Software and Technology Awards 2021

Software and Technology Awards 2021 | 19 GCSIT offers scalable and agile infrastructure with diligent management and staff to deliver a thorough high-quality service. GCSIT is led by company CEO Michael Norring, with a relentless attitude towards customer satisfaction accompanied by a wealth of experience. With over 20 years in the industry, we spoke to Michael about how the GCSIT team uses experience, in partnership with an understanding of the market and customer needs, to deliver an outstanding product. o headline describes GCSIT’s work better than the words Michael used to describe the business himself. All in all, GCSIT is a different kind of engineering firm- that difference being a dedication to superior quality and seamless customer service. This business stands first and foremost as a pacesetter and continues to pave the way forward for innovative thinking. GCSIT understands that no two businesses are the same. So, they go above and beyond to implement a full-scale review of a business’s technology ecosystems to deliver the best workable solutions for the very individual needs of a client. The team also assists in helping midsize to large-scale companies confidently navigate the complex field of technological advancements, which is a notoriously difficult arena to operate in. Whatever the needs of a client, Michael shows the utmost pride in his business model and staff. “Our dedication to learning from, teaching, and serving our customers has positioned us as a driving force in several key technology areas including hybrid, private and public cloud, automation, digital workspace, disaster recovery, and software- defined networks. We inspire, then empower our customers to ready their business to better handle complex and dynamic infrastructure challenges by readying their infrastructure for continuous innovation.” Driven by a relentless need towards betterment, GSCIT currently offers a multitude of services, including automation implementation, digital workspace assessments, and disaster recovery. In addition to this, because of the company’s strong work ethic, GCSIT has been honoured with numerous accreditations that speak volumes about the business, including 2019 VMware Global Award for Data Center Virtualization Services, 2016 VMware Global Enterprise Solution Provider Innovation, Alaska IT Service Provider of the Year, and most recently, especially worthy of note, being named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of 2021. To conclude, GCSIT is an industry expert who genuinely cares. Focusing on strong, long-term partnerships, effective mentorship, and end- to-end IT solutions and guidance unique to each customer’s needs, this business shows utmost care and intricacy in all that it does. To acknowledge this, we are honored to give this award to such a successful and innovative business that is GCSIT. Company: GCSIT Address: 1654 20th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98122 Phone number: 866-424-2766 Website: Aug21140 Best IT Transformational Consultancy 2021 - West Coast USA N “Defined by Continuous Innovation”