Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 47 , Best & Most Novel Data Security Solution: SmartPoints™ SmartPoints Technology, Inc. With the increase in the number of new and exciting areas of technology which are evolving, including AI, VR, encryption and authentication to name but a few, SmartPoints Technology was built in a modular fashion by design. This means it allows the firm to deploy tomorrow’s new best-in-class elements in near real-time, as such enabling SmartPoints’ technology to be the epitome of security by design - from the data element outwards. Looking ahead, alongside the developments in technology, the team SmartPoints Technology have a number of exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm. Drawing the interview to a close, David signs off by revealing some of the projects the company have in store, which will work parallel to the advancements in technology. “Moving forward, we are excited to be engaging with world leading OEM’s, which will allow our technology to make its way into future releases of many products and solutions. Having watched this technology grow from concept to commercial solutions, it’s exciting to see it grabbing the attention of industry leaders and commercialization giants.” Company: SmartPoints Technology, Inc. Telephone: +1 (978) 344-2164 Web Address: SmartPoints Technology’s mission is to provide security solutions to a diverse range of industries, yielding unparalleled data integrity, providence, andmanagement. Recently, we caught up with Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, David Batsford who provided us with a behind the scenes glimpse into the innerworkings of the award-winning firm. For the past decade, SmartPoints Technology has been providing secuirty, integrity and granular level control to data for both small and large businesses, as well as institutions and governments. Today, the firm’s goal is to provide unparalleled data security to many industry leading companies, as well as governments and institutions, as David explains. “At SmartPoints Technology, our initial focus is to secure the medical and critical infrastructure industries. We partner with some of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in the world.” Over the years, the firm’s innovative and effective security solutions have proven a favorable choice for a number of leading companies, as well as receiving a number of accolades. In recent months, SmartPoints Technology found success in the Technology Elite Awards 2019 where they were recognized as the Best & Most Novel Data Security Solution: SmartPoints™. When discussing what qualities the firm possess to ensure they are able to be a success within their respected industry, David is keen to highlight the key factors which differentiate SmartPoints Technology from competitors and marks them out as the best possible option. “Our approach is fundamentally different. We don’t try to secure every system, transport, repository, and platform in the world. Instead, we secure your data itself, at the smallest data element level, so that all these other aspects of the ecosystem don’t require security for your data to be safe.”