Technology Elite Awards 2019

48 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best Boutique Computer Graphics Company - San Francisco Bay Area Entertainment is one of the world’s biggest industries at the moment, reported to be worth more than $2 trillion in revenues just last year. As industry demands have grown, so too have ExoTools, a software developer specialising in helping companies with technological challenges revolving around computer graphics. Discover the firm’s success in one of the world’s best industries right now. Whether developing the next big Hollywood blockbuster, or a tiny independently-owned video game, computer graphics are something that artists grapple with on a daily basis. Irrespective of what the production is, ExoTools’ suite of computer graphics-related products seek to fulfill needs across the entirety of the entertainment industry. Having worked in high-end computer graphics for more than twenty years, the team at ExoTools sensed a great need for unique solutions when small and mid-size clients couldn’t afford to staff positions where expertise was required to deliver some tough and complex material. With their unique blend of large-firm VFX experience and other business start-ups, the company brings a wealth of technology knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit that proves invaluable in handling multiple problems and challenges for all manner of clients. Two of the greatest challenges facing the entertainment industry today in terms of graphics capability is the volume of VFX in movies and television, and the sheer scope of new video games. A quick glance at some of the big movie releases in the last year, including a slate of superhero movies, show that the VFX industry has never been busier than it is now. Fortunately, ExoTools is well-equipped to help companies scale, in order to deal with the seemingly constant influx of work. Video games are much the same, with improved facial animations, detailed graphics and movement capabilities becoming increasingly life-like. In both industries, ExoTools is noticing deepened integration with machine learning to help streamline digital elements for use in visuals. ExoTools Ultimately, without the work of ExTools, the films, television shows and video games that many people enjoy around the world today simply wouldn’t be as visually stunning as they are now. Helping bring to life some of the world’s favourite characters and seriously contributing to one of the world’s most financially impressive industries, this firm is exemplary in their work. Company: ExoTools Website: Contact: Tim Naylor