returning home to their families safe and sound, satisfied by a job well done. An open communication policy ensures that everyone has a say, and can contribute at all times. No idea is ignored, and great ideas are encouraged.

The strength of the team’s workforce has seen the ownership of Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. pass over to employees as an Employee Stock Ownership Program. This allows vested employees to gain from the company as owners and shareholders. With the strength of the team at the heart of what is achieved by Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc., it’s little wonder that they have made this move. As employee owners, everyone is able to receive more benefits from the wonderful service and quality work that they provide.

When looking to Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc., we find a team that is ready for anything. Their skills are unparalleled throughout the industry and their passion for what they do is seemingly never ending. It’s why this team has been consistently in high demand, and why all indications are that they will continue to be for many years to come.



For business inquiries, contact Brian Froehlich at Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. via email at  [email protected] or web at https://turn-keytunneling.com.