Technology Elite Awards 2019

42 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best Document Management Software Developer - USA For more than 26 years Intersect Systems has been dedicated to providing scalable, affordable, integrated state-of-the-art software systems for records management. We offer a unique history of the firmand explore how far it has come over the years. Intersect Systems Inc. Initially founded to provide a software system to help state and local governments comply with the increasing series of legal requirements for managing records created in the conduct of day-to-day business operations, Intersect Systems has since flourished. When it first began, Intersect focused on database systems with integrated retention management functions for both physical and electronic records. Subsequent developments included workflow components for larger organizations, as well as expanded image indexing and global database management methods. A pioneer in the market, Intersect Systems was the first records management company to offer Software Source Code Escrow arrangements for users beginning in 1995 - an important consideration for management of essential and mission critical records for any organization. In 1998, Intersect Systems expanded its product line to include publication of Clark’s Encyclopaedia of Records Retention in electronic format for use by medium and large business enterprises. Today the firm continues to develop and expand their software systems for records management using the latest appropriate technologies for software, database systems, and related security systems for customers from the smallest to the largest organizations. All of its solutions are offered at reasonable prices with strong support arrangements to provide clients the best possible service and support. As part of its focus on offering reasonable service and unique solutions, Intersect Systems provides one-time, paid-up software licenses including Institutional Licenses – licenses that allow unlimited installations within an organization – both key elements of the firm’s software application systems. Intersect also publishes updated records retention schedules for selected areas of its business. Looking to the future, Intersect Systems plans to introduce several new elements to its software systems with respect to data cloud services and security, as well as addressing the problem of vendor lock-ins and lock-outs and the issue of transitional integrity that represent areas of growing concern in the industry. This drive towards innovation will ensure the firm continues to flourish throughout the remainder of 2019 and in the years ahead. Company: Intersect Systems Inc. Name: William D Gattis Address: Post Office Box 540907, Grand Prairie, Texas 75054-0907 Telephone Number: (972) 641-7747 Web Address: Large Format Imaging Project by the Dallas, Texas school district. Over 3,800 blueprints and construction drawings representing 230 campuses and other facilities have been scanned and indexed into Intersect Systems RCAMS image database management system. Portion of typical 60,000-plus container physical records storage facility managed with Intersect RCAMS system.