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Fort Lauderdale’s Direct Deals Corp is an expert when it comes to telecommunications innovation, a commitment stemming from its initial aim of truly revolutionising the business landscape to allow for better connections and enhanced communication across digital spaces. Thanks to a dedicated team and a clear vision, the company today delivers a number of comprehensive technological solutions to its customers, these being businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Across this operation, there is an emphasis placed on tailoring services to the unique needs of clients and furthering digital inclusion across the US.

Full-service telecommunications solutions provider Direct Deals Corp is a specialist in the field of technology and IT services, excelling in such areas as product engineering, warranty management, and the construction of cloud-based infrastructure. As a wholly authentic, trusted, and dependable partner, the business today collaborates closely with some of North America’s largest and most profitable energy retailers and consumer product companies. By asking one simple question: “Are you connected?”, this company sets the wheels in motion.

Bolstered by the mission of, “connecting visions to realities, one solution at a time”, Direct Deals provides an array of businesses with the next-generation telecommunications solutions necessary to aid them in their growth, innovation, and success, whatever it is that that may look like for them. With a proven track record of delivering a full service that is authentic, dependable, and fully customised, the team here go above and beyond so that any solutions they provide align perfectly with a client’s vision for the future of their business.

Through this winning combination of expertise and dedication, Direct Deals serves to allow its clients to achieve their maximum potential in a technology and communications landscape that is subject to constant change and innovation. This team know that driving success in such a field thus has to go beyond simply delivering effective services, and rather, stems from the building of lasting relationships, the nurturing of trust, and the unlocking of tremendous growth opportunities. In essence, innovation stems from the core of this business and permeates across every level of it.

However, in a sphere defined by constant change and in a business that is responsible for pioneering continuous growth, there is one steady constant. That is Direct Deals’ unfaltering commitment to serving its clients, being the partner that stands by their side and provides their business with all of the technological needs that will see it ascend to that all-important next level. This is achieved in part thanks to a progressive and preventative approach when it comes to data threats, as well as 24/7 support from a loyal and purpose-built support team.

“We bring success to our customers with high-quality services.”

Widely recognised for its stellar range of wireline and network connectivity solutions, Direct Deals’ providing of secure, reliable access to the internet is the answer to all of one’s network-based problems, allowing businesses to stay connected in the fast-paced, online-driven world we find ourselves living in today. From lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 940 Mbps through to SIP (The Session Initiation Protocol) for effortless video conferencing capabilities, to say there is something for everyone across a suite of services measurably driving nationwide digital inclusion would be an understatement.

Impressively, Direct Deals’ famed integrated solutions do not end there, with the company’s Software Defined Wide Area Network, or SD-WAN, representing the future of networking in the present, as it seamlessly shifts both network and traffic management protocols to a cloud-based software solution that offers remarkable efficiency and flexibility in spades. Then there is Hosted Voice, a voice over Internet Protocol running through the AT&T network that boasts a number of advanced features that contribute immeasurably to the fortifying of a business’ wider communications capabilities.

Additionally, across any of its chosen solutions, Direct Deals is proud to offer such added incentives as comprehensive assessments, tailored recommendations, cost estimates, facilitation funding, and sourcing alternatives, all underpinned by the continuous support that it provides to clients. An extensive range of mobility solutions are then also available, designed to connect a business’ employees, customers, partners, processes, and assets flawlessly, guaranteeing their strength, security, and optimisation in the process, regardless of the nature of the business.

Plus, since Direct Deals serves as a wholesaler, its products are all white label, and thus there is the added option for flexibility when it comes to rebranding these services to align with the unique image and vision of a customer’s personal brand. This ties in nicely with the company’s broader emphasis on brand development, which sees its strategic approach blend like a dream with the objectives of a partner business, allowing a brand to simultaneously reach the heart of its target audience and fortify itself as a strong entity in its own right.

As an extension of this, Direct Deals also provides its customers with expert assistance when it comes to all things marketing related. Whether a helping hand is needed in the field of direct marketing, or through social media and optimisation for the web (SEO), by weaving together media across multiple channels, the marketing experts at Direct Deals craft integrated and effective marketing campaigns scratch built from state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Such campaigns boast a storied history of having yielded great results for customers across the board, time and again.

Direct Deals’ drive to help other businesses can be seen further in its highly developed partner programme, whereby it transcends the field of telecommunications to offer services in such realms as sales, be it helping to develop sales strategies across retailers or B2Bs, or even providing insight into the latest business trends that are dominating the market. This is not to mention its wonderful commission tools, which extract actionable insights from data to help clients make meaningful decisions grounded in proven and reliable evidence.

Those operating directly in the field of IT/communications can benefit from Direct Deals’ expert support as well, as it offers a number of training courses for budding IT professionals, regardless of their previous level of experience or knowledge. This is all in addition to its telecom master agent services, which see the company provide tailored solutions at low costs to clients, allowing a business to spend its time focusing on its key objectives, whilst the Direct Deals team provide advanced support and relieve them of carrier-related nuisances.

In short, by enlisting some of the company’s telecom master agents to help them manage their workload, customers of Direct Deals can expect to receive peace of mind and unrivalled efficiency. Thus, for everything from boosting sales and enhancing events through to expanding canvassing efforts and navigating the intricacies stemming from communication management, Direct Deals is the service provider of choice for those in search of channelled expertise to leverage and then apply to their own businesses in the medium term.

Beyond just these terrific services, Direct Deals’ mastery is further on display through the dual offering of U2C and U2C Mobile. Specialising in providing unlimited rural internet, U2C offers customers a robust and unlimited Wi-Fi service across strong networks, providing the user with strong and comprehensive connectivity solutions at home, in the office, or when out and about. Leveraging traits such as diversity, respect, and innovation, the client-centred services provided by U2C ensure that customers in urban and rural communities alike are afforded internet access that is as cost-effective and reliable as it is secure.

Those seeking all of the internet speed that they need for the likes of working, online learning, streaming, and gaming need look no further than U2C Fiber. The high-speed internet solutions available here use pre-fitted cables, and across four different plans, offer no contracts or hidden fees. From streaming a favourite show from one of the hundreds of available add-on channels, through to simply having the power to surf or game to the heart’s content, U2C Fiber offers speed-driven internet suitable for any need or budget.

Perhaps best of all for those with busy lives, installation of U2C Fiber could not be simpler. The first step of this process comes approximately five days once an order has been paid for, when a customer’s internet will be installed. A couple of days later, the company’s dispatch team will contact a customer via email, scheduling their installation at a time that works for them. Installations take place Monday through Friday and include all of the components present in a customer’s package, such as the all-in-one router and Wi-Fi modem.

Keen travellers or those living remotely will also love U2C Rural, which utilises the power of super-fast LTE technology in order to offer its customers an ultrafast cellular data network for smartphones, TVs, and other such devices. Depending on location and the device being used, customers can browse, watch, and download at speeds of up to an incredibly impressive 50 Mbps, faster than many homes and offices in non-rural areas. With all plans also offering unlimited 4G LTE, rural technology users never have to go without internet again.

Much like Direct Deals, across its services, U2C excels when it comes to identifying and managing the personal needs of every client with which it works. By promoting accessibility, reliability, and constant innovation, the company proactively offers a service worthy of investment from its customers. This, combined with its ongoing commitment to being “the best in home internet”, something achieved through the likes of 4K and 8K streaming capabilities, as well as the aforementioned simple installation and custom streaming packages, make U2C a standout provider in the rural internet connectivity space.

With a diverse culture to boot that prioritises diversity and valuing individuals, U2C encourages innovation and excellence at every turn. Members of its team are encouraged to contribute at meetings, and a vigorous recruitment process sees some of the best talent across the wider industry drawn to U2C. Sharing a street with Direct Deals, U2C benefits from the same location-based advantages, such as a diverse pool of talent from which to draw, reduced operational costs when compared to other areas of the US, as well as a supportive business environment.

On the back of these benefits, U2C is set to spend the rest of 2024 further enhancing its offerings, something that is particularly true concerning both its presence in rural areas and increasing of the availability of its high-resolution streaming services right across the country. It is thanks to this near limitless expertise in the field of telecommunications that U2C remains steadfast in its dedication to innovating, not only regarding connectivity, but also in a broader sense, enriching lives and bolstering digital inclusion through the boundless power of its technology.

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, U2C and U2C Mobile ensure that customers are not cut out of the circle, offering affordable solutions for those who want to browse, stream, game, and work without limits. From people in rural locations – such as farms and mountains – who are tired of not being able to secure stable internet, through to those in towns and cities refusing to be limited by the constraints put on data and internet usage by other providers, thousands of customers from right across the US have already witnessed the power of U2C in all of its glory.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the sustained success of Direct Deals itself, which, beyond U2C, is partnering with such leading providers as Netgear and AT&T to shape the future of telecommunications. The Direct Deals team take immense pride in representing these brands and the others that they partner with, and since this relationship holds the keys to further advancing an enterprise so that its visons may become realities, this company is essential in marrying a business with the technology and skills it needs to prosper.

Quintessentially, through Direct Deals Corp, customers can, “connect, collaborate, and thrive with confidence.” As a result of the excellence embodied by the company and its offerings, we are proud to name it as the Best Full-Service Business Telecom Company 2024 – Florida. Furthermore, for continuing to break down barriers of accessibility for those seeking to access and use IT and other such communications technologies, we recognise the company as the Southern State’s Business Award’s Digital Inclusion Innovator of the Year 2024.

“Join us on this journey, and let’s shape the future of business together.”

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