Close up of hands playing the piano in the morning

Based in High Point, North Carolina, SetApart Music guides its students on a voyage of discovery. Believing that each person’s talent is unique, the team encourages and guides musicians of all ages to find and develop an avenue to display that talent. We speak to SetApart Music Founder, Scott Johnson, to find out more.

Deciding to learn an instrument is something that most of us will have thought about. Maybe thinking about it was all you did. And perhaps the thought is still there at the back of your mind. Or maybe you started to learn but then gave up when the going got tough or you didn’t have enough time to practice.

Learning to master an instrument is not for the faint-hearted, it takes a lot of time and effort. Getting the right help and encouragement can be the difference between leaving that instrument-case gathering dust in the attic or stepping out onto the stage of an auditorium.

‘Nurturing Talent, Inspiring Dreams’ is the mission of music education company, SetApart Music. The company works with students from 4 years upwards, providing a variety of courses including guitar, piano, band instruments, vocals, and song writing.

Scott explains, “We equip our students with real-world music skills. This enables them to take part in community bands, theatrical auditions and plays, all-county and state instrument try-outs, and worship services. We also teach how to prepare online media material for professional performances on social platforms.”

The company thrives on its ability to build personal relationships with its students. Understanding the interests and influences of each client is essential. It’s the foundation that SetApart Music uses to plan its goal-based lessons. The aim is to take each client from their current skill level to new heights of accomplishment. Scott tells us, “We’re here to help our clients explore their talents. Talent needs nurturing. It takes time.

“We’re very method based. It is important to us to make sure each client knows how to practice and approach music at all levels. The simplest techniques, like counting, naming notes and rhythms, singing lyrics, and breathing can bring joy to everyday learning. It’s not what you practice, it’s how you practice.”

Dedication, discipline, and community are all wonderful tools to inspire others. Teachers and mentors at SetApart Music help students create and stick to a plan for their studies as well as advise them on how to carve out that precious practice time.

Sharing music is vital to being able to progress in confidence. Playing in a group, band, or community is a great way to give talent a place to thrive. SetApart Music helps create those opportunities for its students. The team know the path to success is not always a smooth one, “It gets harder before it gets better. As long as you have someone you trust guiding and encouraging you, you’ll get there. It’s not how you start – it’s how you finish!” says Scott.

The team at SetApart Music are hand-picked for their talent not only as musicians but for their potential as teachers too. Scott explains, “When we’re interested in working with someone, we show them what they can achieve, not just what they can help us with. That gets them to sit up and take notice.

“No one is the best when they first start at a job, at any level. But with the right training and encouragement, they can become the best person for each client very quickly. Recognising someone’s potential is one of the greatest things you can do for them. But helping them hone their skills and taking a risk on them in faith will pay off every time.”

Currently, SetApart Music holds up to 5 recitals a year as well as summer camps and open mic events. The company is actively seeking to partner with more local businesses, churches, and music event providers to give students access to more community-based music opportunities.

Looking to the future, Scott would love to have two or three more bases in the region. His vision further down the line is to own a performance venue for up-and-coming talent and to provide after-school programs to low-income families.

Here’s a final word from Scott on receiving the award, “Thank you for this honour. We do not take it or our responsibility to our community lightly. Thank you for the reach that your help will give us.”


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