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A woman-owned company, FootFidget® is the game-changing dynamic footrest which helps students to get through their school day, adults to concentrate better at work, and seniors to stay active in the easiest way possible. We explore how FootFidget empowers everyone to be healthier and more successful, no matter where they spend their day.

Early in life, FootFidget® co-founder, Robin Singer knew she wanted to go into the medical field. Her interest in physical therapy was initially sparked when her mom fell and crushed her ankle, and she began attending her physical therapy sessions with her. Then, she began volunteering in the physical therapy department during high school, following which she pursued a career in physical therapy (PT). Later in her PT career she completed her Masters in Teaching and Leadership.

As a physical therapist, Robin is compassionate, motivated, and dedicated, having worked in rehabilitation, acute care, burn clinics, early intervention, home care, hippotherapy, military hospitals, assisted living, pediatrics, and schools. She strives to inspire patients of all ages with a mix of humor, joy, commitment, and knowledge, and she especially loves working with kids, knowing she can improve their quality of life.

Robin tells us, “I enjoy finding imaginative ways to motivate patients, especially kids, through challenges or games. I’ve designed and developed gross motor programs for parents, teachers, and schools. I developed a seasonal gross motor activity guide for parents of little ones who need help to get stronger and improve their balance and coordination. I love motivating kids to play hard, making therapy fun while being highly effective in reaching their goals.”

Kathy Spinabella, also co-founder of FootFidget®, became intrigued by physical therapy early on, too. She was college-age and one day sat with her mother as she watched her favorite soap opera. Kathy tells us, “Luckily for me, that day, a physical therapist was teaching one of the characters how to walk again after a terrible accident. It piqued my interest, and I eventually became a physical therapist. I consider myself lucky to have a career that allows me to help people rehabilitate and become their best physical selves.”

Throughout her career, Kathy has worked in acute care, rehabilitation, home care, hospital management, and schools. She strives to be a positive, empathetic cheerleader throughout the patient’s rehab journey. For kids, it requires patience and playfulness, and if it is not fun, there will be no progress.

As a result of their experience of working together in a school district with school children, Robin Singer and Kathy Spinabella first developed a Standing Desk Conversion Kit and the FootFidget® footrest, the first fidgeting product designed for students who can’t sit still. This was the first FootFidget® product on the market, which they patented.

Up to 10% of American students have been diagnosed with ADHD, and to be successful at school, they need to be able to move. Still, more students are high energy or low energy and can benefit from standing and purposeful fidgeting to help them maintain focus and attention. With Robin and Kathy both being physical therapists, their medical knowledge, and teaching experience inspired them to help kids move in the safest, most productive way to become more successful in school.

The FootFidget® footrests are ergonomically designed to attach to all four legs of the desk in an “X” design, developed with just the right amount of resistance to expel excess energy and increase focus without fatigue while either standing or sitting. Similar knock-off products only attach to two desk legs and do not provide ergonomic positioning, movement, or durability. FootFidgets’ “X” attachment design provides safe and correct ergonomic positioning, while providing leg and core activation/movement to improve circulation and overall health. The frequent purposeful movement dynamic helps improve the health of students and adults of all ages, with the multiple FootFidget® designs now available.

The first FootFidget® footrest was sold to a physical therapist in Florida, whose student would kneel on his chair and then do a cartwheel over his desk, landing on the floor. After the FootFidget® was attached to his desk, he didn’t do any more kneeling or cartwheels, he just fidgeted with his feet and legs all day. The in-class behavior was so improved that the student, teacher, and therapist were all very pleased with the results.

“I’ve found inventing, manufacturing, and distributing FootFidget products to be interesting and fulfilling,” says Kathy.

Agreeing, Robin tells us, “Inventing, patenting, manufacturing, and selling FootFidget® products has been an exciting process. The key component is the frequent purposeful motion of the feet and legs throughout the day, which increases circulation to improve health, focus, alertness, posture, and gentle conditioning no matter where you spend your day! This sets people of all ages up for a brighter future.

“I’m thrilled when we introduce new design improvements, or new products and our customers are delighted. The FootFidget® is now available in several designs: the student desk design, and now for adults, a free-standing design for use in the office, home, rehabilitation, or travel!”

Ultimately, the response and benefits of FootFidget® products to students have been outstanding, bringing them the needed alternative to be successful in the classroom at a competitive price. The expansion of the FootFidget® product line was introduced to be used by students at home, and adults of all ages for the same great benefits.

When students move and stand in the classroom, they are better able to focus, stay alert, pay attention, remember things, stay calm, and reduce their excess energy. FootFidget® products boost students’ success.

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