Software & Technology Awards 2023

6 | Software & Technology Awards 2023 ver the last 21 years, SmartAction has revolutionised the customer service landscape with the creation of human-like AI agents that can resolve customer needs quickly and easily. With its innovative solutions, the company makes it simple and easy for brands to deliver frictionless conversational AI experiences, empowering them to manage high volumes of customer inquiries in an efficient, effective, and successful manner. With fine-tuned virtual agents taking on the bulk of inquiries, live agents are relieved of significant pressure, enabling them to dedicate their time and energy to customers with more complex needs. This drives higher satisfaction rates amongst employees and empowers them to better serve the customers they deal with. Alongside this, by breaking away from the outdated and tedious “press zero” model, brands can deliver new standards of service excellence to their customers, fostering their loyalty. With SmartAction, brands benefit from the power of state-of-the-art technology, which accelerates the process of personalised virtual agent design and deployment. It also delivers multi-language and omnichannel conversations, backed with actionable insights. With its conversational design platform, the company cuts the delivery time of virtual agents by 85%, swiftly driving exponential ROI for its clients. In an increasingly competitive industry, SmartAction sets itself apart through its precise and pristine AI agents, deployed through interactive voice response technology using a proprietary intent-building approach that it has been refining since 2007. Furthermore, unlike many of its competitors, whose service ends with building the virtual agent, SmartAction offers ongoing support following the agent’s deployment. In fact, the company is known to stay with its customers throughout the entire lifespan of their accounts, helping them to optimise and improve their virtual agents on a daily basis. It also closely monitors uptime, sometimes identifying issues before the client’s own IT team. SmartAction serves companies within a multitude of industries, including healthcare, financial services, debt collection, travel and hospitality, automotive, insurance, BPOs, logistics and shipping, retail, and many more. Its clients, including AAA, DSW, Electrolux, and Choice Hotels, have consistently ranked it as the top Virtual Agent provider on Gartner Peer Insights. This demonstrates its position as the go-to solution for companies looking to enhance their customer support capabilities, increase brand loyalty, and achieve significant improvements in key customer metrics and contact centre ROI. The team at SmartAction have been able to drive these impressive rates of customer satisfaction thanks to their successful maintenance of five core values. Governing their every action and interaction with customers, these values are quality innovation, steadfast positivity, genuine grit, empathic concern, and tenacious accountability. Firstly, SmartAction’s team are relentless innovators, pushing the boundaries within the field of AI. By thinking outside of the box, they have developed revolutionary solutions that inspire progress and set new standards. Secondly, they work to create positive relationships, experiences, and outcomes for both clients and employees, striving to foster growth, success, and happiness for all. Thirdly, SmartAction embodies grit and courage, daring to explore cutting-edge technologies in order to better serve its clients. The team boldly experiments to create human-like designs for brands who want to enhance their customer experience. Fourthly, the company prides itself on its empathetic ability to understand the pain points that plague its employees, clients, and their clients’ customers, enabling them to develop relationships that go beyond transaction. Oct23206 Best Intelligent Virtual Agent Developer 2023 - USA O Established in 2002 as an AI research company, SmartAction has since evolved into one of the leading providers of AI-powered virtual agent solutions for contact centres over voice, chat, and SMS. Today, the company operates the virtual customer experience for more than 100 brands, including some of the world’s most iconic household names.