Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 43 , CallTower: Best Unified Communication Solutions Provider 2019 In today’s business world, high-speed digital connectivity is amust. CallTower is enabling growing organizations worldwide to easily connect and transact business communications. Discover why they have been named 2019’s Best Unified Communications Solutions Provider, as we profile the business. Businesses in the twenty-first century can no longer settle for less than having the latest technology. Whether it’s mobile applications, instant messaging or cloud services, organizations of all sizes and shapes must be constantly aware, tapping into and maximizing the potential of digital platforms. CallTower, an American company focused on unified communications, is helping businesses and organizations across the world through solutions and collaboration services through a single interface regardless of platform with CallTower Connect. Since the company’s formation in 2002, CallTower has become a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class unified communications solutions for business and organizations all over the world. By integrating a wide variety of services, solutions and tools into one reliable platform, the provider can enhance their clients strategic and operational capabilities. CallTower provides, integrates and supports industry-leading, cloud-based, unified communications and collaboration solutions. Just some of the tools include Cisco ® Unified Communications Manager, Cisco ® Hosted Collaboration Solution, Native Skype for Business, Microsoft ® Teams Direct Routing, CT Cloud, and Office 365 all through one portal to administer for business customers. CallTower’s ability to draw together a myriad of other services, provides no shortage in the areas in which CallTower can work and help businesses. Integrating mobile applications, email hosting, unified messaging, instant messaging, audio, web and video conferencing, contact center, cloud services and global networks solutions, the provider offers one reliable platform that can help enhance digital communications. The provider believes in selling a solution, rather than the tools to solve a problem. Instead of providing a single option to force onto customers, the team at CallTower crafts each solution to fit a client’s specific needs. This tailored offering, coupled with year-round, US-based, white-glove customer service, is what truly sets the provider apart from competition in the industry. For the team at CallTower, the customers always matter the most. As the technology industry has continued to evolve, the provider has grown into a hosted, unified communications and collaboration solution provider. Determined to change the way people communicate around the world, the provider’s mission is to enable people to easily connect and giving their customers a competitive advantage. Developments in the technology industries are always happening with changes, new solutions and products often just around the corner. CallTower works hard to ensure that they provide only the best options for their customers and partners, along with the best support so that they can maximize the potential of those solutions. In order to stay at the forefront of industry developments, the team constantly seeks out new education, research and training, which are critical in the continued delivery of high-quality, unified communications systems. CallTower Overall, CallTower is changing the way businesses and organizations across the world communicate with each other. Bringing everyone into the new era of digital communication on reliable platforms, this technology provider is paving the way for global organizations to easily manage a complete integration of all their communication needs. Company: CallTower Contact: William Rubio Website: