Technology Elite Awards 2019

46 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , GLOBAL TOUCH, Inc. awarded ‘Best Global Business Technology Consultancy Specialists 2019’ New technologies. Evolving industries. Customer Success. Partner Transformation. Accelerating business cycles. Technology’s rapid advances in the last few years are reinventing success andmarket leaders around the world. From security, data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, and automation, enterprises of all sizes are leveraging technology for tangible and intangible benefits. As technology and digital transformation become one of the critical success measures for businesses, we examine Global Touch Inc. ® , an award-winning business tech consultant specialist who helps technology companies and their partners deliver recession- and future-proofing success to businesses around the globe. For over twenty-five years, Global Touch has been the go- to consultancy for technology companies and has worked in more than one hundred countries across six continents. It is the consultancy of choice for the hybrid and digital computing worlds. Whether working on behalf of established companies with already-proven track records of success or fresh pioneers with raw and out-of-the-box ideas, Global Touch works alongside their technology partners (distributors, VARs, integrators, and service providers) and Fortune and FT 500 corporations to drive results. Through years of first-hand experience, the firm helps clients stay a step ahead of disruptive market trends by leveraging their storm-resistant insights, research, strategies and services that only a seasoned outsider can deliver. It also acts as a catalyst for its clients’ growth and success by steering clients from product-led to market-led leaders. Global Touch’s differentiation is anchored in a longstanding foundation of working in the IT channel across unique geographic, cultural, and business environments. Rather than just seeing them as global consultants, clients look at the firm as local experts. Through in- depth and client-focused research, extensive contacts, and wide-ranging technology knowledge, the firm delivers actionable insights to make big leaps. Its success comes from a basic four-step plan that can be customized or tailored to meet each clients’ unique needs, challenges, or requirements. First, Global Touch helps clients understand the present market from the perspective of their partners and customers, and how these different lenses may impact their products, services, recurring revenue, and customer success. The second step is to help clients create alternative scenarios for the future, including how today’s market applies to them, their partners, and current and target (new) customers. Third, Global Touch puts into place a plan and roadmap to achieve current and stretch goals, while simultaneously driving partners and customers in the same direction. Fourth, after the plan is finalised, Global Touch works alongside clients to put in the hard work to making sure results are met with continuous fine tuning to meet changing market dynamics. Despite the basic principles remaining largely the same, each company that follows the four-step plan and works with the firm can experience unprecedented levels of exceptional success. Global Touch Inc. Global Touch’s philosophy is to treat clients as lifetime business partners and provide them with an on-going stream of insights to keep them ahead of the market trends. For the firm, it is all about having knowledge of what’s happening in the field and on the front lines to ensure the right investments are made or redirected to capitalize on future trends and opportunities. As the digital economy continues to emerge and evolve, the key to a thriving business is learning how to rethink what’s possible, while transforming business processes around the digital potential to keep customers gaining value in a never-ending relationship. This is Global Touch’s sweet spot. Whether it is a cloud technology developer in the Silicon Valley or a technology partner in Australia, Singapore or Sweden, clients can rely on Global Touch to build capabilities and resilience to stay a step ahead of change and move confidently into scaling profitable routes to market, while empowering innovation and transforming small ideas into big market opportunities. Company: Global Touch Inc. Contact: Denise Sangster Email: [email protected] Website: