Work travel

Seasonal work in America can be an excellent way to make some extra money, support family back home and travel the world at a low cost. You should ensure you have fully prepared for the move before leaving and get your legal documentation in order. Ensure you have a job and visa before you travel to America. 

You should make arrangements for those you are leaving at home if you are a primary caregiver. Let your family know how long you will be gone and keep in close contact. 


Make a Plan

Decide where you want to travel for work and what agricultural work to do. Ensure you have the appropriate skills and experience required. Work out how much money you need to travel and start saving months in advance. 


Go in a Group

Travel with other seasonal workers to ensure you have a support system in place. Talk to friends and family who might consider the same options as you. If traveling alone, make friends with other seasonal workers when you arrive. Find people to share accommodation with to cut costs. 


Find Work Before Setting Out

Have a job lined up before you leave your home country. You need a job to apply for a visa. Search online for suitable roles across America. Use social media like Facebook and LinkedIn to find potential work opportunities. 


Vet Your Employer

Ensure the employer you choose is trustworthy before you leave. Ask friends and family for recommendations of responsible, considerate employers. Research farms online and read reviews from past workers. 


Ensure You Have the Right Visa

Find out the type of visa you need for seasonal work in America. The H-2A visa is a common choice for seasonal workers. Talk to an expert immigration lawyer to help you get your paperwork completed correctly. You can find more information about H-2A visa jobs from Farmer Law PC. 


Arrange Your Travel

Book your travel as soon as you find out your start date. Avoid air travel where possible if trying to save on costs—book trains, coaches or airfare early to reduce the cost of travel. 


Enjoy Your Free Time

Make use of your free time to explore your temporary surroundings. Make a list of things you want to do and go for day trips during your time off. If you have limited funds, explore the local nature and wildlife. 


Look for Accommodation

Find a safe, secure place to stay. Ensure it is close to your employment to make commuting easier. Some agricultural employers will provide accommodation on site. Ensure this type of accommodation is clean, of an appropriate size and that you aren’t expected to share with many people. Some less reputable employers will provide inadequate housing. Don’t be afraid to reject unsuitable accommodation. 


Be Flexible

If your employer offers you additional hours or an extended contract, be flexible to accommodate them. This will improve the chances of you being invited back. Ensure the work visa you have allows you to stay longer.