Technology Elite Awards 2019

44 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Most Outstanding in Software ROI Support 2019: Plus Delta 314 A boutique consultingmanagement firm, Plus Delta 314 specializes in developing change management and communication strategies for technology implementations. We examined the firm to learnmore about their successes, following their win in US Business News’ Technology Elite Awards. Primarily engaging with CRM and ERP implementations, Plus Delta 314’s aim is to help English-speaking countries with global communications. The firm has helped with a myriad of change initiatives; such as a digital transformation and Cloud migration (Office 365), rolling out a new authentication methodology that required user registration of over 3,000 hourly workers, and shifting an entire organization from paper to online HR benefits enrolment. One of the firm’s most notably challenging projects included inspiring 7,000 employees to delete more than 22 terabytes of old emails, freeing up large amounts of space and greatly reducing legal liabilities. Founded by CEO Tabetha Sheaver, Plus Delta 314 is the realization of a desire to help companies benefit from technological advancements. Driving change through careful project management and robust communications, the firm gets things done and ensure that every piece of software implemented will actually be used by employees. More than just a consulting firm that seeks to help with technology implementations, Plus Delta 314 utilizes behaviors, motivators, and psychology to develop communications plans and execute technology implementations. Focusing on people first and then technology, the firm insists that people must be taken care of first and foremost. A technology implementation will only be successful if the end users’ basic needs are met when at work. Plus Delta 314’s work helps executives and project leaders drive user adoption, by implementing the proven strategies of change science with a three-pronged approach. First the firm understands the culture of the organization, the change to be implemented and then develops the program design, including adoption strategies and a communications plan. Then comes the execution, leveraging the best practices of organizational change management through communication and psychology-related studies. Finally, with ongoing communication and support, Tabetha and the team can help improve productivity and software ROI. Overall, Tabetha’s work is not just securing software ROI for her clients with technology implementation, but helping to generate positive working environments that can have far-reaching effects for everyone involved. Happier and more communicative employees can better use implemented technology and generate better software ROI. Company: Plus Delta 314 Website: Contact: Tabetha Sheaver Plus Delta 314