Companies are always looking for new ways to grow, so many decide to go green. Business owners see strong results on bottom lines after implementing eco-friendly solutions. Sustainability and business go hand in hand in 2021, so read about how a few changes could make next year your most successful one yet.

Going green isn’t just a hobby anymore. It’s becoming an expected lifestyle that consumers don’t want to sidestep when buying goods and services. These steps will show your clients that you value their sustainable goals and grow your consumer base overnight.


Young People Want Hope

Evidence for global warming grows each year. In 2019, 57% of Americans expected the environment to get worse for the next generation. Young people adapt their routines to minimize their carbon footprint, but they’re also aware that more progress lies elsewhere. They know businesses could make a significant positive impact in the race to improve the environment. A recent global survey found that 61% of consumers want businesses to lead the way as the world goes green.

Companies that start sustainable practices will gain new and recurring clients who want a brighter future. Maintaining these efforts strengthens customer loyalty and makes any company more appealing to younger generations who hope to grow up in the same world they were born into.


Federal Tax Credits Help Profits

Business owners may struggle to invest in sustainable technology because it’s expensive. If you can overcome the initial financial hurdle, they’ll pay themselves off quickly. You’ll save money on recurring expenses like the electricity bill and earn green investment tax credits for your next yearly filing.


Sustainability Supports the Local Economy

Sustainability comes back around by supporting the local economy. Instead of paying for products from companies that outsource their labor, company owners can find locally sourced businesses that support small farms and fisheries. Your money goes directly to the locals who make your city thrive and funds the work that necessitates new jobs.


Employees Become Healthier

Going green doesn’t have to start by overhauling your electricity usage or developing new product packaging. Start in the office and make it a healthier place for employees. Throw out old cleaners if they use chemical ingredients. Some of those airborne pollutants irritate lung tissue and others will drain into the environment and pollute waterways.

Start 2021 by only using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Start 2021 by only using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Maintaining cleaner air and germ-free office surfaces with biodegradable products is better for everyone and the planet.


Green Technology Pays for Itself

Business owners may still have some difficulty making their first leap into sustainability because of the upfront costs. A recent study found that going green always pays for itself if you give it time. If the country switched to 100% renewable energy overnight, the $73 trillion would save $11 trillion every year, requiring only seven years to recuperate the initial investment.

Smaller companies wouldn’t have to spend that much or wait that long. Find an expert who can dig into the math and discover when your investment would turn a profit. The savings could mean the difference between shuttering your windows or having the emergency funds to make it through difficult times.


Look Forward to Green Changes

As 2021 begins, look forward to how sustainability and business go hand in hand. Everything from supporting local farmers to switching the office cleaning products will make your company greener and experience greater success.