New World Report Automotive Awards 2021 logo with car blueprints in the background

United Kingdom, 2022 – New World Report has announced the winners of the annual Automotive Elite Awards.

The automotive industry is becoming increasingly fascinating, especially across North and South America. With a global desire for more sustainable living, there has been a rise in innovative and greener vehicles. Many companies and individuals in the automotive industry strive for advancements in technology, meeting consumer demand, adapting to new legislations, all the while keeping the economy in mind.

While the last two years have been particularly difficult, some industries have thrived under the pressure, and come out the other side with some great work to show for it. The Automotive Elite awards this year is more significant in this regard, as New World Report is proud to recognize those who improved the industry, not just in terms of the output, but also for their companies.

Awards Coordinator Steve Simpson took a moment to speak on the achievements of those recognized. “Congratulations to all the nominees and winners from myself and the New World Report team. With 2022 starting, we cannot wait to see what our winners do next!”

To learn more about our award winners and to gain insight into the working practices of the “best of the best”, please visit the New World Report website ( where you can access the winners supplement.





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