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This holiday season The GenWell Project is challenging Canadians to make the world a happier and healthier place by reaching out and making Just One More connection

Everybody has the ability to make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season. That’s the message behind The GenWell Project’s Just One More challenge that launched last week – continuing a message it has been sharing with Canadians during the pandemic.

The GenWell Project is encouraging people to think of Just One More person, team or group that they can reach out to this holiday season. Just One More – it could be a group of old friends, an elderly neighbour, some old colleagues, a relative in another city or the extended family that you haven’t seen for a while. Whoever it is, the important thing is to take the idea and make it happen, for your health or the health of those you connect with.

We all need human connection. It is vital to our physical and mental well-being, happiness and longevity, and in a holiday season that will be defined by lockdowns and physical distancing, we need to make the effort to connect (virtually or stay connected), with others more than ever. The GenWell Project wants to be the reminder about the importance of human connection and that we all have the power to make a difference in the lives of others and in our own lives, through a simple conversation and letting people know they are not alone.

“By reaching out to that one extra person this season, you’ll not only be doing yourself some good, you will also be helping the people you connect with. Who knows, that one call, Facetime or Zoom chat might make all the difference in the world to someone who has been feeling the negative impact of this period of increased physical distancing,” said Pete Bombaci, founder of The GenWell Project. “We are asking people for their time and connection. This holiday season, they really might be the best gifts that you can give to others.”

There are plenty of ways to reach out to Just One More this holiday season – here are a few suggestions to get things started: 

  • Make your holiday cards count – along with a message of season’s greetings, include an invitation to connect (safely) sometime over the holidays or early in the New Year.
  • Leave a note to let your neighbours know you are around to lend a hand if needed.
  • Life can be pretty busy at times, so why not take the initiative and book a time to connect.
  • Simulcast a movie or game with a friend or colleague.
  • Drop off a treat – it’s a fun and thoughtful way to reach out to a neighbour or friend.

Don’t assume everyone you know feels connected. Please think of those that maybe struggling with the pandemic and reach out to them. Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place one virtual conversation at a time. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected.

For more information, or to connect with us online, please visit https://genwellproject.org/.