The automotive industry in North & South America is becoming increasingly fascinating, transformative, and dynamic. There is a plethora of automotive companies seeking an innovative goal, not just to make vehicles safer and more sustainable, but also to focus on the user experience - making lives of people more enjoyable.

Some promising developments in the industry are expected to accelerate several trends. The main drivers of activity being consumer demand, advances in technology, new legislations, and economic conditions.

The Automotive Elite Awards 2021 are proudly presented by New World Report. The awards recognise the tremendous achievements and remarkable innovations of businesses and professionals across the automotive industry. From luxury to family, from commercial to electric, our awards encompass all areas of the industry and we actively encourage all businesses and professionals to participate in this valuable opportunity.

Projected trends suggest that the automotive industry will focus more on vehicle emission reductions in order to think green and turn to electric vehicles and other fuel-efficient cars. Therefore, we are privileged to be able to showcase those who create unique experiences, projects and products in anticipation of ongoing changes in the industry.

Nominees for the Automotive Elite Awards 2021 are judged based on merit only, not the number of votes received. As such, our internal research team will carefully analyse any information available online and in the public domain, including any material provided by the nominees.

Our process is to reward the parties for their industry excellence, overall performance, customer experience and amazing innovation. Those who become our deserving winners will be presented with their award and complementary marketing materials that will be valuable to their PR portfolio in promoting their win.

Winning an award will provide you with the evidence to stand out in a world of professional competitors. The award will help boost your reputation, crediting you as a top performer in your industry, while increasing confidence in existing and potential clients. Moreover, your win can also improve your business internally, as a visual reminder that can raise employee morale and motivation.

If you are on the road of success and would like to participate in the Automotive Elite Awards 2021 or nominate a company or individual you feel deserves a spot on the shortlist this year, please submit a nomination using the voting form below.